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Mar 31, 2008
Overall I think this anime deserves an 8.5 on my scale, but unfortunately there isn't that option.

Story: The story itself is fairly basic, but has some interesting back story thrown in every once in a while. However, the anime does seem rushed. I think a lot of people did not give this show a chance because the beginning is so chaotic. The first episode does not feel like an introduction at all, in fact you are pretty much thrown into the story.

Art: I really enjoyed the animation. It seemed to be well done (it better for being 10 episodes). Maybe, it is the read more
Mar 4, 2008
This is set more like an actual episode or a special. On its own this doesn't have much of a story, but fit it in the series and it works just fine.

It focused almost entirely on Ogata and Tamaka's relationship, while dealing with all of the typical anime hot spring moments we love. Really this was purely comedic and exaggerated a lot of the characters roles in a hilarious way. Even Marjory makes an appearance (drinking of course).

If you are looking for an ova that has an indepth storyline, this isn't it. However it is something good, if you are looking for a read more
Feb 12, 2008
First of all, I've never actually watched the series Rurouni Kenshin, so everything I write is from a blank slate perspective. :)

Story- This was really beautiful and sad. The plot idea of an assassin who no longer likes being an assassin, though already done, was completely remastered and thought out in a unique fashion. I was completely enthralled from the beginning and wasn't completely sure where everything was going to turn out. I like the fact that they seemed to write this so that somebody who hasn't seen the show could understand and be emmersed. I could definitely see this as a stand alone.

Art- Sometimes read more
Feb 5, 2008
I went from Cardcaptor Sakura to this series, so overall I think I saw an improvement atleast in the maturity level. And though there were some things I found lacking I am going to continue to the second season.

It is a really interesting story idea and I just love the chance to explore different worlds. The characters have some depth, unique traits and all set eachother apart nicely. Also, the interactions between characters is pretty amusing. Actually, the anime overall is pretty funny as well as being serious. It touches on issues that CC seemed to skirt around and actually makes you "feel" for read more
Jan 26, 2008
I remember seeing this on TV back when I was in middle school and it was dubbed. I was extremely put off by the horrible dubbness of it all. :) However, just recently I decided to give it another chance. I'm glad I did, because I was feeling like watching a show like this.

This is not a show that is going to make you cry or have any really strong emotions, but you have to remember for which age group it is intended. Ignoring that, this show has a surpising bit of romance that is actually quite developed. I felt that they dealt with read more