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Oct 10, 2019
A collection of absurd comedy skits glazed in irony and satire. Does it deliver? I would say yes, but whether that delivery is meaningful for the viewer depends on individual taste. It's an incredibly campy show, and not everyone will like it.

The constant non sequiturs, slapstick humor, and intentional overdramatizations -- as well as the overall theme of the humor -- can get repetitive at times. I don't think that it would be good for the show to be any longer, as the episodes started feeling very same-ish to me by the time I was about half-way through the series. A lot of the humor read more
Sep 29, 2019
Before starting the series, which is free on Funimation's youtube channel, I stepped into the youtube comments. Suffice to say that I am probably not the target audience for this series.

Contrary to what other reviewers are saying here, this does actually have a story if you pay attention.
There are these two dudes, we'll call generic bishounen #1 "the cheeky yellow hair kid" and generic bishounen #2 "the edgy black hair kid". Edgy black hair kid is understandably creeped out because the cheeky yellow hair kid ogled him on a train. The cheeky yellow hair kid starts working at a coffee shop that turns out to read more
Sep 20, 2019
Yoshiteru Satou's works are the classic go-to for anyone who needs to lower their account's average rating. It was a little bit better than what I expected, but that isn't saying much. This is not a coherent work.
The flashbacks are incredibly out of place and turn this poor thing into a disjointed mess. Every point of the plot is moved by a cliche. I'm not necessarily opposed to the use of cliches if they are executed well, but none of them were.

Atrocious production. Poor sound quality and very lazy mixing and sound design. The command center's bleeps and bloops, for example, were way too loud read more