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Gokucchi Aug 23, 2:24 AM
Just finished all Monogatari series, gotta say it's really good. Characters were developing nicely and one of my top 10 animes for sure. Kiss-Shot is sooooo cool, that scene when she cried was gotta say touching, and can't wait to see the next movie, 'tho it's aired already. Don't know but I liked Occult Club and Gaen and friends. xD Shaft made the legendary one that's for sure, and tbh every anime Sunrise made is one of the legendary, Gintama for example. xD

Indeed, just finishing Gintama first season and gotta say, it's hillarious haha. Steins;Gate is one of my favorite mysteries so I can recommend you if you like that genre.

Indeed, compared to IS it's like a hentai, but if they aired DxD then HxH won't be a problem. Japan usually air what they feel like, they want to please their audience. It's a matter of fact if they want to stream it overseas. Prison School is really ecchi and it had the best animation out there, their ecchi is the best if you ask me. xD

You don't have much to watch, even after S2 is ended it's not long, you can save if for later or something.

She's not dead, but her death was planned even 'tho she survived in the end, but she's not appearing anymore... Indeed, Kaneki has one of the greatest character development I've seen. xD 'tho I mean Arima is stronger than Kaneki... but he still gave his title to him, I respected Arima but he's way more better now. Well compared to 1vs1 immediate, then Kaneki would die many times, Arima had no plans on killing him, even 'tho Kaneki overpowered him in the end that was all planned. Indeed, when you think about it, if they don't make two new seasons then...

You're name's gonna be Gon, and am gonna be gone. The policy of great Ging haha. xD Indeed, Ging is indeed one of the strongest, the reason he isn't fighting is probably that. I think his mom won't appear I mean every scene is about Ging and Gon's flashbacks so maybe his mom will just be in a flashback as a normal women. xD

Villians have their goal and would do anything to archive that, so if it's trusting someone or betraying then... Makishima wanted to play with his wannabe subordinates like he did with that girl in that private school. Overall he had his friends can't deny that, in the end everyone died... Aizen's motive isn't clear yet and Bleach is over, what a villain... his goal to kill Soul King... I think that's just a fluke... xD

Oh it aired eh? Need to watch it then, 'tho I won't ask, I know it's badass haha. xD So Izaya is here, that's good to know, need some of his troll to fix my mood. xD

Well they can make movie about it but feels like Mirai Nikki is kinda old to remake it right now, I mean that's the reason why it should get a remake but don't know really. Don't know how can they continue it when OVA was absolution. Yuki ended up with Yuno and they lived happily ever after... Yeah, it's their anime after all.

Yeah, there will probably be his backstory so am glad there's something like that 'tho. If he can master his Goodspeed then no one can stand against his attack, not even Chrollo. Killua is the fastest even among the strongest characters with his Goodspeed so imagine that in 10 years from then. He may be like Levi, just Hisoka smiles instead of being serious. Indeed, 'tho I respected Pitou in the end, she was way loyal. *^*

It's really cool, Avilio is so vangeful, reminds me of Kurapika haha. Overall things are getting intense now, Fango is now one of the main characters. If you expect him to lower his status of revenge then forget about it, he's like Sasuke in 91 Days if I can call him like that. xD

He supposedly died, but that can't be truth, I mean we all now Cross well haha. xD Indeed, I had to visit wiki many times, but am fine for now, I get to see Kanda's backstory and am really satisfied with it and next episode is gonna be with a fight. Yeah, 'tho I feel sorry for Edward and his wife, Four took him to his dead wife... 14th kinda looks badass. Wait wait wait, Mana was Earl, I thought he was his brother.. I mean didn't that happen? Am kinda confused, didn't read the manga for it... maybe you're right then. Need to visit wikia again. 14th wants to kill Earl and take his place as the next Earl, that's what he said last time he appeared.

Yeaaaah, Kazui is so cute and Ichika is just as well. There can be so much more to Bleach featuring them both as main characters. Kazui is gonna be really strong, I mean having powers of one of the strongest human and the strongest Shinigami, ahem and a Quincy... Chad is going to WWE haha. xD Wanted to see Ishida with someone... I like Rukia, she's cute and her Bankai is one o my favorites. Indeed haha, he and Naruto have those dad-new-haircut. xD Wow, they're so pretty then, 'tho I wanted to see Urahara and the others, atleast one more chapter if nothing. :3

Yamaji is just so badass, his Bankai could destroy Seireitei... what an epic character. Yeah, Kisuke's bankai is badass, Benihime is cool. Yeah....I heard... I hoped for second season or atleast OVA or something like that... I mean they could make live-action movie... Indeed... I thought Bleach can return to his former glory but oh well... we'll see if movie can be good as the Bleach was.

Gokucchi Aug 23, 1:47 AM
No need for worries, just reply when you can. :3
Can't wait for second movie 'tho. *^*
Yeah, I was kinda surprised to hear that...
Oh well, I'll still need to watch it. xD
Reminds me so much of Izaya. xD
Hisoka is strong, very strong, but Chollo seems like he's the strongest. :o
Gokucchi Aug 9, 2:46 AM
Ops, I stuttered hehe. :3
Me neither, but I love all the openings and endings, there weren't much but I like them all. :3
Haha, oh well, you have Rei as kuudere. Still nothing? xD
Let's hope for it soon.
I need to watch some romance now, I will after Monogatari series, to relax of all this action. xD
Illumi is just there to troll and enjoy. He's just strong. xD
Indeed, he's wants to be acknowledged by him or something like that.
Gokucchi Aug 9, 2:43 AM
It's one of the most famous animes outta there, it may be weird but it's as good as how much it's weird. I like the animation even if it's from 2009, Bakemonogatari was quite exeptional, I really like it. Still need to watch the movies, just finished Nekomonogatari and like Hanekawa now even more, Black Hanekawa hehe. Shaft didn't make that much like JC or IG but it's really good for what they have now. White Fox made Re:Zero so I expected to be like that. xD Alright, don't know if you're gonna hate it after manga but if you don't wanna start it then it's okay, it's medieval so you may not like it that much. :3

Gintama has comedy in the beginning but it's serious later, that's what I like about it. That's true haha. If you want mystery that can rival Steins;Gate then it's good. :3

Well you will always have tsundere in harems, that's about it. But it all depends whether MC will like her or not. xD So it's mostly for fanservice as I thought isn't it? xD That sounds so tempting bro, makes me wanna watch it ASAP haha. xD Hahaha, that's so true, story is supporting character there haha. Ichika is indeed dense like every harem MC outta there. Prison School may take ecchi to another level but it's as good as Vice's boobs haha. xD

Indeed, but I just can't wait to see more and as I expected Subaru got defeated, Souma is just powerful, can't wait for his Shokugeki versus hardcore tsundere Erina. :3

Even 'tho she killed for fun she's still badass to me, she was smart and sadly that clown killed her. *^* Really? Well that's true, only first manga is popular in Oricon so I can understand the fans. Kaneki is the next One Eyed King right? So am sure he's gonna do something and he's strong, not strong as Arima but stronger than others. If Bleach gets anime then we're gonna see Tokyo Ghoul next year, 'tho they said it's gonna be in January as I recall correctly. Well but I would love to see Kaneki end up with Touka, and Ayato and Hinami, they're so kawaii together.

He's just as powerful as... well don't know with who to compare. He beat Razor without breaking a sweet and as I could see Razor isn't that weak. Well the more we wait for Ging the more badass he will become later in manga and hopefully in new season that's too come, Madhouse won't disappoint us hehe. Indeed, his mom may be OP or not.

He isn't the smartest villain that's for sure, but he was in Psycho Pass haha. Well being a villain and trusting too much is like water and fire, but it's not like he didn't trust anyone, he had some subordinates, like that closed eyes-Gin Ichimaru like-guy, but overall Makishima was alone. Well on August 22 we're gonna see the ending and it's taking longer than usual to finish that last chapter so it may be a big surprise. :O

Since Dufufufu is about Shizuo then Izaya must appear it's just a matter of time, I mean they're duo, it's like hamburger without burger. xD Really? It aired? Or just PV? :3

Well we can't hope for remake or second season since it's finished, but overall I can't say I didn't like it, for every thing Yuki did wrong, there was Yuno to make things better and that's what I liked about it. Well changing Mirai Nikki wouldn't be that good, it wasn't perfect but am satisfied with it. :3

Yeah, it's just friendly request, he wrote story about Hisoka just for fun and since he now HxH mangaka. Yeah, I mean he's 12, imagine him returning 10 years later, it's like Meruem Zoldyck haha. Now that you said it, maybe Hisoka is lonely, I mean he doesn't show it, he's strong when it comes to emotion but maybe he just want others to recognize his strength? Yeah, I mean Gon was so strong that his form beat Pitou easily.

Indeed, I think he won't be able to kill Nero and become friends instead. I think Don Vanetti will die, that's kinda inevitable and Avilio is probably gonna learn the truth that they had no intention of killing Lagusa family. For now Avilio is smart and badass, 'tho we're gonna see what will happen between them and Fango. I like Corteo, he's kinda cool. Haha, well I would forget what I was watching so am fine with these 8 for now. I used to watch only one so it's perfect for me. xD

That's true, all the generals going into fight, Cross Marian is just badass and his gun too. It's kinda confusing in Hallow but I can follow it nicely know after visiting wiki. Lenalee is just sweet and she's even more cute in Hallow. Didn't know Kanda was 2nd Exorcist as well, he must have some hidden power as he was strong enough to rip Alma to shreds. *^* 14th looks so badass when he's in Allen's mind. Indeed, atleast Ichigo and Naruto weren't having those struggles all the time, but eventually 14th may be a good guy later, I mean he still wants to kill Earl so who knows.

Yeah, I completely forgot about movie. You think they will make Thousand Blood War arc into a movie about skipping some stuff? Ahhh, I want another season. *^* Kisuke is just badass, his bankai especially, but nothing beats Zanka no Tachi, RIP Yamaji. *^* He will, he will, let's just have hope. *^*
Gokucchi Aug 6, 1:17 AM
That's Araragi? :3
It's weird alright, but soundtracks are badass. Well as long as there is one.
Haha, she's tsundere, that's why right? xD
Ahhh, I know how you feel, but oh well, don't worry about it. xD
Yeah, well usually those mainstream shounens have really cool romance even if it's not much, it's epic and touching. *^*
Haha, that's Illumi for you haha. xD But he's strong that's for sure.
Yeah, he doesn't care much about them, but he kinda respect them, I mean can't find other reason why he joined.
Gokucchi Aug 6, 1:15 AM
I had planned for Monogatari for so long and right now I started it. It's really cool and it can be confusing at times it's still good, so I hope it's gonna be better. It's a long anime like you said but oh well I started so I can finish it as well. Re:Zero may be mainstream, but it's a new animes so maybe later it's gonna change who knows. :3 Claymore is good, it's not mainstream at all, I mean I know manga isn't, but anime isn't as that good as manga but it's still nice. :3

I needed some comedy after intense action and Gintama is just for me, 'tho there are action scenes but still. Gosick isn't long so you can decide whenever you want! ^^

Since I like harems, having fanservice here is like a dessert haha, but overall ofc I would love to see good story itself. Yeah haha. It will, I mean last season was a cliffhanger, just when things started to get more intense and stuff and it's over. I like IS more since it's not fanservice like HxH, atleast I like the story there more if nothing hehe. Prison School may be ecchi, but the comedy there is just top notch, reviews out there were like that. Well when you read it sometimes then... :3

Well every Souma episode till now is just about Shokugekis and stuff, so every character has it's spotlight, that's really cool. Bleach is having important announcement after the last chapter that it's gonna publish on August 22, I hope it's anime. :3

When it comes to everything, Rize is prettiest there if you ask me, and tbh that's one of the primary reasons that I like her haha. xD Didn't read :re but my friend told me about it and about that One Eyed King thing, Kaneki being something else now, 'tho I didn't want to reveal the details, even 'tho am fond of spoilers. xD Yeah, Ayato is indeed tsundere, but he's my favorite character hehe. He goes so well with Hinami. Shuu is indeed weird haha, but oh well, I didn't hate him, just thought he was weird from the moment I saw him in anime. Yeah, Arima is just... wanted more of him. When it comes to development Kaneki's is the greatest. :O

He had help, but his idea was to make Greed Island and he's quite skilled, well anime didn't reveal much but I think he's just over powered if you ask me. Maybe he would lose to Meruem, but thinking about Ging he's cunning and very smart, assuming Chairman Elections. I would like to see more of her, but that's only in manga I think.

There is that reason why Sybil wanted his brain. Makishima was just the smartest there. His past made him not to trust people much, or am just assuming that, but he's cunning and using people to his advantage he's really a badass villain, that's why I also like Aizen haha. xD Hope for more Psycho Pass.

He's just that antagonist that you can't hate no matter how much he trolls, well we're have to satisfy our desire with Dufufufu for now. xD

I only think that Yuki was cool in the end, but he needed to cry and craze over that to become cool...ah... well he may not be one of the best MCs, but Yuno is definitelly there haha. Every other character would develop the story quite well, aside from Yuki. xD Well just imagine having another yandere besides Yuno as MC. Well that would be quite interesting to see.

Well we're yet to see about Hisoka's past, and it makes it so more tempting since he's already a cool character. Killua will be the strongest Zoldyck if he can perfect his Godspeed. Hate is definitelly there but also respect, I mean why would be other reason why Hisoka wants to fight with Chrollo? He respect him and that's why Hisoka wants to fight with him, alongside Gon who's yet to develop.

Yeah, and he even said so, but it looks like only he knows about it. But I like Avilio so much, one of the cool avangers in anime. Corteo will support Avilio that's for sure, but it's up to Avilio. Can't wait to see Nero and Avilio fight. Well you can settle with 2 or 3 animes and follow only them, I was like that too, but I can follow 8 of them, like the story so it's hard to forget hehe.

I forgot about old DGM, so I just reminded myself of some details about who's 14th and about Mana, and that's about it. 2nd and 3rd exorcist and stuff like that. When Allen switch to 14th, that scene is just epic. Well last episode was quite intense and I think it started. Yeah, it's what last 20 episode of first DGM were about, and more Noah are revealed.

Yeah, can't wait for that, hope for new anime based on that announcement. Yeah, he returned in the end, that was badass, and as expected he's the strongest hehe. Just read about some facts and Kisuke was originaly supposed to be villain instead of Aizen, where he would die instead of faking his death. :3 AIZEN FTW!!!
Gokucchi Jul 27, 1:49 AM
Nice new pic. :3
That's true, and Gon looks rather weird in old version so am sticking to 2011 one. Overall am waiting for sequel so just praying haha. xD
I will watch some that are recommended like Neon Genesis, but overall am all for the new animation. xD
Yeah, I thought she was gonna die, but last scene confirmed it all. *______________*
I cried on that scene, really deserve to be called King, finding someone who isn't afraid of him and dying together. T ^T
Haha, Illumi's expression is always the same, so can't really understand him haha. xD
Only Phantom Troupe is closest to him. xD Machi especially. :3
Gokucchi Jul 27, 1:45 AM
I have so many stuff to watch but don't know where to start, looks like am gonna try with Monogatari series, looks kinda good. Claymore is really good, and fighting there and all the story behind it is just wrecking, it's not as popular as One Piece manga or Haikyuu or something like that but it's one of favorites and would recommend to anyone to read it. ^^ Anime is off in the end, but it's still good. ^^ I finished all mainstream animes, just to know what others are talking about. xD

Gintama is all for the comedy and some serious later arcs, that's why I started it and Gosick is just lovely with their MC hehe. ^^

If you want fanservice then Gakuen HxH deserves it, but overall DxD is better for me, it had a great story, demons and stuff which I kinda like and girls there are just badass, hope there will be more of it. :3 For IS that's true, didn't see any major villains that can disturb the peace there but overall it wasn't bad, they had that usual fighting robot style like in Gakuen HxH. Second part of Prison School is way better than first, am saying this since I read the manga and I gotta say USC will be going through a lot of change, well overall 2nd season is more fun. xD

I did spoiled myself too haha, know the winner of this selection but am gonna watch it since Souma will beat that "pride taking knife" dude, the name I don't know. xD Manga is more developed that's why am gonna read it after Bleach. :3 Nanatsu MC is indeed like Zeus but am still to watch it. xD

Well tbh, the reasons I like Rize are: she's purple haired, bishouju, loves to have fun, megane ahem. Eto is indeed cool too, but you hate Touka right, she was tsundere in the beginning? xD Am still yet to read :re but my friend is telling me the details and One Eyed King is revealed right? I wasn't surprised to see who it was but am glad it was them buwahaha. :3 I always liked Ayato so am glad he's still alive and Hinami too, if she didn't die yet. Shuu is indeed dere master in Tokyo Ghoul. xD Haha, no worries, I can understand why Arima isn't liked much, but I like him. That's true, Kaneki is developing so much, more than One Piece's story. xD

Something is telling me that Ging is way more powerful than Netero, he created the Greed Island and stuff, he just knows everything. He's explored and likes to find new stuff, but there must be some primary goal that drives him this much. *^* Netero couldn't defeat Meruem, so I think Ging would be in rough position. He's to lazy haha. xD Am curious too, maybe she's was Nen user too? :O

Like Makishima's book of wisdom haha, I would like to read that haha. xD Maybe he just wanted to change the current present since he's thinking that's for the best? Well there are tons of theories that people are making, but overall he did his job as villain, and Kougami will remember him just like he did in the movie. Allies you say? That's a nice question gotta say... I think some part of him was lonely, he did mention something like then when he was talking to himself. I think he did have some allies but not as real as he could trust them, or he just didn't want to get involved. Makishima is a real mistery, some spinoff about his motives would be helpful. *^*

Haha, Izaya would troll them if they're ending the series there haha. xD But overall I think there are more of the books or mangas there so they may adapt it. Gotta laugh with some trolling again. :3

That's so true, Yukiteru isn't good MC, 'tho atleast we saw yandere queen right? 'tho if there was other MC then things would go completely different way, so that's also a problem for Mirai Nikki. Shizuo would say I don't like fighting and kicked their asses again haha. xD Overall it was supposed to be a drama with Yukki suffering much, but Drrr cast there would make it comedy right? xD

Well he has a surname, Morow, so that must mean something, he did have a family and what happened to them is a mistery, or he still have them. Indeed, he just wants to fight, that's all but there must be something else, people like him 'cause he's....Hisoka, nothing more. xD Killua is Zoldyck and eventually will be the strongest one, his bloodlust controlling is something on different level. They will fight, so am curious who will win. Chrollo is indeed scary dude fighting Zoldyck himself. *^*

Yeah, when he killed Clemente, woah that was so vangeful. :O Killers? Wasn't it Angelo? Or was that just a fluke? I think only Corteo found out in the end that Angelo killed him when he smilled like that. Can't wait to see what will happen next and that knife dude. Overall Vanetti is full of mysteries. Handa-kun is just hillarious haha. xD Taboo Tattoo is really cool when it comes to fighting and that MC (Blueasy Fruesy) is just bae if you ask me, my top 10 soon enough hehe. ^^

13 episodes isn't much, can't put any real good battle, 'tho I think it will continue, if only Hallow is cliffhanger. Yeah, but we just know Allen must do something so he doesn't become the Noah. Mana is also full of mysteries, but it's revealing nicely. It will, it will, atleast that's what director said. ^^

Aizen ftw, his motives ain't clear yet but he as villain and manipulator is quite impressive. Yeah, his bankai isn't revealed yet, so imagine what would he do if he was using bankai vs. Gotei 13. *^* Soifon is cute, she may not be that popular but she's all moe. ^o^ Yeah, haha, well never doubted you haha. xD Rukia as you seen in Fade to Black is supposed to be a main villain in Bleach, but Tite removed he (Bleach fact). :3
Gokucchi Jul 19, 1:25 AM
Well original series aren't interesting as 2011 one. But still it's not long and if it's to complete my collection then why not. xD
Me neither, 'tho I have some planed to watch. :3
I really love both of them and I kinda hoped that Komugi would survive, but I spoiled myself that scene... T ^T
Yeah, Hisoka had some benefit out of that, and Illumi recruited him, that's true. But it's still full of mysteries. xD
Hahaha, it does indeed haha. xD He's stoic but brutal instead, he's kinda weird, but that's Zoldyck for you. xD
No one can stand besides Hisoka but Hisoka himself, one of the iron rules of HxH, but overall he's cool with Machi. :3
Gokucchi Jul 19, 1:17 AM
Haha, don't worry about it. :3

I'll watch it one day, 'tho right now I have other priorities, so am just chillin'. 'tho there are various dere types in Higurashi but yandere is ruling there. xD Tsundere is indeed the most popular one, since majority considers them to be the cutest. Haha well can't blame you, 'tho am gonna go read Claymore once more, just to feel the violence more in manga. xD Haha, oh well, some of mine favorites are sadists so haha. xD

Gintama may have many episodes but comedy is the best there, I mean I just saw Itachi there haha. And Gosick is one of the best mystery animes I've ever seen so I highly recommend you to see it. ^^

If I want hardcore ecchi then am gonna watch Gakuen HxH, I mean MC's power is just undeniable haha. xD DxD had story and it was pretty well developed from season to season. IS also, 'tho it was cliffhanger in the end it was still good and characters are well done, it's harem after all, girls must be bishoujos. xD Prison School is my favorite ecchi, it's really good and it goes well with the comedy, that's the reason why I've read the manga. :3

I just spoiled myself about Shokugeki but I still can't wait to see more episodes. Meliodas is actually really old, he's just a kid from all the storyline. Haha, ecchi there is just haha. Poor Elizabeth with Meliodas. xD

RIZE IS MY BAE! She's just so cool, even 'tho she's a psycho at times she's really cool. Her backstory is kinda revealed but it wasn't enough. I hope there will more. Shuu is yandere if you can call it like that. But towards Kaneki only, but he seems to be calm in :re right? Didn't hear much from his yandere tendencies in manga. Yeah, am so sad for Arima, he was just too strong. Arima is one of the reasons that Kaneki got stronger so he really owns him like you said. Reason eh? Well can't wait to see now haha. xD 'tho after Bleach am gonna start manga, I've read first part two times. :3

That's true, you can just guess what happenened based on who died. xD Can't deny that, but Bleach is the same, but I still like it haha. Well we all now that Meruem would win, I mean Netero is the strongest and we haven't seen Ging's true power, so for now only two of them can stand equal to Meruem. Komugi x Meruem is just so sad and touching, they were so sweet together.

Well there was some flashback with Makishima when he was all alone and preparing for some plan, that's about it. Even on wiki they didn't reveal his true backstory, but I just know his had painful past, I mean no one is born evil. But overall maybe he just wanted for everyone to be free, even 'tho he toyed with people he wanted for them to fight to realise their true selves, that's his goal and I think it's great and befitting someone as great as Makishima. *^*

Sadly it's only one episode featuring Shizuo, the strongest man in Ikebukuro. xD That would be lovely or atleast some shorts about daily lives of Drrr people. Want to see that so much, but looks like we just need to wait for them to announce something besides Dufufufu. :3

Hahaha, then Mirai Nikki would be completely different. I mean Izaya would troll everyone out there haha. And Izaya is skilled with knives so he should be able to protect himself, and Dollars would always be there to help haha. xD Karma too, he a freakin' assassin, what else do you need haha. xD Well based on this I think Mirai Nikki would be more interesing with these two around or any character that trolls and it's able to make fun of everything. And yes Shizuo will just appear outta nowhere haha. xD

Yeah, I mean as current situation in HxH I think he would want to protect his family. Maybe he's indebted to someone? I mean it just crossed my mind, but still. Am really interested in reason why he wants to fight so strong opponents, I mean he risked trying to kill Killua just to make enemies of Illumi, 'tho that would be a great battle, not as great as Merume vs. Netero but still.
We just need to wait for manga to continue since manga is really developed in story right now and Ging returned again. *^*

Haha, that's good, I watched some scenes and it was really hillarious, so am gonna watch it soon. 91 Days is one of my favlorites from this season, MC is just badass so I can't imagine how his plan for revenge would be. Handa-kun is prequel so you can watch it first instead, and it's really cool comedy haha. Taboo Tattoo has so cool female MC she's my bae now. xD DGM is kinda weird now for some reason but actually really good. :3

Waited years 3 years for sequel and it's finally here, it's only 13 episodes, but atleast it got a sequel right? Bleach sequel is needed, especially for hardcore fans like me, manga is just not enough, atleast make 13 episodes or something like that. Just enough to hype us and wait longer for next seasons. Same goes for me, many animes deserve sequels. *^*

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH! That's Aizen for you, the mastermind is back in action again hehe. ^^ She's there, just didn't appear much as before, but am satisfied 'tho, I love her very much. Yeah, Diamond Dust Rebellion is really epic. 'tho Hell Verse had the best action scenes for me, 'tho it's the newest one. :3 I like Fade to Black, it's kinda sad. :3
Gokucchi Jul 15, 3:12 AM
Well first am gonna watch 99 version and all those OVAs and two movies first to complete the collection. xD
After all it ended happily, in manga they will see each other again, they just went seperate ways to become stronger, their bond won't be broken by something like this. *^*
Their meeting was quite spontaneous and they became friends ever since and we get to see Killua's badassness haha. x
Illumi? Hahaha, trollers do get along with each other, they did troll among themselves, you remember the scenes haha. But I would ship Machi and Hisoka, and wanna see more Feitan. *^*
Gokucchi Jul 15, 3:07 AM
I just wanted to talk with someone in the beginning and now haha. xD

Neither did I, 'tho I heard Higurashi is good and story is interesting. Yanderes may be knew but they the most popular deres next to tsundere. Haha, 'tho tbh didn't watch many yandere animes, it's not like I didn't find them it's just they make a big impact one me, so I watched them only when the times is needed haha. Well that would be nice to see haha, tsundere getting owned instead of that classic MC haha. xD That sounds like a S hehe. xD

Gintama is full of that, so am glad I started it haha. 'tho putting aside tsundere MC in Gosick, I think you're gonna like it and besides she's only tsundere in first episodes until she meets our MC. xD

That new anime that came, Gakuen HxH that anime is Infinite Stratos and DxD putting together, it looked nice but it deviated from story so much and ecchi there is too much. Prison School was like that, but that's the best ecchi I've seen haha. xD Shokugeki is perfect haha, foodgasm really hyped me, 2nd season is full of it. xD Nanatsu also has some fanservice scene, MC knows his thing. xD

OVAs are kinda cool and I like to see their past, 'tho I want to see my Rize getting some too. T ^T I kinda despised Shuu in the beginning, but later he isn't that bad, especially in :re, he's balanced guy if you ask me. Well Arima killed himself, or did he? That's the question, since he's the strongest, there must be some reason behind it all. Need to start :re ASAP. That's so true, manga is much better than anime, but oh well, it's still good to see 2D fights. ^^

Yeah, their battle is really cool, Meruem was like a ball bouncing around Netero haha. xD Yeah, that rose really surprised me, but Netero is determined, that's something to behold. That scene brings so much feels.. *^^*

Kirito had his reasons, and he wasn't as manipulative as Makishima. Shogo kinda enjoyed to see reaction of all the people he was acquainted with, 'tho Kirito was in for the plan and goal only. That would be good if they're gonna make Makishima spin-off, but don't think it will happen, but Psycho Pass isn't over yet, atleast based on Urobochi. xD He just wanted for everyone to use their "real" brains not to be controled, in other words to be free, his motives were good and his ending made me like him even more haha. :3

I know I know, OKAMOTO'S did opening for Durarara. 'tho I heard Dufufufu will be something like a sequel, so we may see some news about Izaya and his hopeful return if nothing. :3

That's a smart decision I gotta say, 'tho after watching so many scenes from Bleach is was literally impossible for me to forget about such cool scenes haha. xD Yeah, all the animes I watched were first spoilers to begin with, some were influenced by AMVs etc. :3

Well if you ask me I think any good character will be better in role of Yuki than Yuki himself. xD Karma will mostly do things for fun unless he finds something that can hype him like Nagisa did. xD Haha, we totally forgot about Shizuo didn't we? xD If that would happen then we would see so much flashbacks and Yellow and Blue scarves would be history if those two were around haha. xD

I think Hisoka had family, but I think he had, so that may also pose a question. He don't care about much stuff, but for stuff he care he's really to kill and maybe sacrifice his own life, I think we're gonna see more of him later, but Hiatus x Hiatus has stopped for now so... Machi hates him, but I think he doesn't feel the same, maybe he's thinking that they won't accept him for what he is really and by proving he's strong by fighting all these battles may be the reason for him to escape his loneliness, 'tho that's my theory, am really hyped when it comes to that. xD Yeah, I would like to see more of that, Phantom Troupe has many mysteries that's for sure. *^*

I have planned to watch to watch Mob Psycho 100, 'tho I started yesterday Handa-kun,Taboo Tattoo and 91 Days, and gotta say they're really good, those are my favorite three from this season. Gotta start DMG Hallow today. Have you seen any of these? :3

We DMG fans waited for sequel for 7 years and I think Bleach won't disappoint with either. Manga is ending soon so I will give them some time to discuss about it. Even if they say that sequel will be next year or even further I will be satisfied, 'cause it's getting adapted after all. ^^ That's a good thinking buddy. :3

They just can't kill of Aizen haha. xD I think he's gonna return, screw Yhwach, AIZEN'S BACK! xD They're just lovely troll duo together, love them so much, they aren't in my top 10 for no reason haha. xD But my Soifon is my Sofion. *^* Have you seen all Bleach movies? Hell Verse is just too epic. ^^
Gokucchi Jul 13, 1:42 AM
I still love to talk about HxH, even after half a year, and I think I will always want to talk about it.
Well when am done with all my animes am gonna try rewatching. 'tho we need to wait for a sequel it's hiatus again...
Killua has his sister besides him, he isn't lonely, he's gonna be fine I guarantee that. ^^
Haha. Yeah, I reaaaaaally wanted to see them survive all the commotion.
I ship those two, but they literally hate themselves, atleast Machi hates Hisoka, Hisoka is just troll there haha. xD
Gokucchi Jul 13, 1:40 AM
Getting so much comments lately. xD

In most yandere animes, people who touch her love are mostly related to story and that makes yandere kinda lovably like in Mirai Nikki, I mean everyone had some impact on story so that's why Yuno is really cool and popular among yanderes, same goes with Higurashi. Tsunderes are indeed wimpy, and imagine having protagonist who is kinda like a villain, tsunderes would be the first one to die. xD Well it's tsundere tendencies for you. xD

If she's not originally tsundere then it's funny to see her trying to be one, that's more of a comedy than something else. Alright, tell me later what you think. Yeah, even 'tho when you think everything is good, it turns out to be a tragedy, but tbh I really like that anime...

Yeah, fighting scenes and characters are nicely done, well fanservice is always present haha, but it's hillarious so I don't mind at all. Have about 5 more animes to watch and am satisfied for now haha. xD In my case I just need to see it once and am good to go haha. You're love it later probably. ^^

Pinto is good, I kinda don't detest Shuu that much, and his backstory is kinda interesting, you should see it. Oh well, Arima is my favorite haha. xD I can totally understand you when it comes to anime but overall S1 is better than S2 if you ask me. :3

Yeah, he had his own fights and still he was that strong to fight vs. Netero and literally get unscratched, and he and Komugi are really cool together. That's HxH for you. T ^T

Kirito kinda tried to do what Makishima also wanted, but on different cause. Makishima is really good villain, can't deny that and his finishing scene is so touching, and that's only a minor reason why he's in my top 5 villains. Well they had 2 MC so if they focused to much on him it story wouldn't flow that good. Makishima wanted for people to realise that they're being controled by Sybil, that they're all doing what they want, and he wanted to stop that and make people use their own brain to think not the mashine ones.

Yeah haha, I wanted to see more of them, but we're gonna see Izaya soon, atleast I hope for that if Shizuo don't steal all the screentime. xD Yeah, OKAMOTO, they're really good. :3

You will eventually hear something about it, so it's inevitable, but oh well if you're gonna drop anime 'cause of some spoiler than you didn't like it in the beginning. *^*

Can't completely get rid of inner dere type that easily eh. That would be a nice combo to see, much more fights will be in Mirai Nikki. Karma is smart as one can see so it would be interesting to watch. 'tho I would also like to see Karma and Izaya in Ikebukuro again haha. xD Trollbukuro just started. xD

Maybe he just wants to be accepted, don't know why but people who strive for battles are either crazy or lonely, and I think Hisoka isn't crazy as we think he is. But overall even if we don't know nothing about Hisoka he is still a badass for us haha. xD Yeah more of a backstory for Phantom Troupe, that would be rather nice. Yeah, Pakunoda is really something to behold, I really liked her, and Machi too, but she isn't dead. Mob Psycho 100 looks rather interesting, MC is like Saitama with hair, tbh that's the sole reason why I wanted to watch that anime haha. xD IG is really epic, Kuroko and Haikyuu are my favorites. ^^ That's true about the story lines.

Bleach anime isn't over yet, that's what director said, so am expecting some kind of suprise in Fall. Soifon is such a cutie, she's strict but cute. YORUICHI. *^* Urahara haha, trolling even while fighting Aizen, what else do you need. xD
Gokucchi Jul 11, 2:33 AM
Trust me, I was like that for a half a year haha. xD
One day am gonna rewatch it hehe. ^^
Well it's all based on manga and later they're gonna unite so that's still good right? xD
Killua is also mine favorite and number one, 'tho I have so much favorites it's unreal haha, and it's indeed like that M x K is sooooo touching. *^* When they died holding hands... my tears just flew...
Do you mean Machi from Phantom? :3