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Jan 2, 2021
''Pain doesn't hurt, when it's all you've ever felt''

A story many people will call a masterpiece, some others disturbing, and others just pass it as another old gory anime. However what made me sit and down and wrote this review is not the bloody mess and or the people hating on it. I'm not going to spoil much of the show,I'm just giving out my review and opinion!

The story is about Lucy, a pretty pink haired diclonius girl,a very special human with invisible arms. Lucy was being kept in a special prison surrounded by ocean. Due to her ''specialty'' she was being kept there since read more
Sep 10, 2019
probably the cutest stories you'll ever read..

This manga is about a playful and adorable cute cat who gets rescued by a boy and takes it to his house,and we see their adorable and funny scenarios on the simple joys of their everyday lifes~
Aside from that this is a slice of life and comedy manga.. i absolutely love this manga!

Very short slides with a lot of chapters,i enjoyed them all! Kyuu-chan is just too adorable and sweet~

The art is great too,it has a very unique aesthetic style to it,with it's simple nude and pink colours which makes the characters pop and makes them adorable no matter read more
Sep 6, 2019
"If I die first, I want you to die, too. If you fail, just keep trying. Don't let me down. Ever."

Woah,first review.

I remember hearing about Killing Stalking for the first time from a friend who was obsessed with romance yaoi manga ... I did my research the next day and there it was. What an interesting manhwa i said to myself..
I don't read yaoi, but i found this one very different and interesting from any manhwa or yaoi stories out there. I will be spoiling some stuff.


So now we have Killing Stalking, a very twisted story about YoonBum,a boy who likes another boy and read more