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Jul 8, 2010
Mother of god.

My first though when i heard of the first epside being subbed.

As i am reading the manga i don't want to do the "wait until the series is finished" so i started watching episode 1 straight away.

As a fan of the manga. I can proudly say.

I was NOT dissapointed!!!

It's the manga, redone in very nice visuals and with great voice actors that really fit their roles!! The music is great! There was even a remix of 28 days later!!! This is a very realistic portrait of a "would be" zombie apocalypse!

This must be the shortest review i've done but on all aspects read more
Mar 11, 2010
I'll start off with that i have not read the visal novel. This will be a review from someone who just watched an anime adaption without knowledge to its origin. The other review scores on MAL for this anime is such a rollercoaster, you have to make a choice. Is this really worth it to watch? I enjoyed this anime more than i hated it, hence the low overall score. But there are many things about this anime that is good if you count it as "another anime" and not an adaption.

I'll skip the intro and get to the points:


What appears to be a simple read more
Jan 7, 2010
Oretama (Manga) add (All reviews)
Oh man. I had so many good laughs with this one! My Balls is the most original thing i've ever read to this date. And i feel so sorry for the protagonist. Here is why:

So the whole thing starts when one night, our protagonist needs to take a pee. He finds a dark spot in a nearby park but by coincidence an angel was about to finish a spell to lock the demon queen of destruction inside a holy ball. Our protagonist happens to pee on that ball and the demon queen gets sealed inside his balls. So now, our virgin protagonist have the whole read more
Jan 7, 2010
After an epic final in the first season which left me stunned. I was expecting the second season to slow down and turn more romantic. Found out i am right, but the mercantile stuff is still going strong and there is even a merchant duel on par with death note quality. Backstabbing and market values etc. It all returns in its great glory!

At start, the first episode gave me an impression of "Hmm... it's turned soft." But at the same time it was nice too see the cute side of our heroes. But it doesn't take long before they leave the town in episode 2 read more
Jan 6, 2010
I'll try and avoid going into fanboy mode because this anime turned out to be my best watch ever!

In a nutshell; A traveling merchant, after visiting a town to buy some wheat from. Happen to find out that a girl have snuck into his cart. But this is no ordinary girl. She is the wolf godess of harvest in her human form. After turn of events and bargains they accompany each other to an adventure that will take them to several cities and alot of drama!

In my opinion. Medieval times with a focus on mercantile like open market, coin values, trading and haggling just can't read more
Dec 26, 2009
Momiji (Anime) add (All reviews)
May not be suitable for minors

Momiji is one of those "Maid who serves her master" hentai, usually filled with torture, BDSM and abusing. While Momiji features BDSM, it's only for a little while. It's mostly abusal and public sex. So if BDMS & torture is a turn off don't look away this one yet. Just skip it as there is no story telling going on at all in this.

7 minutes into this and you get a good picture of what you are about to get into. We meet Momiji, a girl lacking a will of her own who have accepted to be one of Kazuto's read more
Dec 17, 2009
May not be suitable for minors (This is hentai after all. Adult stuff, not for minors!)
Karakuri Ninja Girl is one of those hentai series that don't really have a plot(which hentai does anyway?). But focuses on comedy instead. And that is what this show basicly is: A funny lighthearted erotic comedy about a couple who enjoys sex indoor and outdoor, being watched and just wanting to live their happy dream in the city.

"La Blue Girl" comes into mind, as it also has ninjas and sex in it. but don't worry. Karakuri Ninja Girl is not hardcore and does not feature tentacles or rape or anything read more