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Days: 61.2
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
Jun 19, 9:50 AM
Watching 24/25 · Scored -
One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
Jun 19, 6:34 AM
Watching 10/12 · Scored -
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
Jun 18, 10:33 AM
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Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue.
Jun 21, 2:28 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san
Asoko de Hataraku Musubu-san
Jun 21, 2:26 AM
Reading 16/? · Scored -
Devils Line
Devils Line
Jun 21, 2:25 AM
Reading 43/79 · Scored -


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RedKingMikoto May 26, 10:23 AM
i would take my time if i reply to my comments XDD i just seen them now again and they r sooooo long XDD srry bout that ;-;

is fine don't worry about it. is nice hearing form u again
RedKingMikoto May 9, 1:34 PM
Awww Thank u :D hell no printed it like 4 times on a4 cuz we had to put it in a folder as evidence it ended up so shit on paper and when i print anything else is fine Xd so i gave up cuz it was a hustle and told the teacher about it so is fine having a shit copy in my folder XDD

Eh? has feels ? wdum ? u should get to read it is actually very good i am gonna say yes and no u will understand when u read
let's not go there XDDD My avatar name is fine and long as is XD
oh yh boku no hero XDD how is it going so far ? what do u think about it ? lol good for u :D

XDDD gg on that

i do not like jojo but this is the easiest way of how to put my feelings towards that 1st line of the 3rd paragraph
Loooooool depends on what i read i do that too but it would mainly be in fight scenes XDD
imagine 31 Dec 2019 23:59 slime gets released XDDD everyone celebrating new year is like "fuck new year" we wanna watch slime
see for urself :D

XDDD teach me ur ways senpai

i'll get to it... i usually read manga on the bus and even then when i read sundome i sit in the back seats XDDD i'll get to finish it eventually idm spoilers btw think i said that already XDD i LOVE spoilers

srry (ノ﹏ヽ) Dice eh rings some bells but i'll check it out :D
nice i also like the definitive cuz u get some nice artworks (๑✧∀✧๑) oh understandable
uuuuuu nice nice how is it btw ? what do u do ?

RedKingMikoto May 9, 1:12 PM
Oh ok understandable . What r u working as btw ? :D Try not to feast too much on the replies XDDD looool jokes

nah i finished naruto way back in the day. but yh there was a period where i would watch 90 ep a week
lul i don't like boku no hero *watches it* damn this is the good shit.
for me i read the manga only if i really wanna know what will happen in the future XD

idk what u talking about (゜Д゜*)

ikr and like sometimes u would have to help people that u don't like cuz someone makes u to and is like "even if i could help him i wouldn't do that shit lol"

XDDD yh like imagine the creators add another trap.... omg they gonna be best buds XDDD

yh at the end of the day 50% of the times when i am in lesson i do jack shit and like find ways to waste time and do the actual work at home or clutch before deadline XDD

... (≖͞_≖̥)
_SHINjuku May 8, 8:47 PM
lolol my first play, I went on blind but I got Baesung XD I had a hard time getting Zen's tbh XD the last ones I got to play the route was Zen's and Jumin's unfortunately XD He is very sweet aaa ;;w;; <3
IKR XD Some ppl say that they prefer his Normal Ending than the good one!

Waah really? o: in you experience how long did you take with the chatrooms in Another Story?

...Baeran ofc |'D Sorry V
RedKingMikoto May 8, 7:55 AM
np :D oh lol well at least u got in :D that is fine at the end of the day

oh god .... i have no comments on that XDD


no worries i hope u will like em too :D

i love parents logic tbh...

stays in house = parent complain cuz u don't get fresh air
goes out =parents complain cuz u out all day and can't check up on u even tho they can call and text
plays game rarely before bed= parents think u play 20/7
does actual work = parents think u play games and u switch tabs cause they think that u think they r dumb
and i could go on and on ....

i mean if u lived in a flat is understandable cuz leaving ur kids outside when u r in and doing housework is kinda risky cuz u can like fall and stuff and like get harmed and a lot off shit when u r little can happen cuz i lived in the countryside it was a bit more freedom for me like at one point the school had to move 5 min walk from my house even tho before was like a 10 min walk XDD yh managed to have fun and study back in the day even went to like school competitions and stuff like math competitions and art from what i remember. math 100% but not sure if i actually went for art :p oi i still have toys on top of my wardrobe since i was like 10 XDD and some stuffed toys too :p i guess u have quite a good relationship with ur sister cuz all the time u had together tho so i guess that's a +

OPM has gotten pretty good :D Enjoy ^^
RedKingMikoto May 8, 7:39 AM
i don't mind either tbh. lately since i am working out at home i watch some anime with my dad while working out like dororo XDD he kinda likes it even tho he doesn't understand shit XDD

he he that was my first beer in months :p i do drink milk before bed recently tbh :p

i don't remember others tbh ...gomen-ne our messages r too big and i need to have our past convos to even be able to remember what we were talking about tbh XDDD so yh is hard for me to remember everything.

Yh tbh naruto is kinda long at the end of the day ugh i am glad i stopped watching one piece , dragon balls .... i just hated that it was boring ... fairy tail was ok and bleach was just goooood Hitman reborn was a decent one as well tbh. is fine u will will get to it eventually

eh i was gonna get to it anyway :p XD yh is pretty catchy Thanks :D
i started watching neverland last night stayed till like 3 am and watched 6 ep kinda wanted not to sleep at all but idk just felt a bit tired i guess
Naniiiii season 2 ? i need to finish neverland faster XDD last season wasn't so good for me and my time management so i ended up not finishing some stuff so i put them on hold and i'll get to them eventually heheheheheh XD oh alright :D
RedKingMikoto May 8, 7:18 AM
is fine XDD *face slap* noticed XDD forgot to send it i am trying now XDD srry

the manga is actually good i hope they make a new one with what is going on after the ending :D u may like the ending quite a bit is acctually kinda sad :p
XDDD ikr ummmm he he i am hell XDD yh online is fine but irl is so frustrating to wait :p
unfortunate get a nap or something when that happens :p usually works for me and noone bothers me then. Loli confirmed ????????? O.O
put her in the basement / send her to the ranch

IRK is acctually pretty nice and u know this
that is how he looks when he is a demon lord ۹(ÒہÓ)۶ but idk how he became a demon lord cuz what i am reading atm is after he became a demon lord but i guess it was in the original manga like u know that when veldora and ifrit play shogi is written in the manga but is not drawn i guess is said in those pages but i was lazy to read those. so yh idk how he becomes a demon lord
wait a sec 2020??????????? O.O :-: feels bad man. i hope the manga will develop quite a bit until then. Apparently they were looking for more staff in the since the new year
in the first manga he is but in the second manga he has a human form so yh Lol yh XDD nice being a computer geek XDD i wish i would be able to code and stuff tbh cuz atm i am pretty decent with hardware rather than coding and software :p

My replies r too big XDD

XDD yh sure as if xDDD this is the real world after all XDD

XDDD i still need to fiish it XDDD don't remind me do they manage to get more weird fetishes tho ?

that is just my opinion cuz i like his powers XDD gomen-ne didn't mean to i am just too exited about it
do u use the definitive version ot the play store one ? also how do u get rocks to download manga ? XDD i used to do the deals with downloading games and do stuff but i ended up getting the premium cuz it was easier
is intership like work experience btw ???????

_SHINjuku May 8, 7:11 AM
(Same! I didnt know there was a proper order XD) Ikrrr- He's so precious aaa (இдஇ; ) I love him so much TAT <333 Just have to get past that you're like Rika phase XDD
Thank youuu! I need it! ;AA; I was really excited with Saeran's route tbh ;_; my heart tho when I saw that it was around 550 HGs </3
I will! Mangangailangan ako ng karamay aaaa
RedKingMikoto May 8, 6:43 AM
Eh work? since when ? XD no worries :D

meh my peak was around 90 ep per week did that like 3 times xD yh yh Extraordinary suuuure XDD (NO LIFE) XDDD U finising boku no hero just now ???????? NANI??? u r pretty late XD

i shall pray for u and ur account at my local shrine :D

i guess i am but in just some scenarios. Like if u would see my college work folders u would be like tf i happening here ??!! Dw i understand what u mean. Lol same here and i get frustrated when people don't understand so i try not ho explain stuff to people in general

fair point. That would be funny ngnl XDDD "FERRIS BEST GIRL, uh I mean boi " don't really get that (^^;)

i've been too lazy recently tbh xDD kinda behind with coursework but not at the same time cuz i can easily catch up XDD

oi............oi oi we don't do this yh XDD where is MY ice cream ? XDD Enjoy tho :D
_SHINjuku May 7, 10:24 PM
Baesung is my best boi tbh- but Baeran comes in second ;AA;
you're welcome! I was just lurking around the clubs and I found your name xD and omfg lolol oo nga XD Unfortunately I'm still saving up for Another Story ಥ‿ಥ but I couldn't wait so I searched about it-
RedKingMikoto May 7, 4:16 PM
good luck in finding one :D the interviews may seem scary but if i got a job u can too XD i certainly did wear them outside. she is lol XD

Where r u from then? Gimme like Address, date of birth, actual name, and all ur other personal details lol.


6* i watched 3 already. Finished 2 and 3 today actually. is basically kinda before everything happened in the main story tat is out for example in the 3rd movie is like about what happened to green and how he made his clan

hehehe XDDD i see u know the strategies as well but sometimes happens that my dad acctally checks my toolbar so i make a separate desktop with windows btn + Tab and i just put the work on that desktop XDD so there r no evidence :D

basically i used to live in the countryside with my grandparents so i would help out and study and at the end of the day have time to go out with friends in the forest , play football ,ride our bikes and make stunts XD or other shit
RedKingMikoto May 7, 4:00 PM
understandable most people that i know don't like dubs either idk y but meh i don't judge

went shower and came back and also is 23:52 and i am having a beer :D

I believe u r funny as well "pleasure myself"

XDDD u still didn't finish it ? XDD my friend started watching naruto cuz of me. she got around ep 100 something and stopped cause she was getting behind with the coursework XDDD so she is gonna watch it in the summer XDDD

I did and it was actually pretty decent op was GOOOOD and the Chika ED was б(>ε<)∂ very good i will eventually get to neverland as well XD SAO is on hold atm until i feel like i have more time Gotoubun ? u mean Quintuplets ? if yh i did finish that as well XDDD

can't wait ۹(ÒہÓ)۶ (if is quintuplets)

RedKingMikoto May 7, 3:12 PM
Stop apologising XDD (i would do the same) :p It ended up pretty decent then in the next task we had to add some more stuff and ended up making it look pretty filled up :p i will try to send it to u so u can check it out :p

Just thought of something XDDD In Blood Lad (decent anime, needs a S2) there r like 2 people mirrored 1 in the human world and 1 in hell and if they were to ever meet they become 1 imagine we r like that and if we even meet we become a trap XDDD (i am having the best laugh i've had in a while rn) how could i forget XDD dw about it i can be patient when i want to even tho is very rare for me to be like that.

i am reading all 3 of the Slime Mangas and u were right he becomes a demon lord veldora and ifrit were so funny playing shogi XDD but disappointed that in the anime they didn't animate them properly. I mean in the manga that part was not even drawn yet so i kinda understand but still i had expectations :p can't wait for Rimuru to become friends with that Kuro demon guy and get veldora out (⌬̀⌄⌬́) Yh sure XDD anime and manga she says XDD Lol same XDD i am doing what is called Btec extended diploma for Information and Communications Technology (ict in short) I'm decent at it and i do like it tbh more or less XD True death that r feelsssss???? wdum ?

nah lul she was like wtf is wrong with u today but after that she never mentioned it XDDD next thing i know she is a lolicon XDD and wants to teach me her ways XDD

i feel u on that Xd i don't remember if i asked but have u read Sundome ? is actually pretty alright and has some messed up shit XDD

is decent tbh like 3 + chapers came out. I read it, Bam gets OP XDD he powerful af now :D but i think he can't defeat Jurard yet :p maybe the guy that defeated his master but not jurard :p googled that game and closed the tab straight away u may enjoy it but i almost had a heart attack XD Get Manga Rock and u can read offline on ur mobile like when u r on the way to school or going back home :p yh i have been watching more anime recently as well XD (same for me ) i shall pary O.O i really like TOG

no change only 1 day :p not that bad tho
RedKingMikoto May 7, 2:45 PM
Is fine don't worry lul XDD that account or this one doesn't really matter tbh i just enjoy talking to u :D

Understandable.. Lately i have been able to go back on watching anime the way i used to almost like i get between 40 to 50 ep per week and that is pretty ok for me xD but i am also busy with my coursework so u could say we r in the same boat even tho i got a bit more time XD

Well at least u know u won't lose this one XDD that is a + in my book XDD


if i would have had different passwords i would have noted them in a file and made it hidden so i can access it only when i need it and other people won't be able to find it easily or just put a password on a folder that is easy to remember lol

Still y would u want a wtin ? XDD i mean i get the benefits but it would be troublesome to interact with each other cause even tho u look the same u won't like the same stuff most likely Lol good choice XDD Meh Emilia guess is fine her eyes r the best tbh XDD Don't remind me people will start loving that trap cat again XD

on no i am in college in weekdays besides Monday which i have free and i work part time in weekends :p

np :D
RedKingMikoto May 3, 2:07 AM
How have u been tho ?

oh is that so ? surprised they still do stuff like that ... anyway pretty unfortunate on ur part ...

oi best part is when u forget something when u need it and remember when u don't lul

but i am a pretty forgetful person as well that is y all my passwords r the same thing XDD

hmmm how come ? also will u be a Rem or Ram ? XDDDD

i am pretty sure everyone has the same weekdays XDDD therefore tomorrow is weekend for me too XDDD ( even tho i'll be working ●︿● )

People reply when they can u don't need to apologise ⋋_⋌

I look forward to it :D