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Apr 18, 2021

*Very Minor Spoilers*

Nande Koko Ni Sensei Ga: The romance anime, set in a school mass hiring paedophilic teachers with the most profound dumb (un)luck? The anime that puts teacher and student in situations that defy all sense of logic and realism to convey an almost non existent story, but oh wait! There is boobies!

Story 2/10
Nande koko ni sensei ga is yet another fetish show this time on taboo relationships - Teacher X Student. Three dense main characters and a shota embark on their thrilling quest to confess love to their teachers. That's the entire plot so how can they make that interesting in 12 read more
Feb 15, 2021
This is maybe my 5th time reposting this

This is my first review so bear with me, any criticism is helpful!

First of all I want to mention this is from a critical stand point. I will be judging the story, how the characters are written and also the concept and why I think ANIME like this shouldn't be created. Also I am not sensitive and this didn't disturb me before you use that as criticism for my low score. Now onto the review.

Story 1/10

Redo of a healer is a revenge story about a healer in a fantasy world who relives his life to get revenge read more