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Nov 9, 2014
1. It's been done well despite being a single OVA. Sometimes some scenes looks better than the first season anime.
2. The match animation is equivalent to a "big match" done in the first season of the anime. Gotta love the exaggerated wind effects and high speed punches. That Kimura vs. Miyata fight scene is really satisfying.

1. The OVA gave the side characters (Kimura and Aoki) focuses on development that otherwise couldn't been done in the main anime as it usually focuses on Ippo, his rivals, Takamura, etc.
2. Takamura and his bullying antics has been a good source of humor for the series.
3. A little read more
Oct 23, 2014
Let's get down with the review.

-We got a loli, highschool girl, samurai, jew and a tsundere in the harem but Love Hina Again provides us with the last addition of the harem, one that is very important in any Harem anime: Imouto.
-That fan-service. These OVAs especially the first episode is pretty heavy on the fan-service than the rest of the anime. My dick couldn't take much more of this.
-Naru's confession at the end of the OVA's is the moment fans have been waiting for. It's a pretty precious moment in the harem anime history. Satisfying.
-Keitaro has a surprisingly good singing voice in the ED. His read more
Oct 23, 2014
Let's get down with the review.

-Keitaro got a tan.
-Keitaro finally got into Tokyo U, but the rest of the episode is spent on the girls locating him just to tell him that.
-There's an alternate dark side Shinobu.
-At the waterfall scene both Naru and Nyamo had to change into leaf clothes after their shirts had been soaked with water but few scenes later Nyamo changes back into her normal clothes while Naru is still in leaf clothing. Okay.
-The scene at the end is an important event, as it is an important progress for both Naru and Keitaro's relationship. Might as well be saying that this whole read more
Oct 23, 2014
Let's get down with the review.

-This is probably the most well animated episode by Love Hina standard. You can see the excessive frames around the beginning of the episode. But then it stagnates a little bit around the middle but still good.
-This time it's Keitaro who do the sulking when he taught Naru was cheating on him. He also don't get beat around too much.
-Naru confessed her affection to Keitaro on national TV in the end but moments later she's back with her normal abusive attitude towards Keitaro. Okay.

The drama feels better in this episode. If only they kept the drama this good throughout the read more
Oct 23, 2014
So this is the first installment for the post-Love Hina anime that consists of 3 specials and 3 episode OVAs. I suggest the audience who want to go through them to follow the release order that is: Motoko's Choice -> Christmas Special -> Spring Special -> Love Hina Again. Now let's get down with the review.

-Motoko taking a bath together with Keitaro in a scene.
-Motoko in maid outfit.

That is all. Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.
Oct 5, 2014
So if you're here after having played the DMC series games (DMC 3 and 4) and are expecting to see more of the continuity of the story, like Dante's past or how do he take care of his arsenals, let me tell you this: there's nothing like that in this anime. It's episodic, meaning that it's stories about clients coming Dante's demon hunting shop and in each episode, the CLIENTS are the focus. Not Dante or his partners. Picture Cowboy Bebop (Except Cowboy Bebop does it better in my opinion).

I think this show is made in order to promote the video games but the problem read more