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Jun 21, 2011
This movie was terrible!!!! I really like the naruto series and I love what Kishimoto is doing with the manga however this movie seemed to me like it was thrown together quickly. Initially I wanted to watch this anime becasue of the trailers but the movie was a huge dissapointment. I do not suggest watching this movie at all. The story line did not make sense either in comparison to the manga. The other movies at least made sense and you could figure out where in the story this might occur. This was not the case with this movie I ...
Jun 7, 2011
I liked the premise behind this anime especially the fact that it was set in an alternate Japan during the 21st century where the Tokugawa Shogunate is still in power instead of Imperial rule being restored. I like how each character has a name that is related to actual people who existed in the past. One thing about the anime I really enjoyed was the animations. This is the first anime I have ever seen where the animations remind me of a manga, it is a very clever idea. Although the story was clever I think they should have put more ...
Aug 20, 2008
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
Well I recently just finished the anime series Amaenaideyo Katsu, and I have to say, not all anime's that have a second season or more live up to the first season and this one not only lived up to Amaneaideyo but surpassed it on enjoyment and donwright awesome. The same characters show up in this series, and of course just like in the first season, Ikkou is being constantly told not to rely on his strange power and is still being scolded by all the main character girls including Chitose. The main antagonist in this installment is a first year student named Kazuki, and yes ...
Jul 15, 2007
AA! Megami-Sama the movie review by realanimefan.

Ah! My Goddess is a big fan favorite of the past decade or so, and know they have a movie. I recently had the pleasure to enjoy this movie by downloading it, (if u want i can tell u the site) anyway i thought the story meshed really well together and was a good finisher for the first 2 seasons the visuals flowed very good together simular to the series. The problem i had with this one is that compared to the series the art isin\'t near as good as it is in season\'s 1 and 2 which is ...
Jul 15, 2007
Love Hina (Anime) add
Love Hina Review by realanimefan.

"Love Hina" basically, is a romantic comedy. For an idea on what I mean, watch a show such as "Ranma 1/2" or "Tenchi Muyo." If you have seen these shows before, then you should feel very comfortable with the show. "Love Hina" though, takes this genre to a new level, introducing a wide variety of characters, strange situations, a good plot with a lot of twists that will keep you guessing \'til the end, and a countless amount of strange things that seem to happen for absolutely no reason.

"Love Hina" is, simply stating, hilarious. Every episode, you ask yourself, "What will ...
Jul 15, 2007
Full Metal Alchemist: the Conqueror Of Shambala Review by realanimefan

This is a brilliantly written film that works in the tension of post WWI Germany to the plot exceedingly well. The people who wrote this film know their history and their folk lore, using aspects of the Nazi society (including Hitler’s supposed obsession with the occult) to pen an enthralling experience. I went and looked up a number of the references made in the film to find out most of them were real. The setting also leads to lots of character conflict. For instance, Hughs (the Maeyz of our world) is a soldier in Post ...
Jul 13, 2007
Golden Boy (Anime) add
Golden Boy anime review by realanimefan.

First of all, you have to be a little open minded if you want to fully enjoy this story. Second be prepared for some perverted moments. Third, if you\'ve overcome the first two get ready to laugh your butt OFF!!!!

Guys might enjoy this series a lot more than women would, and i being a guy of course enjoyed, no loved this anime series. I found it hilarous and entertaining. The main character Kintaro Oe is one of my favorite anime guys of all time, he seems to be able to say or do the things that all guys think or ...
Jul 13, 2007
Onegai Teacher review by realanimefan.

Well there is an alternative title to this Anime, and Onegai Teacher is the English title, it’s actually Onegai Teichiya. I would actually rate this into my top 5 best watch Animes but since my favourite Animes to watch are romance ones, some of you probably won\'t agree me then but if you are a lover of romantic Animes like me, then you should have a watch of this. This series starts of with a 15 year old boy named Kei Kusanagi who is a normal boy that encountered an UFO as he was relaxing near the ...
Jul 12, 2007
Ah! My Goddess:Sorezore no Tsubasa(Season 2) Review by realanimefan.

I have seen all 22 episodes plus both specials witch were changed from the original manga story but other than the specials the story rang pretty much true to the manga. I thought the anime it self, if you have seen it or not was easy to follow but i don\'t suggest watching season 2 before watching season 1, it was very clear in both english and japenese i thought the drawings and the realism of the anime made it even more enjoyable from that aspect of it.
This anime is a great anime for begginers but has ...

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