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Oct 4, 2015
I've dropped A LOT of animes using the MMORPG universe. I'm not fond of them and I feel they are very telegraphed. There's usually little element of surprise in the story or the characters. The people who created Hack// must feel really bad for giving birth to this animation sub-genre.

At first I wasn't at all interested in Overlord but a friend of mine recommended it so I gave it a try. I was kinda hooked from episode 1 because of the whole "the MC is an evil liche king stuck in a video game" and not "a fighter grouping with other adventurers to set read more
Sep 25, 2015
Prison School is by far my favorite anime this season! I'm a big fan of Great Teacher Onizuka and it's the first time in years I've had the same kind of enjoyment watching a comedy. I'm usually not a big fan of over-sexualized female characters or harem animes but prison school is an exception.

Story 9/10
5 perverted teenagers end up in a school full of girls. They peak into the girls bath and get grounded into a prison set in the middle of the campus. These 5 guys are hilarious, one is fat as fuck, one is creepy as fuck, one is geeky as fuck... The read more
Mar 31, 2015
Nanatsu no Taizai is one of those shonen type story for teens that is actually quite enjoyable to watch. I'm not fond of shonen's in general, I love One Piece and some classics but my interest for the genre stops there.

Story: Nothing amazing or original there.
Long story short, the kingdom has been overuled by Holy Knights, the princess is looking for those called the Seven Deadly Sins to help her save her country. 5/10

Art: SHOUNENNNN, I mean, the art doesn't make the anime, i thought the action scene animation was quite poor too. 6/10

Sound: None of these terrible OP/ED, decent soundtrack, nothing I'll listen to read more
Dec 23, 2014
(Second Review, hope it helps)

Akame Ga Kill! in a way is a typical shonen since values like friendship & so are everywhere in the anime. The only difference with something like Naruto is that a lot of characters die - whether they're good or bad - the character death ratio is comparable to Berserk lol
I get that a lot of people thought the manga was a lot better, haven't read it but from what I understand different arcs get mixed up into a 24 episode show. The show didn't feel confusing though, it's nothing amazing but it's entertaining and that's what fighting shonens are for. read more
Nov 8, 2014
(This is my 1st review)

I was looking forward to this show because friends told me how good the manga is & how excited they were about it getting an anime. Tbh I wasn't expecting that much from it but entertainment. Didn't think it would be the anime of the season but still a cool thing to watch !

Story: It starts off with that guy getting mixed blood with a ghoul & becoming some kind of half human / half ghoul dude. That part was ok I guess, you kinda think ghouls are gonna be scary etc since they eat humans. But like every ghoul is read more