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Nov 1, 2018
Stunningly Beautiful!
I've completed reading more than a hundred chapters/episodes of this webtoon. I guess the one added on the data of myanimelist is for season 1 only.
Regardless, this is one of the webtoons that I really love.
The story is not that amazing, but it has lessons and that's what I loved the most.
The art is beyond amazing. There are manga with great art but I've learned to love webtoons lately because of the beauty in digital art.
the characters in the story are loveable, not all, but most of them will touch your hearts.
The ending was quite abrupt, and the authors did mention about it in read more
Dec 28, 2017
There are quite a few Manga that I really really like.

The art is one thing that hooks me to continue or even start reading it.
However, I finish it for the story. I continue on how it affects me entirely.
This Manga is one that I forced myself to finish with my eyebrows raised at each chapter. Honestly, it'll make you cringe.

This may be a bit of a spoiler but honestly this Manga gave a bit of a 'Bokura ga Ita' vibe. You know love is supposed to be easy but life makes it look hard. But I like Yano and Nanami's love story. read more
Apr 13, 2016
i really enjoyed this manga. there's no drama. there's no action. a pinch of romance. there's nothing deep about this story. nice art as well. simple and innocent characters that are learning to know and admire each other. not a special one but surely a piece of story that you will enjoy reading from one page to another.

it's good that it's just a short one because if it went longer, it would have spoiled everything. probably they could have added drama, but the story is excellent as it is, so drama would be inappropriate for this one.

light rom-com manga.

the power of infatuation or admiration. cant read more
Apr 11, 2016
can i cry now?

no one died, but i am crying, really, really crying.

i didnt read the reviews because i might get spoiled about what happened, but i should have.. i should have so i could have prepared myself for what happened.

im really sorry but this could be a waste of your time to read my review. but please prepare a tissue or a handkerchief when you read this manga.

it is a great story, but really.. im a crybaby now while im typing this down.

i like the characters. but because of their age when things happened, it was awkward for them and they were both conscious. read more
Mar 19, 2016
personally, whatever manga that consumes me, i consider it a masterpiece. a story that does not make me sleep at night. characters that get my blood boiling. a plot that gives me goosebumps. a story that makes me cry, smile and touches my inner soul while reading and after reading.

story wise - 10
because i havent read anything similar to this one. you just have to read the manga to find out for yourself.

art - 10
because i dont read a manga that does not have excellent art.. this one is really excellent, for me

character - 9
im giving it a nine because.. well i thought arata read more