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Apr 6, 2014
This Review is going to cover both season 1 and season 2

So they told me about gundam 00 a long time ago and to say the truth i wasnt sure if i wanted to watch it or not and i put in the "waiting list".That proved to be a mistake because this anime is truly a diamond among the mecha genre series.

Story:The story of gundam 00 is about political and millitary conflicts during the 24th century(but it goes more than this as the story progresses).The idea behind all of these is to end wars which tarnish humanity for thousand of years. This task is given read more
Mar 30, 2014
So i began black lagoon one week ago mainly for the reason that i wanted to see a good action seinen anime. When i finished the First season i was sure that i had made the right choice the same feeling i had when i finished the second season but it was like that this anime was getting a real story and it wasnt only random story arcs for the anime fans to enjoy. Then Roberta's Blood Trail came and really made me to think again what this series wants to offer.

Roberta's Blood Trail continues right where the original show left off so it is read more