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RSNBLMN Aug 29, 3:43 AM
Your monogatari tier list is pretty much perfect imo, im glad to see someone else rating ougi so high! I might, though, have put sengoku maybe one row higher; i think her twist and development was one of my absolute favourite things about mono s2 and gives her at least as much weight and significance as characters like kaiki and oikura
Rimzyy Aug 11, 1:56 AM
You’re monogatari tier list is great and I agree with a lot of the answers... however how well do you think the majority of the characters fair against others from different series? I honestly think if I had a list with tons of other characters from other series I could put at least 8 monogatari characters in the S tier. Maybe more. Its just like all of them are amazing its so difficult to rank them. (Also I didn’t really like Hitagi in the beginning but in second season she became amazing, so I would have to put her A tier. Just personal opinion)
EnigmaLXXXVIII Aug 10, 6:18 AM
Hey guy, how have ya been?
Prottoy Aug 8, 10:30 PM
Zaregoto da
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 13, 3:23 PM
It was actually a consistently enjoyable run. I noticed a lot of things I didn't at first, like how the animation wasn't as good as I thought, and how great the OPs and EDs were in comparison to the actual OST. I bumped the visuals down to a 6, because sometimes the show looked good, but other times it looked undeniably average. The sound was about a 7, 'cause I liked every OP and ED, and the OST itself was definitely above average (6). Characters were about a 6 overall, with pretty much every major character getting a 6 from me, with some getting a 5 for being troupes. Rem was the only real exception to this rule, earning a solid 7. Story was also a 6, in that it could get repetitive, but overall did make coherent sense, just the explanations for some of the stuff felt kinda tacked on. There were some small holes here and there, but they weren't detrimental. My enjoyment could have been a 7, but the 13th episode and some of the parts where Subaru was acting like an idiot definitely pissed me off. Overall, pretty much every category was above average, but there was never an aspect that really stood out to me that much other than the great OPs and EDs. I would crown this as the most "current anime" anime, if you will. It pretty much integrates everything modern anime aspires to be: being edgy, having cute girls, and having a relatable-enough protagonist that feels different enough, but not too different. Overall, a 6.

As for the OVA, it was a 5. Nothing stood out to me, but nothing really offended me either.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 9, 7:52 PM
I'm kinda the same, but I only recently started watching animu. I'm mostly re-watching because of the switch the more critical mindset I've been working myslef into, and I just think some of my current preferences don't reflect well in my older inflated scores.

Hellsing is a lot of fun if you can look past it's flaws. The plot is so bad it could be called good, but still suffers from being completely inexplicable when it comes to how things come about. The cast in the story is probably one of my favorites, the art, while ugly, carries it's own cool charm that can't be found anywhere else (aside from Drifters, a series from the same artist), and the sound from Ultimate is an undisputed 10, in my opinion. Funnily enough, both Hellsing adaptation have been graced with 10 OSTs, in my opinion. The OST from the 2003 iteration boasts a 42 track collection packed to the brim with music filled with such cool and edgy character. I always love to credit the original with the OST that literally had a song for any emotion, which is a belief I hold strong to. Ultimate's OST, while not as emotional and and expressive as it's predecessor, posses an arsenal of simply well-produced orchestral, BGMs, and even some Jazz every once and a while. It's expansive in 6 discs, which include the great EDs, since Ultimate has no OP.

Anyway, check out Ultimate when you have time to watch it all together, because each episode adapts 1 volume of the manga, making each episode about 50 minutes in length.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 9, 7:27 PM
Yeah, it was one of my first anime, and I remember enjoying it a lot. Going back and watching the first ep has made me question my earlier self.

So, are you going to be on a quest to re-watch all the stuff from earlier in your anime viewing time?

Also, have you ever considered watching the Hellsing series? It's very good.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 9, 5:29 PM
Hey bro! Just wondering what you though of Re:Zero, since I'm re-watching it now. I know many people hated the shit out of it, but wondering what you think of it.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 7, 8:32 AM
Hmm... well, I did just finish The Garden of Sinners, and I really liked it. It's about a 7 overall from me.

I just went into this with one of my other friends, but it pretty much goes like this: It lacks a strong narrative and sometimes strong characters. This is mostly because there isn't a cohesive or running plot point for the series to carry, and that's mostly because every episode is a time skip.The main couple's romance is super subtle and slow, so most of the rom-com people won't be too happy, and some of the concepts themselves might come across as too boring and ultimately pointless. I honestly liked the concepts and their presentation, but it's really a matter of if you're willing to sit through 11+ hours of a series with some inconsistencies. The atmosphere is similar to fate/zero and Heaven's feel, but has an added twist in that it's a thriller and a mystery. A word of warning first: episodes 5 and 8 while slightly important, suck. 8 is more bearable if you take it for what it is, but it can still come across as pretentious.

Anyway, the visuals and sound are totally smacks though. Visuals start out at about a 8 for me, but improved to a 9 by the end of the series, while the sound varies at about a 7 and 8, which feature some very good ufotable material.

Anyway, I think you should go watch it for the good romance, visuals, and sound, if for nothing else.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 6, 5:43 PM
Well, when it comes down to it, I like Ougi the most for this reason: what she represents. Ougi is based of the psychological concept of the "shadow", or your opposite self. I constantly find myself in interaction with this side of myself whenever I make decisions that impact other people around me. She is perfectly indifferent, and that's because we've seen Ougi go through any means necessary to accomplish a given task, whether it means helping people, or manipulating them. Her voice actor does a great job of creating an unsettling atmosphere whenever Ougi is around, and is one of my favorites throughout the series. In my opinion, she is the best written character in the story. Also, I really love her androgynous design that can still come as feminine, subsequently making her best grill of the series for me as well.

Kaikii is similar to Ougi in that he is indifferent, but he's also great due to the philosophy he created, lives by, and puts into action. His ideology of the "fake vs real" is great because he technically can add value to anything. He sees the value in things people would generally dismiss just because it's a replica, or copied. People fr too often are concerned with things like that, and I think that the philosophy is legitimately applicable to real life. Also, his personality of a con-man is also quite original, and allows for some of the greatest interactions in the series, imao. Also, his character design has always been up there for me.

As for Shinobou. She's pretty much second-to-best-grill in the series, and that because of her general interactions with other characters. She's been around the block (way more than) a few times, and is quite knowledgeable about everything, and her arc in Kizu really cemented her character as somewhat human, even though she wasn't anymore. Getting tired after repeating the same thing for so long she went to death, only at the last minute to ask for help. The relationship they form, being bound by one and other is interesting, because they hate each-other after the events of Golden week. The reconciliation they make is subtle, but by Zoku, you can see they've accepted each-other's apologies.

Anyway, those are some of the broad reasons I like those characters so much.

So, have you ever watched any of the Fate/ series, or anything by Type-Moon?
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 6, 5:13 PM

I would pretty much agree with all that. Monogatari is a series that can't really be taken at face value ever, because there is always something lurking underneath. The characters for example, are all pretty much nuanced troupes, and to some capacity, even self-aware about it. I also love how the series every once in a while will send us a complete anomaly our way, like Ougi and Kaikii. The series itself, if you think about it is completely structured this way. Things like the "specialists" are different than most renditions of that troupe in monster stories in that they are completely indifferent to the main character, and really are doing their job and only that. I'm just a fan in general of every rendition of the story as well.

SHAFT's adaptations are probably some of the greatest, when it comes to putting a twist on the sources material. The visual direction of the series is part of the narrative, which is something not many shows set out to do. It's simplistic nature is even present in the music, with most of it being fairly simplistically constructed songs that have a very good longevity to them, despite usually just repeating the same notes over and over. It all ties in with the anti-surface-level the show is based on, and that's something I truly value with the series.

Anyway, what are your favorite characters and why? Mine are in this order: Ougi, Kaikii, and Shinobou.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 6, 4:34 PM
So, what is it exactly that you like about the Monogatari series? Is it your favorite franchise?
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 6, 4:15 PM
Mind an FR?
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 6, 3:35 PM
Ougi on the top three of a Monoatari character tier list???

I N S T A - C H A D
FMmatron Jun 6, 10:12 AM
You're welcome, always to get smile when I stumble upon it.