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Sep 24, 2017
Recently, Ufotable's production is just not that great, having these very poor/one sided characters and somewhat very linear story making some of their modern shows very predictable. It's just the same for Katsugeki/ Touken Ranbu. I'd rather say that this show was produced just to advertise the original game. I don't blame ufotable that much on this one because they really can't control the content by themselves but I do think the studio can do better than this. Ever since Unlimited Blade Works was produced, ufotable's overall direction went downhill. Tho I highly praised them with their stellar visuals but it's not the same read more
Aug 13, 2017
Sports shows sometimes are very hard to handle especially on the art and animation category. Some studio really pushed their limits just to achieve and match the sports for the sake of the overall production of the series. But don't you worry, Production I.G is back to save the day! before I conclude my review, let me discuss the show's fine points and noticeable flaws

This really bothers me when I watched the very first episode. The similarities between this show and Hajime no Ippo's pilot episode is insane. This is definitely interesting or rather annoying for other people but for me atleast, I read more
Aug 2, 2017
This show needs more attention, I can't believe that people here in MAL rated this show very low and in fact this is probably one of the best show this season.

Youkai shows like this are very rare. As of now, I watched the first 5 episode and it blew my freaking expectations.

By far the show showcases

- great introduction
- great characters
- very good main male character
- very interesting backstories
- explaining some of the hidden elements of the series
- great opening and ending themes
- and great voice actors

For now, Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou is a very decent show that executes every category very read more
Jun 5, 2017
I'm speechless,

While Season 1 lacks of characterization with its characters, Season 2 finally putting some major character developments for the supporting characters while its Main Character also having a good development and don't get left behind at all.

For once, Yuuki Hayashi's soundtrack is a massive one in episode 10, bringing that scene into one of the most intense, well directed scene this season and not 100% sure but that last scene's animation really feels like Yutaka Nakamura's work ( Black & White frame by frame animation + Yutapon Cubes Destruction ) AND PROVING THAT BONES IS THE BEST SHOUNEN STUDIO ON THE ANIME INDUSTRY.

Yuuki Hayashi's read more
Mar 31, 2017
**No Spoilers

Youjo Senki's concept is kind of risky, it is hard to understand what teh fok is going on at first glance but can easily catch up if the plot is well executed by having good dialogues and decent narration. Youjo Senki is probably the best Anime of Winter 2017 ( all sequels aside ) It is the only series from start to finish delivered and surpasses my expectations, with episode 11 being all well-directed originally by Studio NUT is freaking amazing for a brandnew studio.

Story 9/10

The story is about a salaryman who was accidentally run down by a train and was reborn read more
Mar 24, 2017
*No Spoiler Review

Ao no Exorcist is one of those show with interesting plot but goes downhill as the series progresses.

Story 6 - The story to be honest is not interesting at all, unique plot idea but the setup and build up are so generic, the story is predictable and the executions were kind of sloppy. It holds down the true idea of the main plot. I seems like A-1 didn't put an effort on this series. Overall kind of fair story yet with rough direction and very cliched setup ( predictable ).

Art 4 - After watching the 1st episode and the Opening at the end, read more
Mar 24, 2017
This show hands down one of the godtier series in the history of anime. When it comes to drama, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu as a whole is insanely topnotch / masterpiece. Not being biased here, I mean the show is just that good, flawless + with insane direction and editing by Studio Deen.

Story 10/10 Simple and boring you might say but the narration of the series is topnotch, with thoughtful editing + with masterful direction, the show just climbed up the rankings easily, surpassing its 1st season. Overall flawless storyline. It is just that good and you might know the show had those insane plottwist read more
Feb 19, 2017
The Sword Art Online curse continues on the series but not on this one.

Story 7 - Somewhat predictable but the executions were good enough to make the story plot stand out. They really improved their writing and put it in a logical way. But the story is not perfect ofc but it is good, not mediocre, it's above average I would say.

Art 10 - On this one A-1 pictures animation is pretty massive. They used the Clean 2d animation with the mix of CGI effects and the 1st thing comes into your mind is the Ufotable Strategy. Big production right here, like having the read more