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Dec 13, 2018
To begin with, I am not really into writing reviews. Even if I do write a review - it is more likely to be a really disgruntled one.
So this is a huge exeption!)

It's been a while since I completed watching Berserk. And I have to say that it is one of the best series I have seen yet and probably will ever see in future.
Even though it will definitely sound sentimental...Berserk truly left a footprint in my heart.
It is a masterpiece, which is worth much more than a 10/10.
Everything is just perfect about it, even it's flaws complement it's perfection!

The characters are true, read more
Dec 2, 2018
This season is a complete dissappointment!
It it so dissappointing, that I can't even express this level of dissappointment in words...

Tokyo Ghoul used to be one of my favorites. Now it is nothing but a mess.
I had to search all over Google for an explanation what the f*ck is happening. Otherwise it looks like a random compilation of events and characters coming out of nowhere. Literally. There is a moment when Tsukiyama jumps out of the shadow during the fight and noone ever explains where did he come from, why did he come or what happened to him before or after the scene. Nothing!!!

P.S. I rate read more
May 27, 2017
To start with, I do love shounens as much as I enjoy romantic staff whatsoever. Also I do like vampire stories as any girl basically does.
But this one let me down so hard..
A couple of days have already passed since i dropped this anime, but still I can't forget what a disappointment it was.

I just can't get how could they ruin such an interesting setting idea! It is great, but not used appropriarly. Can't tell about the story because I've seen 3 ep, though I am so sure everything stays just as boring as it started.

Characters are absolutely flat. Kaname is constantly resquing Yuuki. read more