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Aug 29, 2018
Unique take on romantic anime.
This is first and foremost a romantic story. Besides that, the most outstanding characteristics are setting and story telling. Also, it is quite good comedy.

I don't really know how to write about story and storytelling without spoilers.
Settings are of course based on story story, but the storytelling is what makes it work. And it works hella good. Combination of those two (setting is inherently dependent on story) make this anime quite unique and very enjoyable. Especially visually. I can't even hope to describe, how good it was, within this short review.
You have to experience for yourself . . .

[minor SPILERS]
But read more
Jan 28, 2018
Intriguing anime about friendship, love... individuality, AND LOTS OF OTHER HUMAN BULLSHIT. I am not saying that this is bad anime...

**Lets say that the "philosophical problems" are here for more than just as fundamental plot device for good story...**
As anime (story, characters, visuals ...), I love this piece. But, big aspect of it are the (aforementioned) philosophical "somethings". The questions may be thought provoking, but I think that they were pointless (many of these question cant be answered in other way than by speculations, and you just have to choose answer that you somewhat like...), and answers were developed very poorly(kinda "do what makes you read more
Jan 22, 2018
Everything in this anime felt right. It is set in alternate reality, in world very similar to ours, at war that felt like very nice mix of WWI and WWII. The story has right pace. Nothing felt obscure. The magick and loli aspect perfectly complements each other, and bundled(/executed) like this, it enables this anime to be military without feeling like shit. So I can't really deduct any points for being "magic loli". The "planning" scenes were great, and recognising some resemblance to real world fights were satisfactory. The interesting camera views in them were great accessory to Main Character thoughts, and great way how read more
Jan 13, 2018
What was refreshing compared to many different harem animes was that the main character was being pervert openly (if he got into pervi situation he would not deny that he likes it, etc ...). ... The rest was the same old formula ... underdog trying to achieve his goal (to help someone dear to him), op powers, girls "realizing" that he is not so bad ... a lot of "luck" , some boobs, more boobs, boobs... and nothing surprising... no real twist. This could not invoke any kind of emotion ("lol" in real life isnt really an emotion....).It has funny parts, but nothing other than read more
Jan 3, 2018
Some of the scenes gave me urge to buy weightet blankets and fidget spinners.

What is stronger ? Power of imagination OR urge to exchange bodily fluids?

This anime totally blurred line between autism, shyness, awkwardness and cringies.

Absolutly revolutionary take on "lolicon" type of problem... In this cas, ,,Is it ok to want to fuck person my age, but with mind of 10y old ?"

Was this whole thing metaphor ? I don't know ! The autism barrier is too strong!

And now you may ask: ,,What is that crap abowe ?". Well , the anime is funny, characters are good, story idea is interesting, fighting scenes are read more
Dec 31, 2017
I started this anime with very low expectations... you know ... loli cute magick girls on cover ? How good can that be !?

The story is the main feature. My prejudice only strengthened it. The start was seemingly slow, and confusing. I was convinced that after one simple unveil (power explanation), I will be able to just predict the rest of the series. Well, this point came around 6. or 7. episode (need_check)... And I played myself. Fooling myself never felt so good. Rest of the story totally exceeded all my imaginations and expectations. It was emotional, and it was rational. Combination read more
Dec 26, 2017
It may appear as absolute moronic shit, but when you realize, accept, and overcome the fact that you are here for boobs, cheap harem romance and some ecchi comedy, and that actual good story is for thinky bois and lofty reviewers, It may (for small price of half of your functional brain cells) be enjoyable.
Do I despise myself for giving it 7/10 ? ... Should I ? . . .

But now for real.... 7/10 wtf ?!
It has all the basic shit other ecchi harems have... some big boobs, some small boobs, silent girl , hyperactive girl, lacking background sotry... and then read more
Dec 13, 2017
OK so I picked this up randomly... I was like: pervy girl, that wants to get some, sounds like fun... I hoped for pure comedy, but its depiction of selfcouncness and unexperience in "sexy stuff" kinda make you understand 2 MCs - "pervy girl" Yamada and "cherry boy" Kosuda. I was having fun with some scene and in middle of it I was just like ,,I know that feeling mah dude" (of course more in "selfcouncness" parts ... Yeah I am guy that writes shitti anime reviews .. You got the idea...), what makes it easier to immerse in, which is generally good, but in read more
Dec 12, 2017
All of it exists to do goofs and jokes.
If you are able to accept this, you gonna have good time and lostf of laughs.

But if you immerse yourself in story too much, you may find yourself wanting more story development a possibly, less goofs. And that wat happen to me. The humor is great, story is obviously there just to make more funny jokes. But, I would really like to see another session of this anime, with more story development. It has a lot of potential... I could not f**king sleep because i wanted more story ... And that the reason why i read more
Dec 10, 2017
It is sad, and it is happy. Its funny, emotional, and romance is done beautifully. It portraits uncertainty of youth and love in very touching, but also entertaining way.
I will not write about surface story. But about what is beneath that. It was story about love. It start with very naive picture of love, that kind that (~15)young people have. That you just see someone and you know that that is the person. Then it evolves throughout the first three fourts of series. It becomes story about self, self reflection, self sacrifice, happiness, future... Things that many self aware young people think about. Things that read more