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Jul 25, 2019
Despite the obvious flaws of having a generic, weak, uninspiring plot and being filled with fan-service-y scenes... Not to mention it has harem...

Despite all of that, I thought the characters in Asterisk are pretty cool. They have thoughtful discussions and face their problems in a reasonable manner, unlike most other shounen anime where people collide and scream at each other for no apparent reason. The MC also isn't annoying and emotionally naive like, again, most other shounen anime's MCs. Those traits for me are a big plus.

Even if the story itself isn't interesting, I think you could give it a shot if you're prone to read more
Jul 14, 2019

I thought I would really like this title, if only because, despite the cliché shounen recipe, I felt really engaged with what was going on in the daily lives of the main cast. Despite everything coming together as expected, their strong personalities clashing, their struggles and buttheading, all felt really cool to tag along with. This is what really shines in the series: not a complicated plot with interesting twists, but the relationship they develop throughout the beatings and conflicts, as friends.

I do not think you'll feel like you've wasted your time after or while reading this. There's most definitely enough to read more
Jul 14, 2019

When you start reading this manga, you'll probably think "Wow, this universe is awesome! There's so much to explore in this world setting! And at this pace, how come the story ends so quickly?".

That I've asked myself many times while reading this, while constantly wondering about the chapter count. I was trying hard not to be dissuaded by my intuition and enjoy the story in spite of what I was worried about, because the art is fantastic and the premise seems interesting.

Here's something: there's not emotional development or insight into the personality of the characters. read more