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Dec 8, 2018
Lots of history, lots of drama and a tiny bit of romance.

Personally I did not trully enjoy reading this, but to some degree I found it interesting. As a historical drama in its own right, it focuses on the life of a female character from a prominent family in a time of intense strife in Japan. I think the story tries to follow historical events more or less accurately, thus there are many many characters and many locations and it gets a bit tedious. I did not find reading it to be pleasant because most events are quite tragic, but I think it gives a read more
Oct 2, 2017
Omoshiroi!!! One of the most interesting animes I've seen this year. It does not only successfully manage to quickly create an interesting plot line, but it also keeps you guessing until the end.

This anime has two strong features: interesting setting, great characters. The school and the points system immediately got me sucked into the story, because it really seems like a good idea, focusing education not only on traditional learning and individual success, but forcing the whole class to act together, making students responsible for both their individual and joint decisions and behavior.

Also, many of the characters have either a deep dark secret or a read more
May 14, 2017
I'll throw in my 10 cents about this anime (excuse the pun), because I already suspect it will be my favorite this season. Ever since I read the synopsis I was instantly attracted to it and it has not disappointed since.

What do I like?

First of all, the story. This is not the first anime related to gaming that I have heard of, but what makes it stand out is the very realistic approach it takes to it. You get all the fantasy and adventure that the game has to offer, but you also get the real-life drama and obstacles that a pro-gamer has to go read more
Apr 23, 2017
EDIT: Although I still stand by everything I said before, as the story advances, I want to say more, namely I really want to emphasize that this show is truly beautiful and special, it's real and honest and not cluttered with any needless tropes or background noise. Their feelings and circumstances are extremely believable and everything is treated in a very gentle manner. And up to now I have loved every single episode I have seen.


I wouldn't normally follow a story about middle-schoolers, however I am not sorry I started watching this. It delivers an overall sweet and considerate story, and is the only decent read more
Mar 5, 2017
Why is Scum's Wish such a terrifyingly good anime?

A. It's better than the manga. I do not deny the mangaka's merit in creating the story, and the characters and the general flow of things. But the creators of the anime took that and gave it added value. The anime tells the same story, but with a huge attention to details, trying to always convey the characters' actual mood and emotions, removing some of the ambiguities inherent to the printed material and giving everything more depth and clarity.

B. The story feels real. Not in the sense that this would happen to you, of course not, read more
Nov 19, 2016
I cannot believe this doesn't have a review yet! What you should know right of the bat about this manga is that it offers much more than the synopsis or the prequel (which I do not even recommend) would lead you to believe. And in general I think the author really hit a goldmine with this, compared to her previous works that I have read.

Although set in the world of the AV industry, it is in most cases sensual and never overly explicit, as one might expect. Also, the way it portrays the industry and the main characters' jobs is in my opinion almost read more
May 16, 2016
I have to say this manga is like none I have read so far. And it's really, really good in my opinion.

The setting might seem typical shounen ai at a first glance - high school boys dealing with their feelings for each other - but it is not. There are two main characters with alternating point of views: one struggling to understand his sexual orientation and to find a way to be genuine both towards his friends and towards himself, the other that discovers his classmate's secret and slowly observes and comes to understand and appreciate him.

There are no clichés here, it's truly an original read more
Oct 14, 2015
I really like this manga and I think it's a shame that nobody has reviewed it yet. I actually think it's a tad bit underrated, because it truly is a fun and enjoyable read. I'm not saying it's a master piece, but if you like yaoi, it's probably worth your time.

Story: the plot itself is nothing novel when it comes this genre, but the dialogue is funny, it progresses rather quickly and fluidly, but still there's a somewhat laid-back atmosphere about the romance part itself, at least in the beginning. Also I actually appreciate being spared many clichés one can easily find in mangas these read more