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Dec 16, 2016
Story : 8
To be very frank, the story ( or more precise , the plot ) is not the best thing about this amazing masterpiece. If you know even a bit about both World Wars , you can certainly predict what major events will happen. That being said, following the story of Tanya, the author managed to make the dangerous , boring and often very fucked up life of a soldier exciting , or at the very least , interesting to see, which is an amazing achievement. It's even more interesting to see that the main character of this manga has a lot of read more
Oct 22, 2016
tl;dr : An amazing episodic, atmospheric and short manga. It's meant for you to relax and enjoy yourself. I recommend Mushishi if you like this kind of manga.

Story : 9
- This manga has no coherent "plot" or continuous plot line , but instead a series of random short and different stories written on various chapters, in other words, it's an episodic manga. You can still enjoy yourself without worrying about not understanding the plot when you read a random chapter. While some people dislike this kind of format, I personally really like this. Each chapter is a new and exciting story, waiting to be read more
Oct 12, 2016
*Warning : May contain some minor spoilers...
Who am I kidding, this manga is awesome, just read it*

Story : 8
While the manga is fairly new and fresh, the story is progressively getting better with new side-characters with believable motives , relatable personality and overall looking very promising. To be fair, the first few chapters so far wasn't much for advancing the plot, but take it with a grain of salt since I consider these chapters a Prologue for grand up-coming story waiting to be told. While the manga may appear edgy at first glance , the author did a good job portraying how difficult read more
Aug 29, 2016
Story : 3
- Mediocre at best. The "dramas" feels extremely forced, and used mainly to advance the plot, which is super cliche and stupid at this point so far. It is your typical average teenage boy getting transferred into another fantasy world. Well while it is true that this isn't a harem series in which the character is overly OP and just an overall trash harem/waifubait of a mess, the premise of this manga isn't unique or refreshing, and have been done better before (Tate no Yuusha Nariagari). While I do have a soft spot for series that take a darker approach on these read more