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Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor
Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor
Jun 19, 6:39 PM
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Jun 4, 9:25 PM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 7
Seirei no Moribito
Seirei no Moribito
May 27, 7:46 PM
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Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Oct 17, 2015 10:56 PM
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Oct 16, 2015 2:20 AM
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Jun 10, 2015 12:37 AM
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HayadoAlvaro 2 hours ago
yes the manga of claymore is finished yet you ready it if you want
HayadoAlvaro Yesterday, 6:23 PM
one day i think i will ready it
HayadoAlvaro Jul 15, 10:31 AM
hey did you pretend to ready the manga of claymore ?
animesthabomb Jul 11, 11:12 AM
Well, according to my buddies she can't. I honestly don't care enough to watch any footage showing her singing, cause I don't care for Disney remakes.

True, true. Good points.

They often make strange casting choices. XD

I enjoyed the first season. Was pretty solid.

I could recommend some anime if you want. Just let me know and give me some guidelines concerning what you are in the mood for. ;)
animesthabomb Jul 9, 8:57 AM
I've heard that it is, so I haven't watched it. Due to word of mouth, I only watched the first season of Stranger Things.

In my case, as long as she can sing and can act the part, I'm fine with her. But I've heard from buddies that she can't sing. The race of the character was never a big point anyway, unlike Beauty and the Beast would have been had they cast an African American.

Good stuff tends to get canceled.
animesthabomb Jul 8, 9:29 PM
Things are going good. :)

How are things on your end?
animesthabomb Jul 1, 9:41 PM
I haven't. Never seen a video of his.
Old-Snake Jun 27, 6:17 AM
I used to be best friends with this one individual, to the point where they became a kind of quasi-roommate (not technically living with me, but around so often it felt as if we did live together). I'm no longer friends with this person for many reasons, but one of the main reasons was because, during all the time we spent together, he had been logging into accounts of mine all over the internet behind my back. Even editing the captions of posts I had previously made. He even archived a lot of this stuff with sites like The WayBack Machine so it would always follow me around, lucky a lot of the more disgusting and damaging content was removed by site moderators before they could be archived (unfortunately that meant that I did end up getting banned from a few sites because of things I hadn't posted myself) so it could have been a lot worse. The reason I wasn't able to prevent this from happening is that I wasn't even aware it was occurring until much later. That is how I got "hacked" so many times; it was one singular individual I believed could be trusted right up until the damage had already been done. I'm taken extreme measures to make sure it will never happen again. I have more to say, but it's close to midnight where I live, so I'll finish this off tomorrow.

If you would prefer Discord, we can move this entire conversation there no problem. There's a part of me that will miss communicating via MAL, but I won't try and deny the fact Discord will just be a lot quicker and simply more efficient overall. I may write the rest of this reply here on MAL though, just for the sake of it, but that's not a certainty.

EDIT: From now on we'll use Discord.
animesthabomb Jun 20, 8:37 PM
Nice one. I see I typed god instead of good. XD

Yeah. Just got busy is all. ;)
Old-Snake Jun 5, 1:18 AM
In one of my last comments, I said this while referring to The Last of Us:
The-Boss said:
Something I have decided on is that, unlike the Uncharted series, the clunky and awkward shooting mechanics are appropriate to the game, as Joel is just a regular guy, unlike Nathan Drake.
This isn't me saying I think Uncharted is awful, I'm just making a comparison. Someone once logged into an account of mine of a different site and posted an extensive rant about "how Uncharted is a fundamental failure as a video game". That's not my belief, at all.
Old-Snake Jun 2, 2:53 AM
Of course, I saw the Death Stranding trailer. Hopefully, a PlayStation Plus subscription isn't required for the full Death Stranding experience.
I expect you'll like this video and channel if you're a Kojima fan:
If memory serves me well, I believe your primary connection to Kojima is through Castlevania: Lords of Shadow right? Did you ever end up getting the chance to play Metal Gear?
Old-Snake Jun 2, 2:40 AM
For the record: I hate it when people delete things they've said without warning, which actually happened when I had a falling out with a long-time friend on this very site (I found out he had been impersonating me on other sites so he could bully people without getting any direct heat for himself, and he was calling me sexist because of some ridiculous scenario) when he deleted months of prior conversation within a minute. The reason why I deleted the X-men comment because I thought, since I had already mentioned the MCU, I would wait for your response on that and then transition into talking about X-men. Also, I kind of felt bad for bombarding you with so much at once, and since you hadn't responded yet, I wasn't retroactively tricking you as my old friend did. Though, it's fine that you saw it anyway. Sorry about that.

Back to X-men:
Again, I think you pretty much covered most of what I was going to say. I'm not really a fan of the returning young cast that was introduced in X-Men: Apocalypse, and I think it's a shame the last remnant of the golden age of superhero films is ending with a film that looks to focus on versions of characters I have little affection for going in. Though, as you said, we're still getting more Magneto, Charles, and Beast, whom I will miss. Even if Dark Phoenix turns out to be awful, at least we have Logan (2017). Thoughts on Logan? Most people I know in person think of it as either boring or bad because "he didn't wear the yellow suit".
Old-Snake Jun 2, 2:21 AM
At least I wasn't the one paying to see that last season. The part of the world I reside in is Australia; the land of media (mainly video game) censorship and where if a person tries to defend themselves during a home invasion, they will probably be prosecuted for assault. Did you know Australians aren't explicitly allowed free speech? It's nowhere near Nazi Germany, but it's still something I have to watch out for when I talk.
Old-Snake Jun 2, 2:15 AM
Thank you for the links, that was really considerate of you. Appreciate it.

I've never been a fan of Funimation, as they keep botching their localizations but that doesn't change the fact that Funimation is probably the most recognizable source of anime in the west and other English-speaking places (as far as I know), and so you're definitely right about that unfortunate aspect to the situation. Still, things have improved. I saw Geoffrey Rush earlier this year (April 3rd I believe) near the Australian Palais Theatre (St Kilda, Victoria); he freely walks around the local areas frequently, and almost never attracts any attention. He seemed a little tense but was also enjoying himself which was nice to see. My mum is insistent on "not trusting him" after not receiving the ideal ruling in a case concerning my father, and as a result, she always assumes anyone not found 100% innocent to have done something wrong, since she feels "done dirty". Now, I can personally verify that my father was indeed guilty of what he was accused of (there simply wasn't enough substantial evidence to convict him), so I'm in the same situation as her, however I believe that is all the more reason for me to make sure I do not make baseless assumptions, as she does, because I don't want my reasonable judgment to be corrupted by an unrelated event that happened to me. For her to make those sorts of assumptions about cases and people that she doesn't even know properly is just something I can't agree with.

I took your advice, and I just finished The Last of Us on hard difficulty, Ps3 version, the other day. I definitely like it now, but I'm going to replay it again to get a better feel. Even before talking to you, I was a fan of the opening scene, but going past that I just wasn't clicking (get it?) with the game; I felt the slow walking was a bit too excessive, the characters were okay but not amazing, and design of areas seems a little contrived (like walking into an area and seeing a bunch of convenient waist-high barriers for incoming shooting sections). However, those things did seemingly start to lessen as the game went on. My second playthrough will hopefully show me if I still have issues with those early (post-intro) sections, and I'll report back with my findings. Something I have decided on is that, unlike the Uncharted series, the clunky and awkward shooting mechanics are appropriate to the game, as Joel is just a regular guy, unlike Nathan Drake. Regardless of whether I still have these issues during my second playthrough, I feel confident in saying the characters definitely grew on me and I loved the end. Since we can't really discuss DMC5 yet, perhaps you'd like to discuss the ending of The Last of Us? It seems to be a point of contention for many fans, regarding if Joel was at all justified in his actions.

I've realized that I actually really enjoy playing the multiplayer mode of The Last of Us; survival tactics combined with various conventional multiplayer modes is an incredibly unique and interesting experience to me. If you're willing and able, I encourage you to join me in a few matches. What do you say?

I know exactly how you feel, about being tired. I'm glad you haven't rushed into playing the game before feeling it's time. I never go out of my way to learn plot details of something before experiencing it for myself, but alas as a result of a certain attitude of if you don't play/watch/read something within an arbitrary time frame, you "deserve" to have something prematurely revealed to you. I learned the endings of Fight Club (1999), Red Dead Redemption (2010) and many other things before I should have thanks to said attitude.

I'm your grace? I was the one retrieving something. Don't be surprised if I don't accept your friend request! Nah, only joking.

I honestly already didn't care about how Game of Thornes was going to end after season 7. The show had declined in quality since the conclusion of season 4, but it wasn't until season 7 that I stopped caring; the main selling point of the show was how it differed from other fantasy worlds by having characters without "plot armor" and realistic consequences to actions, and without all that, I'd rather watch Lord of the Rings (the LOTR films from 2001-2003 are personal favorites of mine), and after the episodes beyond the wall in season 7, I seriously couldn't seriously watch the show with any investment going forward. People keep telling me "lmao you want logic in a show with dragons and magic? Are you dumb?", so it would be cathartic to talk to someone with an understanding on why that argument doesn't even warrant a response for a change. What's your opinion on the people that believe the show was meant to be canon with the books, and do things like pugnaciously insist on called Yara Greyjoy Asha in discussions, despite the fact she's not called that in the show. It reminds me of people hating the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy on the basis that the webbing is organic. We can get into specifics later, but for now, if I had to summarise my main problem with the show, I'd put it like this: For Game of Thornes the characters and their personalities should determine the plot, not the other way around.

I don't believe we've discussed the MCU much (if at all), though we did talk about the masterful Raimi trilogy. I agree completely with your sentiments on the MCU, and I would seriously be verbally attacked if I said that around certain groups of people I'm unfortunately forced to associate with. I like certain, isolated, aspects (such as Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark) but with the exception of maybe one, I find the films incredibly boring and annoying (though none of them are quite as unwatchable as some of the films DC put out post-2008). Endgame was the worst one for me, poorly defined time travel rules that I'm 90% sure are contradicted more than once, long-drawn-out sections where absolutely nothing that justified the 3-hour runtime occurred and a final battle against a villain that didn't even know who he was fighting. Some of these issues I could overlook, but altogether and in a film that was 3-hours long, I just found it egregious. The group I went to see the film with were clapping and screaming the whole time. I agree with all your issues with the film too.
Old-Snake May 27, 9:30 PM
By the way, are you aware of how convoluted it is to watch HBO where I live? HBO isn't legally available in my part of the world, directly anyway. There is a service, known as Foxtel, which can be used to legally watch Game of Thrones. However, the service is infamous for being absurdly expensive and overall just not worth it. Unfortunately, Foxtel has a monopoly over most decent television in the country. Seriously, you can't just acquire access to HBO through one singular subscription, as multiple packages must be signed up for in order to actually get HBO. Even if I had the sort of disposable income that could facilitate the service, I still wouldn't take that method. I believe outside of the USA, HBO shows aren't easily obtained, which is why I think their piracy rates are so high.

I watched seasons 1-6 of Game of Thrones via the method of buying damaged, overused, DVDs of the show from my local Blockbuster video store when it closed down a few years ago, with the exception of season 6, which happened to be a mistreated Blu-Ray copy. Luckily, I was able to watch season 7 & 8 as they came out because an older couple I still babysit for occasionally actually spend their money on the previously mentioned Foxtel service. Imagine actually paying all that money to access HBO legally, only to watch the recent Game of Thrones episodes.