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Feb 9, 2018
After seeing little to no reviews made after the English version of Fate GO was released, I'm here to defend this hour-long special!

Most are upset that this is just a weird, poorly executed entry into the highly acclaimed Fate series we all know and love. However, most did not know of or mention the game that is supposed to accompany it.

Fate Grand Order is a gatcha mobile game released in 2015, in which you summon servants and play with a turn-based battle system. The gameplay works alongside a visual novel-type story, as with games like Love Live! and Fire Emblem Heroes. ***This special is subtitled read more
Jul 30, 2012
Let me just start out by saying some of the tags for this anime are quite misleading. This show is much less a slice-of-life romance, and more an occasionally dark high school story with humor and love polygons.

Like many others I expected this show to constantly string humor onto body switching, but it's a lot more than just that. Kokoro Connect diverges from its supposed premise and focuses exponentially on its title of "connecting hearts". The body switching, magnified desires, age switching, and more aspects to come are essentially there to thicken the plot. Somehow, it works quite well, especially as the aspects of common read more
May 23, 2012
I'm one of those people that went into watching Fate/zero with no understanding or experience in any of the previous Fate/ series whatsoever. All I had to navigate this series was a trusty Wikipedia page.

It was great.

I'll admit that the first episode was pretty goddamn confusing, and it was especially hard to keep all the names straight in the one-hour first episode. And even though I had a very faint idea of the premise of the Holy Grail war, I was still goddamn confused. For those of you like me, just think of it as a big magic Battle Royale for a miracle.

As I kept read more
May 23, 2012
*updated* Ah, fishing. It's how a group of four boys will quite possibly save the world.

I'll be first to say that the premise of four quasi-bishonen boys is what enticed me to start tsuritama. The statement that this show is about an amazing story of saving the world comes at a close second.

Tsuritama spends part of the show developing characters and relationships and such, like an entertaining extended backstory. It has a very light mood, heavily reminiscent of a slice-of-life comedy, mixed with a little "Growing-Up Protagonists". However, without saying too much, the series then takes a relatively dark turn; and the original hook for read more
May 8, 2012
Sakamichi no Apollon, or Kids on the Slope, has generated a lot of buzz for all the right reasons. Even before it started airing, many were already heralding the new anime to be something great because of its director and music composer. I'm glad to say that Kids on the Slope lived up to those high expectations.

In a story set in the days of our parents' youths, a group of friends bond over music, complete with a love triangle sort of set-up, a megane, and a loveable Tough Guy. The main focus of Kids on the Slope is the growth and life-changing experiences of the read more
Jan 13, 2012
*edited* As I've finished Guilty Crown, I'll re-review it, keeping the end of the series in mind.

Guilty Crown had an endless amount of potential. While watching its earlier episodes, I really, really liked the series and fought to support it among the fandom. But then, this happened--

music: I'm amazing.
art: I'm beautiful.
plot: I suck

This pretty much sums it up. Guilty Crown's OST and animation are phenomenal, and no viewer can deny that. However, the plot, in essence, sucked. It seems as if it was made to specifically rely on cliffhangers and events that would excite the audience for a few seconds. You could actually relate the read more