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InkSpider Jan 27, 12:21 PM
Apologies for the slow reply! I've been looking into a graduate program lately, which has been taking up quite a lot of my time. Did you ever get that Discord friend request, by chance?

Ah, yes, incels... always a fun topic. I could very nearly sympathize with them, in theory, if a significant portion of them didn't advocate the rape and murder of women. I don't think incels would exist if our culture didn't have such a strong stigma against male virgins and didn't equate masculinity/value as a person with 'getting the girl'.

Full disclosure here... I'm a trans woman, and in my ugly, shameful high school years, I had far too much in common with incels. I was so obsessed with the idea of getting a girlfriend, I failed to look for other sources of happiness. Of course, attempting to be a gender I wasn't certainly didn't help my dating prospects, but I think the turning point in this regard was the realization that I could be happy without being in a relationship. It was only with that realization that I was able to work on becoming a better person, and now I find that I am both happier with myself, and am now in a relationship with quite possibly the sweetest and most honest young woman I've ever met.

So, while I get the frustration and how terrifying and shameful our culture can make male virginity seem, the essential misstep in incel thinking is the shifting of blame from their own failings to an monolithic and oppressive external force, namely, the 'nature of women'. Changing yourself is hard, after all. Blaming other people is easy. I sincerely think that many incels could stop being incels if they 1) stopped worrying so much about getting laid, 2) took responsibility for the personal behaviors that alienate the people around them and 3) took up a hobby.

It certainly isn't hard to find self-deluding idiots on here, but I do think it's improved a bit. If you take a glance through this thread:

you'll find that aside from a shockingly wrong-minded OP and a few hardcore anti-femmes here and there, quite a few of the posters expressed liking stronger female characters and scorning the alarmist anti-feminist sentiment of the OP.
InkSpider Jan 21, 9:00 PM
Yeah, that's MAL for you. Sorry you have to put up with that shit. I've been called an SJW, pathetic, mentally ill... plenty of other shit. I've learned not to take it seriously, and I only seldom engage in lengthy conversations with them. I think my personal favorite is the time someone came onto my page to and dramatically announced that they couldn't respect anyone who didn't like Fist of the North Star.

This was in response to a review in which I gave FotNS a 4 out of 10. A 4. Out of 10. That's... not even a particularly bad score. It's 'sub-par'. XD I also called out the series for being quite sexist, so that might have added fuel to the fire.

I think the over-reaction that we see in so many anti-femme anime fans (antifemm-aboos? otantifemm-kus?) is due to them using their anime as a substitute for an identity/personality. We all need a means of defining ourselves, and the temptation to define oneself through something as 'easy' as watching anime can be powerful for people who lack other means of achieving this goal. As much as I hate to feed into stereotypes, I do think a lot of the ugly people on here are ugly because they're bad at socializing in the real world. If anime is all you have and all you are, an attack on shows you like can feel like an attack on you. It's why so many people on here are incapable of separating different of opinion from personal attack, and why they are so eager to attack people with whom their opinions.

Not that I would say, or even imply, that it is up to us critics of shonen/toxic fanbases to take responsibility for the ugly insecurities of those we offend. I've seen a few internet critics attempt that (adding disclaimers such as, "This is just my opinion, please stop telling me to kill myself.") and I suppose they feel that this is necessary when traipsing through the minefield that is internet fandom. Their goal is admirable, though I feel like the rules they're playing by are a bit silly to begin with.

Personally, I felt like Fairy Tail does a better job with Lucy than most Shonen works do. If we take a closer look at her temporary damseling in the first episode, it feels... actually pretty good. Natsu's appearance does grant Lucy the opening she needs to escape the slavers and reclaim her summoning keys, but I feel it's important to remember that Natsu was getting his ass handed to him by a bunch of nameless mooks seconds later, due to his crippling motion sickness. Watching Lucy go from being saved by Natsu and Happy to saving Natsu (by moving the ship to shore and getting Natsu back on solid ground) withing the course of minutes really brought a smile to my face. It was less a retreading of the utterly discredited Damsel in Distress situation than a moment of co-dependence and cooperation between genders. Perhaps not a moment of true equality (since the remainder of the fighter has Natsu working solo), but certainly better than what I'm use to in Shonen.

And, I mean, if Lucy doesn't float your boat, there's always... ya know... this lady:

I hear she's pretty damn badass. And that she puts Natsu to shame in every spar they have.
Botan-Chan45 Jan 21, 6:47 PM
hmm, i think you got the wrong person
Botan-Chan45 Jan 21, 6:45 PM
i commented that?
Botan-Chan45 Jan 21, 6:43 PM
what, who are you
InkSpider Jan 21, 12:21 PM
I was never big on battle shonen, though I thought Hunter x Hunter was pretty well done over all.

I've only watched one episode of Fairy Tail so far, and given how badly I've watched seemingly good shows fail, I won't make much of a statement of quality, but from what I've seen, Fairy Tail looks pretty good in terms of characterization and gender politics. A hell of a lot better than Naruto, anyways. It's even tagged positively in the Feminist Fangirls Club. I've heard the fanservice does put some people off. Was there something else specifically in FT you disliked?

I've got ahead and sent you a Discord friend request.
InkSpider Jan 19, 10:45 PM
Oh, don't worry about a slow reply. I really only put replies on here about once a day. Which is why I prefer Discord. :P Thanks for getting one!

The whole anti-SJW thing as a dominant forth within the anime community has put me in a rather awkward position. I always used to find myself getting criticized and stereotypes for watching anime, constantly hearing crap like, 'all anime fans are pedophiles/hopeless virgins/social outcasts' and so on. Now I find myself surrounded by anime fans who seem to live to reinforced the ugly stereotypes I used to complain about. It's rather sad, really. It's so tempting when you're a 'loser' to blame it all on the injustice of an outside force. In that regard, I see a lot of a parallels between the ideologies of incels an anti-femme otakus, as well as misanthropic otaku and gate-keeper elitist otaku. There's plenty of room for overlap, obviously.

That bit on your profile about hating weak female characters, and your remark there about Shonene reminded me of thread I made not too long ago in the Feminist Fangirls Club.

In short, I talk about what I call 'Sakura Syndrome' (named after the Naruto character), which is when the plot of an anime (usually a Shonen) conspired to make a theoretically badass female character helpless. You can take a look, if you wanna. I'll go ahead and PM you my discord tag.

InkSpider Jan 19, 1:27 PM
A pleasure to meet you, Renna!

Glad you enjoyed my profile. I will heartily agree that the the politics of the anime community (most of it, anyways) are both problematic and inflexible. That second trait is probably as bad or worse than the general bigotry. It is rare that expressing a feminist idea here will be met with anything other than the reflexive and unthinking cry of 'SJW'. Not too long ago, I got in a rather pointlessly bitter argument for putting forth the idea that what fanservice series need to not be terrible and stupid is consent. The response I got was... telling, I think. Essentially, someone expressed the belief that asking for on consensual fanservice rather than women being coerced into sexual situations (as in Code Geass) outright sexual molestation being played for comedy or fanservice (as in Haruhi Suzumiya and Heaven's Lost Property) or repetitive, predictable 'accidents' (as in... literally every harem series ever made), I would be reducing 'variety'. Because apparently the anime community is so entrenched in non-con bullshit that the idea that there are means of creating variety in romance and fanservice while keeping everything consensual flat-out never occurs. :P

Do you have a Discord? I find it a lot more convenient to chat there than on MAL's rather clunky interface.
Sonal1988 Jan 18, 1:04 AM
ha ha ha
That's one of the more enthusiastic replies I've received in a while.
You're free to copy whatever from my profile - just don't forget to credit me ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

As for man babies, their obsession with sexualized minors and their homophobic, sexist and misogynistic tendencies, please. I'd rather not discuss stuff that's not worth my time and energy.
Arimias Jan 17, 10:17 PM
The topic lasted 5 seconds so you're good lol
Arimias Jan 17, 10:12 PM
100% a coincidence I caught your reply early lol. We were talking about CherryLover in a discord server and I saw your comment.
Arimias Jan 17, 10:00 PM
Legendary comment on CherryLover's profile. Holy shit.
Kitcele Jan 17, 8:12 PM
exactly!! and more and more people are coming and supporting the cause which is always great to see!! I’m megan! and i hope i can talk to you more too!!
Kitcele Jan 17, 12:35 PM
thank you so much!! and yeah i tend to be a bit more vocal on here for exactly that reason ☺️
I’m glad you share a similar sentiment bc unfortunately like you said a big part of the community just doesn’t seem to get it (or takes it as a personal attack rather than a systematic problem)!
thank you again tho all that was really sweet of you to say! made my day c: