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Apr 18, 2019
A very sweet and refreshing story. I liked every single page of it. The art is very beautiful. The characters feel so real you almost feel like you’re there with them. I would sometimes read a chapter several times because it somehow felt different every time. It’s a very simple story yet so intriguing. Mikako is a casual high school student. Midorikawa sits next to her. They aren’t particularly fond of each other at the beginning but with time they start to develop a special bond.
The only reason I didn’t finish it in one day was because I felt it would be a waste read more
Mar 14, 2019
Do i start from the fact that this manga made me feel so uneasy that i decided to write a review about it although i never bother writing one most of the time?

To be fair, i enjoyed reading it in the beginning, it was interesting and i couldn't excatcly predict what what going to happen next so i continued reading it. I finished it in two sittings, the first sitting was fun but it was during the second sitting that i started to feel really pissed off considering how patient i was trying to be. They kept repeating te same damn mistakes and I’m gonna read more
Mar 29, 2018
i don't know what to say! this manga has been good from the first chapter and through to the very end. i was rather expecting something like that actually from the start. an amazing story to be honest this has definitely got to the top of my list. the art was also wonderful.
i liked the character development for Ichijo but i can't bring myself to accept her selfishness. i still don't know which guy she chose which makes the story even better.
anyways, it's a great manga and i wish i could forget it just to read it all over again.
Sep 3, 2017
Okay first I'm going to start with the art, i started reading this manga like a year ago and at that time i had not read many mangas and the only shoujo manga i read was ao haru no ride and probably hirunaka no ryuusei so comparing the art with those i didn't really like it that much but after reading so many mangas in the course of this year and becoming somehow open minded I realized that the art is actually wonderful and really good especially the funny moments! And let's not forget that every mangaka has his/her own style and i can pretty read more