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Jan 27, 2020
Upon rewatching the anime, it's not as interesting or engaging. It's not something I really look forward to every month. It's become more of a romcom involving whether Ren and Kyoko will get together.

After the Dark Moon saga, my enjoyment has been waning. The acting challenges haven't been as exciting as they initially were. I have read every chapter. Luckily, the chapters themselves are quick page turners. I think the focus has been more on Ren, who I think is frankly boring. He becomes interesting/more tolerable when he is with Kyoko. I'm talking about chapters of chapters focusing more on Ren. I'm not invested read more
Jan 13, 2020
What plot? This is a slice-of-life romance.

I really enjoyed season 1. What I liked about season 1 was its balance of slice of life and friendship along with the glacial pacing of Kazehaya and Sawako. There was a lot of character development with Sawako coming out of her shell and her opening up to others. Chizu and Ayane took the forefront. The comedy was balanced. I swear by season 1 I wish Sawako got that he tried asking her out. He did midway in episode 1. I wish he had just confessed at the end. It would have been better pacing wise.

Best way read more
Jan 8, 2020
"If you laugh from the bottom of your heart, find something that moves you,
no one's going to blame you."

This is what Orange should have been. This is the vastly superior version of Orange & Bokura ga Ita.

I went in thinking this was going to be stereotypical and predictable. I was wrong. I found this from people dissing Say I Love You, which was boring.

I wish I had watched this while I was in college. For anyone who has ever tried to fit in, this was me. Futaba is a girl who first starts off having fake friends. It really goes well into the psychology read more
Jan 6, 2020
If Avatar the Last Airbender morphed into a shoujo anime where Zuko is a girl.

What happened?

Watching episode 15. Animation doesn't move, especially in the fight scenes. There isn't a sense of suspense or dire consequence.

It initially starts off as a suspense. Yona's father is killed by Yuwon and there are suspenseful fight scenes. But then the story meanders once they have to find the next bishounen/dragon, I mean. Then it seems to morph into a Furuba/slice-of-life. They are just wandering to find the next bishounen.

The characters are flat, up to episode 15. Getting stronger doesn't really make a character dynamic. Yona grows and becomes read more
Dec 9, 2019
I had started rewatching Inuyasha to see if nostalgia holds up. I can say I enjoy Inuyasha when it doesn't try to be too serious. Plot wise it started off pretty straight forward but then by Final Act I wish it hadn't grown so convoluted. SPOILERS ALERT:

THE JEWEL CAN TALK and sounds like a robotic man.

Once I got to the part where Naraku is able to be like a sea algae and regenerate himself and create too many clones, my interest in Naraku and the plot waned. I was just watching for the characters which I adore to interact with each other, for the comedic read more
Jul 27, 2019
If Mari Okada had written a Spring Awakening of high school girls that look like they're fresh out of middle school. If that isn't cringey enough, one of girls tries to make a move on their teacher. The idea and premise sounds good for the high school genre as most of the stories out there seem too wholesome, but the dialogue and character interactions are too cringeworthy and borderline overly dramatic. Neither the dialogue nor the character interactions seem believable, like the two girls who have to constantly exclaim "Tomo!" meaning true friend multiple times in one episode. I went in thinking it would have read more
Jun 20, 2019
If you are familiar with Mari Okada as a screenwriter, then you've seen or heard of Anohana, Anthem of the Heart or Hanasaku Iroha. She tends to write strong character driven dramas. Mari Okada's attempt at fantasy is just like Goro Miyazaki's Tales from Earthsea. It falls flat. Her writing is most engaging when she is able to pull from parts of her life, like she does with Jintan from Anohana.

The reason this falls flat compared to Anohana or Anthem of the Heart is due to how emotionally flat the characters/cast are. There are too many characters among the main cast. In addition, there read more
Jun 11, 2019
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
What would you do if you were given another chance to relive a year of high school? What if you were given the opportunity to change the way you've lived out your life? It starts out simple, but grows from that initial proposition. This is a seinen/josei manga that takes place in a stereotypical high school setting.

All the relationships, friendships included, progress naturally. The characters are super relatable. Romance is not the integral focus of the manga. Kaizaki and Hishiro are chosen to participate in the ReLife program. They confront the similar dynamics of their prior work relationships in their ReLifes as students. It read more
Jun 9, 2019
A letdown from the first season due to not having enough episodes. As a prior anime only watcher, scenes didn't transition smoothly. Cuts were made that felt rather clunky. It wasn't as emotionally engaging as season 1. A lot of the manga was cut out. What remained is melodrama for 3 out of the 4 episodes concerning our two MCs: whether or not they will get together. The OVA did animate the last chapters of the manga, but chose the more melodramatic/boring chapters.

If the first half was dedicated mostly to Kaizaki, then a second half would have been dedicated to Hishiro-san and her past read more
Jun 8, 2019
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
We tend to overlook our time in education, whether it be our pivotal times in high school, college, and post-college like graduate school even. We think that graduating, getting the degree and finding the job will guarantee financial or emotional security and none else matters. It's just going to your job and just doing your work as you have done years and years through school. This anime really allows you to look deeper into your pivotal time in education and not dismiss those years in your life. Because it seems our society doesn't value our time in education. I remember when I was going to read more