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DiangeloKun18 Apr 6, 2020 9:26 PM
mangafreakZX May 28, 2015 5:01 PM
Happy advanced B-day!!!
mangafreakZX May 31, 2014 12:07 AM
Happy advanced B-day!!!
linux19 Apr 11, 2014 2:09 AM
Hi there! :)

Want to be an ADMIN at an ANIME/MANGA PAGE? :) I'm actually looking for admins for my anime Facebook page,

Just in case you are interested, please reply to this message or you may directly send a message to the page. Your participation is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much! :)
Aya-Brea Dec 22, 2013 9:51 AM
Hey Man, No worries. Life can be pretty busy at times.
I'm sure you are at a busy point in your life.
Just give me a heads up when you plan on going on a long hiatus. :P
loliowo Dec 22, 2013 9:14 AM
Hello buddy.
loliowo Nov 15, 2013 3:37 AM
Hello chap.
mangafreakZX May 28, 2013 5:08 PM
Happy advanced B-day!!!
Aya-Brea May 19, 2013 2:08 PM
Haha, well i'm sure you're older than me so you probably have more responsibilities to attend to. No worries, I will have to assume that kind of responsibility once I start up school again in September. Good luck on your assignment, i hope it turns out well.

I have a contract job lined up in June, but right now i'm outside of my hometown visiting in childhood friend of mine, then we're going to the Anime North convention this weekend on Friday, May 24th, until Sunday, May 26th.
I'll probably be looking for work again once I return to the city i live in.

Cool, what games do you play which requires a virtual disk to play ?
Daemon works charms for me :)
Hmm if I saw a real ghost, i'd either be really fascinated or scared shitless, maybe a combination of both? How was your experience with ghosts?

Yeah I read manga on occasion, though i'm a little behind on some series.
I'm currently reading 30 ongoing manga series. you can checkout my list if you want to see what kind of manga i'm into.
I agree that it's allowed to be in dub.... so that they can expand their market to English audiences. But personally I don't like English dub.

sweet, seems like you like collecting gundam models much more than I do.
Feel free to show me whenever you have the chance to, i'd be interested to see which models you have collected.

Compelling - Evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way.
I'll definitely check out those types of shows when i lose interest in anime series, just as you have :)
Yep, I like to take things one step at a time and make the best out of situations and enjoy myself as much as possible in this short life of mine.

I see,
I think muslim is a respectable religion. I have no bias towards it nor do I have a solid opinion mainly due to my lack of knowledge in that particular religion. I don't know much about the Muslim religion i mean.
My dad is atheist but my mom is Buddhist.

Yeah the way we talk is somewhat different, Americans say Canadians have english accents and Canadians say that American have English accents. some of the grammar between our counties is a little different and some words are pronounced differently as well.

I love assault rifles, but I've personally never held a weapon myself, since the gun laws in our country are fairly strict. I only know of these weapons from the games i've played in the past.
Sick those guns are awesome as well, they would be in my top 10 favourite guns list too. have you ever held/shot a live round gun before ?

Have you played any visual novels/eroge before ?

Yep, do your best to take care of body and don't overwork yourself.

Aya-Brea May 14, 2013 3:57 PM
No problemo,
If your busy with school or other matters i'm okay with that.
as long as you reply to my post in the end.
Life has been pretty relaxing for me over the last few weeks. I recently finished my semester of school and right now i'm on my summer vacation.

I want to get a new PC,
but i don't have the funds to do so at the moment.
I'll need a sustainable job in order to pay for a new Computer if I ever do manage to get one.

You probably could easily play School Days HQ, if your patient enough to wait for all the downloads... which would probably take a few days since you can only download 200 MB of data online for free. Also you would need to have a virtual disk mounting program which allows you to mount the CD file to play it on your computer.(usually in ISO format) The program i use is Daemon Tooks Lite.
I'd love to hear your ghost story. I haven't heard many so this'll be fairly new for me. Please explain it to the best of your abilities.

Yeah, If I were a hardcore MGS fan, i'd hate to see/hear another voice actor replace David Hayter.


Yep, i'm going to try to finish a lot of anime series this summer, but we'll see how things turn out. Oh gosh, It would be detrimental if tokusatsu from Japan became english dubbed. I'm sure the ratings would be really bad.

Hmm i have lots of figurines & collectibles... well a fair amount.
at the moment, i have 18 figurines on my window ledge, but i have at least 20 more hidden away in my closet. The figurines range from Dynasty Warriors Characters (The Game), Rurouni Kenshin Characters, Dragon Ball Z characters, Vocaloid characters, Naruto Characters, Gundam Models, Bleach characters, and i have a few characters from the Final Fantasy franchise.
Do you like to collect anything ?

Interesting, so i'm guessing that you have had a near-death experience in the past then ?

Yeah I watched the videos that you sent me, they're quite... compelling i must say.
But i feel that those types of shows wouldn't be my cup of tea. maybe after i grow up a little more i'll start to dwell in the world of tokusatsu, but right now I feel that I wouldn't be interested in watching that type of entertainment.
Well I don't know what classifies people being unpredictable where you live, but I like to do things on a whim. with no plans, just wondering around wherever i feel like it, whenever i feel like it. People say i have a good poker face too. If you don't think that's unpredictable then sorry to disappoint you.

Okay, lets talk about religion then. I'm not a very religious person myself so i won't be able to elaborate on things I don't know about other religions. So i'll mainly come from an atheist (believing in no religions) standpoint when we're talking about this subject.
Do you believe in any religions, if so which one? If you don't believe in religions, why is that ?
I'll tell you my reasons for being Atheist in my next reply.

If you're wondering the biggest differences between Canadians and Americans, i'll tell you a few key ones:
- States/Provinces Canada has territories and provinces - 13 of them; Americans have states - 50 of them. Neither country knows how many of each the other country has.
States & provinces are somewhat similar but they do have their differences ... it would take too long to explain the differences so i'll refer you to this post i found:
- Currency: Both countries use their version of the dollar. Americans call their dollars dollars - makes sense doesn’t it? Canadians call their $1 a loonie and $2 a toonie
- Head of Government: Canadians have a Prime Minister and a system similar to the British government structure (they are still part of the British Commonwealth); Americans have a President because their founding fathers wanted to create a system different than the British after the Revolutionary War of 1776
- Crime: Americans are obsessed with crime movies and (of course there is no connection) have the 68th highest crime rate per capita in the world. Canadians love American crime shows and have the 87th highest crime rate in the world. Both countries have lots of guns, though Canadians prefer shooting at targets, while Americans prefer shooting at each other.
- Geography: Canadians have tundra, Americans have desert - the only difference being the temperature and the type of wildlife that lives in each place.
There are much more differences but you can easily find them on the internet like i have :)

Hmm my favourite gun? That's a hard one....
Its a toss up between the following guns:
The Galil assault rifle (Place of origin - State of Israel)
The M4 Carbine assault rifle (Place of origin - United States of America)
the AK 47 assault rifle (Place of origin - Soviet Union)

Do you have a favourite gun ?

Cool, I love all of those actors.
I really like Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Bill Murray, Robert Downey Jr., Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Bruce Lee. Etc.

Alright I reply pretty quickly this time,
Hope to hear back from you soon,


Aya-Brea Apr 21, 2013 7:38 PM
Hey, Sorry for the late reply.
The last few weeks have been pretty busy for me.
My school semester just finished and i had a lot of final assignments and tests to write.

I'll try to take care of my desktop but no guarantees.

Oh? Interesting, did you experience similar events to the story of School Days?
I found out that the School Days HQ eroge is almost 10 gigs large... and you can only download 200 Megabytes at a time free... so it'll be quite some time before i play it.
Yeah I enjoy playing Diablo 2: LOD. One of my favourite games of all time.
Can't say I have see a real ghost... have you?

I see,
I try to refrain from asking personal questions to people unless the conversation leads to that direction and i respect people's boundaries and I encourage others to voice their own opinions.
Well that's a letdown, who will take over David Hayter's voice acting then?

Good idea, its smart to research merchandise beforehand to save time and energy browsing through it.

Well, I was hardcore... in the past ? I used to watch nothing except anime series. But I've gotten past that stage and moved on to other things for the most part.
You don't have to be overly obsessive about one topic/subject/hobby in order to enjoy the merits of it.
I dislike English dun very much yes. The English Voice actors fail to capture the true essence of the Japanese characters the majority of the time. That's why I prefer Japanese Dub with English sub. It also helps me learn some new words :)
Well it's your call, if you prefer English dub, great. I respect your opinion. Don't let others force their own opinions on you, it's not right.
Cool, I try not to use cheats on games unless I just wanna clear it.

Yup, i'm a money waste and a consumer for anime/video game merchandise.
Yeah i have some great friends, but unfortunately most of them live in a different city than I do.

No, I don't know what it feels like to be dying.
I've personally never had a near-death experience before.
Have you?

I'll check it out :)
I'll try not to force myself.
I'm sometimes an unpredictable person ;)
Yep, lots of fanatics out there.
I'll discuss anything with you.

No problem, i wont talk about it if you don't want to.
Yeah Canada and the United States are a lot different.
Yeah I like guns, but i've never held a real one before.

Oh yeah? what specific actors do you like?

I'll try to reply faster next time.
Aya-Brea Apr 4, 2013 5:50 PM
nah the desktop i have is from like 1999, so its like 14 yrs old. not powerful at all.
It still uses Windows XP which isn't even supported by Microsoft anymore.
I don't PC game much, the games i do play are over 8 years old anyway.

yeah i didn't expect their to be a Persona 3 movie either.
I was quite pleasantly surprised when i found out that they are making one this year.
Yep i know about it. The School Days HQ eroge was made after the anime actually,
So i'm sure their are a lot of added bonus scenes and such,
I'll definitely play it one day, but i'll need a better PC or laptop before that day comes.
Yeah, the original Demonbane eroge was made in 2003, and the anime adaptation was made in 2006.
I like fiction novels, like fantasy genre. I read the Diablo series and enjoyed it.
Cool so you're really into the horror genre all around huh? That's cool.
I might dive into it one day.

I've watched it before, but only the American ver. of power ranger. Wasn't too captivated by the series though.
Yep, I'm quite a cautious person.
I see. so you're a bigger fan of Konami over Capcom then.
What !? no David Hayter as snake?! how is snake still alive anyway?
I'm SUPER disappointed. :(
I can't really afford a new game system atm.

No problem, choose wisely :)
I suggest you do some further research before you buy a game system though.

Nah any anime before the 1980 I wouldn't really enjoy,
Since i'm from a different generation then yours, I'm kind of used to the newer art and I dislike older than 1980s anime art.
No I haven't seen the original Gundam 1979 for the above reason.
I definitely prefer Japanese Dub. I hate English dub,
only a few good voice actors can actually get into the roles of their characters effectively.
Their aren't any Resident Evils for the GBA game system... it was only available on Sony Systems like the PS1.

I do spend a lot of money on useless merchandise, it's quite a bad habit, but It's a personal hobby of mine.
I Won't stop unless i go broke sometimes :)
Well, i'll let the friends im going with restrain me to overspend next time I go =]

No one can really be prepared for the time of their death,
so I just try not to think about it and do my best to spend my days to their fullest,
leaving behind as little regret and bad emotions as possible.
Here's one of my favourite quotes from my favourite Japanese Author: Haruki Murakami
"Death is not the opposite of life, but a part of it. Say it aloud and it sounds trivial. Just plain common sense. As we live, we breathe death into out lungs, like fine particles of dust."
-Firefly - Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Not a big fan of live action series. the only ones I watch are american based.
Maybe you can suggest a few Japanese live action series for me to check out ?
Since I don't watch much horror genre series in general, I couldn't really help you there sorry.
Cool, i'll definitely check out the new Godzilla movie,
it's coming out next year, so I'll keep a look out for its release date =)
You're 5 yrs older than me man, so that's 1825 more days of experience than me.
Don't expect me to know everything that you do....
I'm still young and naive. :3
I'm glad your willing to discuss various topics with me (:

have you done any martial arts before?
hmm not during the competition because I was really young when i competed, recently though when I trained in Mixed Martial Arts, which involves all forms of martial arts and combat fighting, I did sustain some injuries.
The crime is our is quite minimal compared to our neighbouring country the United States.
Since I live in Canada, the gun laws are quite strict and its hard to obtain any firearms legally.
If you wanna know more about our crime statistics heres a link to a Government Canada crime site:

hehe, thanks for the advice, i'll try to not to spend all my money in one place ;)

Sweet, I like those genres as well, minus horror one :)
Do you have a favourite movie ? or actor in particular ?
Awesome, I know someone else from Malaysia on MAL too :)

Aya-Brea Apr 1, 2013 4:04 PM
I mainly enjoy PC gaming yes,
but my since my laptop is a little over three years old,
i'm unable to play the newer games for the PC. :(

Interesting... yes, there will be a movie based on Persona 3.
I just searched it on MAL. It seems it'll air sometime in 2013, not sure when though.
Here's the link on MAL:
There is also a Persona 4 Movie and anime as well as an anime based after the Persona 3 game.
You mean the Eroge School days? If so, then no, i haven't played it before. I want to play it though... but the file for the game is over 5 gigabytes large... it'll take a few days for me to download it and figure out how to get it working, let alone play it.
Yeah, Demonbane the mecha series. the anime was based on two Eroge/Visual Novels by Nitro+
The original game is way better I've heard.
Cool, so you read huh? do you prefer fiction novels or non-fiction ?

Yep, I love the Clannad Series thoroughly (:
My favourite Visual Novel and anime of all time.
I could see why many people dislike it.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
You don't have to agree with anyone, just voice your own opinion out.

I try to think through what I say to people so no one takes offence.
I guess i'm a cautious person in a way.
your welcome =]
Personally, I prefer Capcom, solely based on the video game series Monster Hunter
I am a HUGE Monster Hunter Fan. I'm really bummed out that they switched all their games to Nintendo systems though :(
I might play it sometime in the future, Castlevania: Lords of Shadows that is. My finals are coming up so I have to focus on that first.
Maybe on my summer vacation i'll have time to play it ;)

It's all subjective. (opinion based) It comes down to what games you want to play or what perks you like about each system.
For example:
The PS3 can play Blu-Ray & DVD's without any added software, and it doesn't cost money to play games online.
while the Xbox 360 can't play Blu-Ray disks without added software, but it can play DVD's and it has a monthly fee for online gaming.
The Wii U can't play DVD's or Blue-Ray disks and it is more of an interactive game system, allowing players to be more in control of their game play, I believe the Wii U doesn't have a monthly fee for online gaming as well.
Each system also has its own unique games that can't be played on other game systems:
Xbox 360: Halo series, Left 4 Dead series, Gears of War series, Fable Series, etc.....
PS3: God of War series, Ratchet & Clank series, Killzone series, Infamous series, Uncharted Series, etc....
Wii U: Monster Hunter 3 (tri) and on, ZombiU, Pikmin 3, Wii U Zelda, New Super Mario Mii, Rayman Legends, etc.....

So based on personal preferences you'll have to decide for yourself.

Yeah, of course i know heero yuy. I've seen parts of Gundam Wing, but not the whole series itself.
I like old school animes, i've seen series like Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball series, etc.
That's why I won't be able to play the games you mentioned for a while. not until i learn the language.
I guess that's one way to describe it. I've never been a big fan of the horror genre. It scares the hell out of me.
I'm slowly shifting towards it though... slowly but surely.
Cool, you should definitely checkout the earlier Resident Evils. They're retro but classic games. =D

Well i'll have to go there and see for myself, but the last anime convention i went to,
i basically bought anime merchandise like plushies, cups, stickers, posters, and figurines of my favourite characters in anime or video games.
I also bought Vocaloid stuff :P

Don't say that, i'm sure you'll be fine. just Live everyday to its fullest, and try your best not to leave behind any regrets.
Things will work out in their own ways.

Sweet, so you watch Supernatural huh?
My brother used to watch that show.
What show are you asking about ?
Game of Thrones, Dexster, Sons of Anarchy, or Breaking Bad ?
If your asking my opinion, i'd say all those shows are better, but I haven't seen all of Supernatural so i can't really judge.
37 years is still a significant amount of time to be on air. Almost double my age O.o
I Love Godzilla xD A Giant fire-breathing Reptile ! What's not to like? :9
Interesting, personally i've never really seen any 'tokusatsu' series from Japan,
I've only been watching anime, reading manga, listening to music and playing visual novels & eroge from Japan.
I'm still pretty young, so I haven't experienced many things yet.

Kinda, I do some Martial Arts training, but I don't compete anymore. The Sport itself is too violent, and it takes a toll on athletes.
I don't want my body to be broken just from 5 years or so of intense competition.
Canada definitely has some awesome scenery and landscape, though of area i live in is pretty suburban and populated. I live in the City.
I think so, a certain popular person attends these anime conventions every now and then,
but since this will be my first time going, i'm not familiar with the event yet.

Just wondering, what genre of movies do you like to watch?
No problem, your English is fine. I can understand you perfectly :)

Aya-Brea Mar 27, 2013 12:50 PM
I haven't really been gaming that much these days.
The only games i've been playing are Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction for the PC
Dark Gunz for the PC
and sometimes I play Black Ops 2: Zombies for the PS3
Other than that, the only other games i'll be playing are
Persona 3 FES for the PS2 System, which i obtained on the PlayStation Network Store for the PS3
and Persona 4: The Arena for the PS3
Other than gaming I still actively play Eroge and Visual Novels.
I just recently completed the original Kanon Visual Novel/Eroge by Key
and now I plan to finish the Eroge Deus Ex Machina Demonbane or Zanmataisei Demonbane in Japanese. This game was made by the company Nitro+ or Nitroplus, a contributing company which helped make the Fate/Zero anime series.
What have you been spending your free time doing?

Yeah, the Kanon (2006) anime [which i own on DVD] was based on the original visual novel by Key which was made in 1997. The art was the only negative aspect of the game since it was made so long ago. But I'd say the visual novel is better than the anime in more than one aspect.
Clannad definitely has a better storyline than Kanon does, solely because the Visual Novel has over 50 hours of gameplay while the Kanon visual novel has less than 30 hours of gameplay. I also watched both Clannad anime series, read the manga and I even completed the Visual Novel [with no ero content]. Took me a whole week to do so.
Cool, that's something I didn't know about the power rangers or super sentai.

It's okay, everyone has their own problems in their lives, and everyone has different ways of dealing with those problems. I try to keep my stress levels as low as possible.
Though my habit of procrastination doesn't help me much.
Do your best on your assignment, i'm sure it'll turn out well.
I see, that's cool, like a remade version of it. I actually own the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow so i might actually play it one day. :)
Personally, I haven't played any games in the Devil May Cry franchise.
Never committed to it and I never purchased any of the games before.
Interesting so Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a revamped prequel to the Castlevania series so that new players could play the game without worrying about timeline or the storyline. The game is based on the time before the rise of Dracula and it is a stand alone game, according to Wikipedia at least.

Sweet, Hope you save up enough to buy your PS3

Herro Yuy fan huh?
Since I was too young when the series came out, I never got the chance to complete it.
I will one day though.
I don't know too much about the Gundam series, only watched Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, and Gundam 00. All my knowledge of Gundams comes from those series.
Yeah it's quite difficult for me to play games in another language, i'd prefer to learn the language first before doing that.
Nah i'm not too fond of horror games to be honest. Only ever watched my brothers play Silent Hill. I'm more of a Resident Evil fan than Silent Hill.
Have you played either Resident Evil or Silent Hill before?

Cool, I've seen those HD revamped version games before.
I'm kind of low on money because i'm saving up for this anime convention i'm going to in May. so I can't really afford to buy new games at the moment.

Ahh two years from now huh? well that should give you plenty of time to save up for a PS3 then =]

The Walking Dead series is more like a drama with humans trying to survive in a zombie Apocalypse than a straight horror series. so to answer your question... it's more of a series that drags on. Not too scary at all actually.

37th anniversary huh? I didn't know it was that old.
It was quite surprising yes, to see that many power rangers in one location when you sent me that link P:

Yeah thanks, not much to boost about though, I only competed when I was 6yrs old until i was 8yrs old. so the competition only included little kids that were my age at the time. It was only Karate too. not Mixed Martial Arts.

Yeah i've been to one anime convention before, last summer.
It was a small one called Atomic Lolipop and it was held in Canada at a hotel lobby. The one i'm going to in May is called Anime North and it's a huge event with a few thousand participants each year and every year it grows in number.
I'm really looking forward to it :)

Do you watch movies often ?
Aya-Brea Mar 26, 2013 1:39 AM
Right now? Well, it's 4am at the moment.
and I just finished playing Kawasumi Mai's & Kurata Sayuri's Routes in the original Kanon eroge/visual novel by Key. It was quite enjoyable :)
If you've never heard of the series before, there were two anime adaptations of it:
Kanon (2002) made by Toei Animation
and Kanon (2006) the more well-known and popular anime adaptation made by Kyoto Animation
Other than that i'm just about to get ready for bed.

Yeah lots of free time, sometimes I don't know what to do with it, but i manage :)
Ouch, best of luck to you on your assignment.
Castlevania lord of shadow is a remake of aria of sorrow ?
Is Castlevania lord of shadow for the PS3?
You can play Ni no Kuni after you buy a PS3 or Xbox 360 (:

a Gundam Wing fan I take it?
nah, don't have a credit card or paypal to buy things over the net :/
Can't really do much about that.

Nah, the PS3 i have can't play PS2 games, I have a working PS2 game system though.
how long until you get a PS3?

The Walking Dead does have a general storyline, based on the comic books/graphic novels of the same name. Though each episode their is a considerable time skip and difference of style portrayed through each different director. Kind of like Arcs in a story. I'm not too fond of it though.

so its kind of like a re-vamped version of Power Rangers?

I enjoy watching mixed martial arts at the highest level, through the organization: The Ultimate Fighting Championship. :3
Yeah I used to participate in Karate tournaments when I was younger. Won a few medals too :D

Btw have you ever been to an Anime Convention ?