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Dec 10, 2017
It is sad, and it is happy. Its funny, emotional, and romance is done beautifully. It portraits uncertainty of youth and love in very touching, but also entertaining way.
I will not write about surface story. But about what is beneath that. It was story about love. It start with very naive picture of love, that kind that (~15)young people have. That you just see someone and you know that that is the person. Then it evolves throughout the first three fourts of series. It becomes story about self, self reflection, self sacrifice, happiness, future... Things that many self aware young people think about. Things that read more
Dec 7, 2017
Storytelling/story based. Story was quite interesting, but Storytelling was more for active watchers, because of so many flashbacks, it was easy to lost in it and hard to immerse in it. When I was finally getting into some scene, it would make another cut to different part of the story. But because of this, it was effective in building up the tension and hard to predict.

The Atmosphere and setting were done very good. Intro song felt very appropriate. But because of so manny cuts to different parts of story, it wasn't really easy to watch.
I would say this is one of the most innocent anime read more
Dec 4, 2017
Beginning was intriguing, but after several episodes it turned to shit. Idea to bomb for attention isn't really doable without some casualties, and that makes MCs quite contradictory... Whole airport thing was crap. I hate when something tries to portrait someone to as intelligent by using chess... Of course thing like this can't have happy ending...

Maybe there was something more deep to think about... the end justifies the means? Would work if means werent bombs and end wasnt some crappy story abou destroyed childhood... Maybe whole moral dileamma of just following orders ? Could that be it? Either this anime has no moral story behind read more
Dec 4, 2017
This felt so unfinished ... Interesting beginning, but then (after going through gate), total change of action of MC ? WITH NO EXPLANATION ? Seemingly not going back to his old ways even at end of series (even when he learned how to regain demon juice)... This needs 2. series (story vise) so bad, I could not enjoi it ... (F*CK SLICE OF LIFE ASPECT, drop it... or maybe I am slace of life hater ? ).
Humour : meh...
Art: quite good
Story: It really needs 2. series
As you can see, the main future of this is story which starts very interesting ... but then its read more
Dec 2, 2017
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
What? I don't get it... ? ...
While watching, it looked like the genre (or direction ?) changed every few episodes. The start was mysterious ... a lot of kids with somehow screwed up past, unexplained "cuts into different sotry?" Looked like good setting for some ghost mystery... but... It had to work its way there. And it never got there. It dropped everything ghost related (kinda). But it was OK i guess, because it is primarily Slice of Life. Or ? ... Anyway romance started propagating after first half of the series. And somewhere before that, jokes started too. Well ... it is really hard read more
Nov 30, 2017
Easy start. It will make you immerse in it so naturally, every bit was so easy to watch, nothing felt forced or unnecessary (except of delaying of return to island...). It did great job with emotions. You could feel what main character flet. Not just one emotion, but culmination of them betwen every of these "breakthrough" secene (especcialy after first half of series). And I would say that that is this anime main future. Just how in depth it could make you feel these moments (not just some simple happy/sad emotions), and how inconspicuously it provided you with more insight to enjoy them. I really read more
Nov 30, 2017
Main feature was the humor. Watching how two absolutely different views unwittingly continued to develop each other was hilarious. Although it wasn't the most sophisticated kind of humour, it combined with this story made me laugh every episode. So yeah it is pritty good comedy, it will make you laugh, but I feel like It could be something more ...

Anyway, what kind of buged were the (unintentional I presume) gay vibes ... I just could not fully enjoy segments with them. . . and rather slow and confusing start.
I gave i only 7/10 because I feel like it could do (somehow) more than this. read more
Nov 29, 2017
Visual art was atrocious for most parts. Only the detailed shots were watchable... It was fun, some parts got good laugh out of me ... but that aspect ration ... that quality of animation ... after every episode, I was thinking if it is worth to watch the next (and thats the main reason for my rating for this anime...), and get my eyes tortured for another ~22 minutes (29 - in/ou tro and shots that were good enought that i could ignore the visuals)...

Another thing that irritated me was how some episodes were significantly more enjoyable than others... just better story(situations) / humour than read more
Nov 29, 2017
*Mainly story focused (ecchi parts are not overdone, I would say they are at appropriate dose).
*Very relaxing, easy to watch.
*Easy to immerse in. There is eppisode (a half ? ) that isnt focused on main dou so much, but its done in very captivating way (At first i was like WTF i want more story progress, but this was very pleasant). Most of the charaters are sufficiently described.
*What really made strong impression on me is visual art, especially facial expression (just look at girl on anime page picture).
*(ENG DUB) sound was good too.

[minor SPOILER wrote in very retarded way so you would not pick it read more
Nov 28, 2017
I dint give it 10/10 just becouse I was so immersed in it (and wanted to find out waht happens next), that I was getting impatient with all the panty shots after fourth quarter of series. Besides that, the story, art, humor, ecchines, everithing was spot on.

First anime I saw, that had this perfect connection between humour(enhanced by), visual art and ecchines.
Scenes that used these three components never felt forced or unnatural. I think that would change if one of the components was missing... And that is why I think this is masterpiece(?). It managed to do all, and to do it well.

I read more