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Sep 11, 2019
This novel was very good up until the last novel.
I have only read it up until the 4th novel up until the 5th chapter since I do not have the Japanese novel and I am only reading an online translation that is still being translated, therefore my opinion will be based on that.

I love this novel a lot, the story was very nice and I love the idea of it... But, when Kyoto animation made the anime they changed the story completely.
Then the story started going downhill around Novel 3, but it was still okay.

My idea of it is that Torako did read more
Jul 30, 2019
I used to like this anime, but after reading the novel and re-watching this, the anime seemed like forced drama for most of it. Not to mention KyoAni completely changed the novel's story. They just made up their own story.

The story was really boring up until episode 6, and then after that it was forced drama like I said.

I honestly think they should not have added Kumin, Dekomori, and Toka. Dekomori is very annoying and so is Toka. Yuuta was also kind of annoying in the anime. He "abused" Rikka too much and was overall just really rude for no reason.

My main reason for read more