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Sep 10, 2017
Preliminary (2/? chp)
A friend linked this to talk about how bad everything about it seemed just from the summary and the original title of the LN. I decided to read the first chapter to see how it is and ho boy I wasn't prepared for just how shitty this series is.

An important part of any series is the protagonist: They should be enjoyable, and in most cases they have positive traits readers can appreciate, like loyalty, honesty or even just being a reliable and kind person. This protagonist is not enjoyable or likable. His utter obsession with virginity and not having anything to do with "used ...
Sep 1, 2016
Variante (Manga) add
I decided to read Variante on a whim and it was an entertaining read. Nothing groundbreaking or particularly original, but it was certainly entertaining and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a bloody horror manga that is driven by the characters.

The art is solid with a distinctive style that has aged well - Sugimoto makes each of the central characters look distinct and unique and does a stellar job drawing Aiko's arm, the Chimera and all the gore that comes along with them. I believe the art shines best when drawing the monstrous enemies and in the characters' expressions, all of which suit the ...
Aug 11, 2016
Preliminary (22/24 chp)
If you're looking for a horror manga with nice art and gore, you might enjoy this manga. If you're looking for a horror manga with decently written characters along with nice art and gore, pass this one over. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS AND MENTIONS OF RAPE/SEXUAL ASSAULT, so don't read the rest if you want to avoid those.

The premise isn't anything unique (and its certainly not fleshed out beyond 'avoid the killer giant insects') but it's enjoyable for what it is, and its evident at least some research went into the various species included which is nice. The art is nicely done and there's an ...

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