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Mar 25, 2016
Seems like the crowd darling this season is receiving some serious unjustified flak from the anime community. Hence, I was compelled to write this post.

I never saw ERASED as the best airing right now but I do not deny its quality as the show that defined Winter 2016. I still think Shirayuki-hime and the new Lupin III are much better than this and do not even begin on comparing it with the mythical Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. However, this show did what the other three cannot do - capture a very large audience with its premise. As of this writing, you can add the total read more
Dec 23, 2015
One Punch Man's satire about superheroes is hilarious enough in theory and it is animated by a credible studio (Madhouse) that is an expert when it comes to the shounen genre. Many bought the show's premise to the extent that it jolted right at the top fifteen of MAL's best rated animes. Did it live in its hype? Yes, but with reservations.

Art and Sound: 10/10

If there is a compelling reason as to why this should be included as one of the best animes in 2015, the artwork and the animation can fully explain why. The artwork is no doubt one of the year's best. read more
Dec 23, 2015
Comet Lucifer's first episode pays homage to some lost animes in the nineties. The premise for this show is an old trope but the execution that time felt sincere. Also, the first major scene involved well-choreographed fights and beautifully integrated CGIs. While not perfect, it managed to capture the pure fun (and dumbness) of these type of shows and ended with its audience wanting for more.

Then it went downhill from there.

Story, what story?: 3/10

To be fair with Comet Lucifer, it presented a very simple premise in the first episode. There is this teenage guy who wants to save his girl from read more
Dec 20, 2015
To start with the good news, Owarimonogatari is a breath of fresh air in this rather stale year in animes. The bad news? While its second half provides hints of what was the aftermath of Kizumonogatari film to be aired next year, it is one of the worse arcs in the Monogatari universe.

Story and Character: 6/10

The Sodachi Lost Arc is an oddball even by Monogatari standards. It started with solving the supernatural right away then proceeded with detailed explanation behind the titular character in the arc. The pacing is slower than normal albeit more even which gave enough time to layout the foundation of this read more
Nov 14, 2015
Ore Monogatari!! is a series that looks unconventional at first glance but a second look reveals that it adheres to every trope of romance animes.

Plot arcs with misunderstanding as the foundation? Check.
Third parties? Check.
Impossibly optimistic leads? Check.
Unsubstantial episodic fluff? Check.

The characters are also not Ore Monogatari!!'s strengths. Takeo's unconventional looks for a male shoujo lead feels gimmicky. While it's true that he was ridiculed by the girls he liked back then, it was glossed over and the series portrayed him as a someone who is much loved by everyone. Swap him to a bland looking guy but retain his behavior and we will still read more
Oct 10, 2015
The fangirl favorite of yesteryear has come back in its sixth season and it showcased a competent season of Hetalia. I found it as one of the decent shows of Summer season. Here's my review.

Story: 5/10

Hetalia always excels when it does not tame itself. Historical parodies and racist remarks have been always its forte which can range from hilarious to WTF effect. However, the jokes this time can forge a smile at best and indifference at worst. I cannot remember many moments which caused me to chuckle save Russia's episode and the Micronations which I think are the series' highlights. These are the only situations read more
Oct 2, 2015
TL:DR. For someone who is a Key fanboy and considers Clannad as one of the best animes in existence, this one is a sad miss from Key and PA Works. The first half might be underwhelming but at least, it knows where it intends to go. In my opinion, the anime ends at episode ten and I am afraid to say that the cohesiveness of the show also ended there. It can be also noted that Charlotte is a fascinating case of how hype can crush a show towards the end. If you are looking for drama bombs that could blur your logic as you read more
Oct 2, 2015
DISCLAIMER: I did not read the manga. This review should be taken as an anime-only perspective. This WAS my most favorite anime last summer season until it showed its ugly head. What happened?!

The Highlights

Character Development: Great for the first eight episodes
The Hunters: Unnecessary addition which stagnated the show overall
Plot: Evenly paced but desperately needs a sequel
Ending: The most inconclusive ending this season
Artwork and Animation: Often passable but terrible at times

Gangsta. will always be a shining example of how terrible animation can destroy the mood of the show and why not to adapt a manga which is still on its world building phase.

To be read more
Sep 20, 2015
There are anime series which excel because they have an original story (Clannad After Story, Stein's Gate and Madoka Magica) and there are those which soar due to well-written characters who carry an otherwise generic story. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime may be dismissed due to its straightforward nature which seems to religiously follow the shoujo genre but a deeper look reveals its characters that defy the tropes which makes it special.

Story: 5/10

The legitimate weakness of this series is that its story does not stand out. We were introduced to Shirayuki, a girl who ran away from her home because their prince wanted to make her a read more
Sep 18, 2015
DISCLAIMER: I haven't read any of Sir Edogawa's work when I wrote the review for this anime.

Ranpo Kitan is an anime coming from the mystery genre which produced Un-Go, Hyouka and Case Closed. The show's setup was good enough. The characters are quirky enough. The premise of the mysteries was creepy enough to pick the interest of the audience. To be honest, I really thought it can be a successor of Un-Go but what went wrong with this show? Oh well, let's proceed with the review.

Ranpo Kitan's direction is more mysterious than the story itself because the way on how the outcome of stories were read more