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Gokucchi Oct 25, 5:00 AM
Yeah, there is that OVA too so it still counts if nothing, but sequel would be much appreciated. xD
Hm... I can relate to that. xD
When things gets interesting you know who's gonna dominate. :3
That's for sure, not many anime characters can understand what villains want so speech is a must. xD
Yeah, but they don't need to adapt over 200 episodes, 51 is enough, they just need to bring Bleach it's former glory if possible. xD
Sorry about that. ^^
Gokucchi Oct 25, 4:56 AM
You don't but with it you surely have more option available, and today certificate is a must if you ask me, especially in my country. xD
Usually many studio likes to adapt anime from manga then from LN since last time I read LN are not that popular when it comes to making anime, LN writers said that. But overall it brings very nice story and some of the best anime were adapted by LN. I still prefer mangas more, especially since I want to compare my thought with those pictures so it kinda makes things more interesting. I have 4 days of since we're going to some book convention so I can relax from all studying in a while haha. xD

For now I think I can finish two more animes, gotta binge them all. I wasn't even planning to, since I dropped after 4 episodes from first season and didn't bother picking it up but thanks for the update haha. xD

Yeah, I forgot to mention that too, I mean you know how J.C Staff is when it's coming down to animation so yeah! :3

I think he's not dead, I mean atleast he will appear in the end or something like that. Maybe he's working with V or Clowns, maybe he's somewhere else, there are lots of possibilites. Atleast we know that Kimi is working for Kanou, Nishini won't be happy about it and Furuta is on the run, Kaneki is the "traitor", would be good to see Kaneki and Takizawa in duo action, they're literally unstoppable. :o Yeah, Hide did reveal many stuff and was involved in many operations. :re is a masterpiece for me. Yeah, Amon pls don't die, he needs some epic scene and always loses in the end, damn Amon, get your guts together. xD

Am satisfied with Bleach and Naruto, and Akatsuki no Yona too, they really did have their ups and downs, it's a studio after all. :3

I found him interesting, well he had many choices revolving Gon but one things for sure: Gon is stronger and met friends you could call family. Yeah, Ging had different goal from the beginning but we know they were kinda like comrades or good friends if nothing. Well Meruem had brutal strength that's for sure and he had sharpened senses, nothing else much. Netero was pro Nen user just like the others. It all matters how you use Nen. Yeah, that black guy in Greed Island was the exorcist so when Feitan and the others caught him je just went there. :3

Yeah, Makishima had unique brain which goes into Sibyl account, but he's Makishima, who needs rules haha. xD Well every brain in system is kinda similar to Makishima's so having more of them will bring nice balance and regulations, atleast that's what Akane said. Many villains have motives that somehow helps humanity but mostly on evil ways, that's why we call them villains right? Overall MC usually have their good motives and friends to back them up which I like but I really like when they have good villain so the story can always surprise me. Well would want to see that definitely, the King returns. *^*

Yeah, he barely survived that stomach wound but he's alright that's for sure, his comeback is inevitable right? Haha! He's that guy who's in the balance, he's not evil, he actually helped many times, he's not good 'cause he's involved in many things, and that's what makes him interesting. Yeah, if you miss even one episode you need to rewatch it haha. xD

Yeah, that's for sure, but Yuno is clearly the queen for the yandere fans outta there. There is also Asuka from Neon Genesis but you can see the true definition of tsundere in Toradora or some similar animes. Hm... it all depends on who's watching it, I don't despise anyone till now. xD

No way, I mean we're talking about Zoldycks here, Zeno didn't even need to move and he's already done, and if you ask me Chrollo wouldn't be running without a scratch if that battle continued, even considering the worst case. Yeah, I think so too, well overall we know Spiders' abilities. Especially Feitan, summoning Sun, oh well... xD Yeah, well we didn't see Kurapika in a while so he did some stuff. xD

Yeah, overall it was a good anime. It was good that his vengeance took other path in the end, instead of killing them all in the end he actually ruined the family, unexpected ending with all three families involved, well two to be exact. xD His crying made me feel so much. T^T It's even harder to find main character to be like an anti-hero, much less mastermind. xD Yeah, you're right on that haha. xD They had more development and were able to show their true power so it's given. :3

Am glad some characters were alive, am glad I heard that spoiler haha. xD She's sweet, and the way she acts, it's all full of moe somehow haha. xD Really? So DGM Hallow isn't far from the manga eh?

Bleach has so many things to cover, and since manga is over they won't need to put fillers, pure story with last arc, Bleach can make a comeback! Expecting many things from Madhouse and hopefully something will happen soon. Yeah, it's that simple for them. xD

Gokucchi Oct 23, 3:28 AM
Indeed, anime was really short, not even 12 episodes and it had material for sequel. Well it's never to late, I mean if DGM got anime after 7 years we can get new Mondaiji too. xD
It's unique and that's why people like it, characters too, I mean it's not that common to find badass assassin as your wingman. xD
Yeah, he was talking whole two episodes about what he did the previous day, I like that guy but Aizen pls stop talking, just fight. You think we're even gonna get new anime for Bleach?
Will reply to that long comment shortly after, sorry about that. m(_ _)m
Hibbington Oct 19, 8:57 AM
Greetings rainasu, I saw that you were watching a few seasonal shows.
We are at the beginning of the season and at the Anime Guild our main specialization is being a Seasonal Club.
We choose the best Opening, Ending, Character and of course Anime of the Season with also a Review Section and a Power Ranking Group
If that seems appealing to you, you should join in for the full Fall 2016 experience!
I have already sent an invite as well as provide a link to our club ^.^ - http://myanimelist.net/clubs.php?cid=63899
Gokucchi Oct 19, 3:52 AM
That's how it usually goes, but no worries. xD
Yeah, the animation is really cool and all characters are lovely in their own may.
That's probably true, well it's Illumi we're talking about after all... xD
There is so much good stuff about that anime and story so even if there are haters they're lesser.
Even 'tho he's cool when talking but pls Aizen no talking, just fight. xD
Gokucchi Oct 19, 3:49 AM
Yeah, it's hardly we're gonna archive something without school, even if it's a drag it's gonna be helpful. *^*
I like when there are pictures, you can imagine the story and everything goes smoothly. I don't dislike LN but they're usually longer. I found something on Bakatsuki, will try to find it somehow, I can ask my buddy, he's reading it like crazy. xD Souma is interesting and will start the manga now, can't wait for third season haha. xD

I started many from this season and gotta say I like them all, didn't find any that was boring or letdown. Only started Seikon no Qwaser, but I can't say I hated it since it was one of my first anime so I didn't know what I was watching. Alright, I didn't finish the last season but will give it a try later.

Animation is no doubt in that anime, really great and with great animation the fanservice is great too. ^^

Well I can assume based on first part, but the more the merrier right? Yeah, this is maybe the last arc, or there will be more with V and Clowns included. I hope Hide is that comprade that Amon was talking about. I miss that guy. ;w; Yeah, that's what Kaneki is thinking and what's usually shown but I don't want it like that. ;w; Well Hide was behind many operations, or was included in it like finding who Washuu really is or delaying the attack on Anteiku etc. Yeah, stuff about Arima is over and only V and Clowns are left, assuming Donato left, Clowns are up to something and we have Furata who's full of mysteries. Can't do nothing but get hyped for the next chapter. Kaya and Domo are alive yeeeeeeeeeeeey! ^^/

Well they did some legendary ones even if they're not perfect, can't hate them for that. :3

Ging is interesting guy, not the best dad in anime but quite interesting fellow who's hiding many mysteries. Well there must be some catch to it, I mean he would usually help Netero against Meruem right? Either Netero said he would go alone or Ging wasn't there for example. If Gon, his son is this strong then Ging must be a new Netero or even someone stronger. Yeah, he's creative that's true, I mean Greed Island is pure example of that. Oh, so it's like that? Overall I expected they would fight eventually but I kinda wanted to see that in anime, overall we just got a troll when Chrollo said Kurapika sealed his nen. LOL xD

Yeah, it's scary what a smile can hide. Experienced that so much in anime haha. xD We only know that Sibyl wanted his brain in their archive, so that must mean Makishima was a special case that Sibyl can't indentify that's why they want him with them. Atleast that's what that brain said to Akane later. My cyberpunk anime never ceases to amuse me. Overall psychological drama in that anime is great and many theories are laid there. I mean Makishima was a guy who did good things i bad way and that's what makes a great villian to me. That's so true haha, they even made a fanfic about Aizen's bankai. xD

Yeah, overall I can only think about that he wants to have fun, nothing else. xD When that Shizuo wannabe was walking and I saw Izaya first I thought this dude is done for and that's exactly what happened haha. xD He knowns more about Ikebukuro then yakuzas, that's why everyone knows about him. One of my favorite scenes when they allegedly caught him and he was like "all part of my plan". xD Yeah, tell me about, I started watching just as last episode aired. xD

Yeah, overall Mirai Nikki and Higurashi are older animes so they set the base for both yanderes and tsunderes, well not that much for tsunderes, Toradora and some of them are already widely known for great tsunderes. xD

He's often sick so can't blame him for all those hiatues but will read the manga for sure. Overall he hold his own against Zoldycks so he's not someone you want to mess up with, I mean Spiders annihilate all mafia dons in 3 seconds, well that was Illumi but overall the whole Yorknew city was in flames. Hm... I can only think that he bought them, overall he had to fight Chrollo for that. But Kurta eyes were on auction right?

Even if it was short it was able to deliver a nice story about vengeance. If it only had 24 episode we could see full character development. Yeah, didn't find someone manipulative character in a while, if he had more development he could join Izaya and Aizen haha. xD

Oh, sorry for spoiling then. Overall it ended with a cliffhanger so it's like a sign for third season or something like that. Can't say what Noah's are up to, sometimes you dislike them and sometimes you like them, Road is sweet so she's alright, same goes for Tykki. :3

Yeah, overall they may need some times to decide so we will hear it after the movie, if it's gonna get anime I can wait for years if I have too. They always have fun, just give them some bishounen and BOOM, yaoi intensifies. xD You're right. Haha!

LuciferLooi Oct 17, 3:37 AM
Obviously TG is a good example for Pierrot ruining the manga adaptation by not following it faithfully. I'm really sad when this happened bc TG manga is like the first manga I even read after finishing TG S1. That S1 cliffhanger makes me a TG manga fan and I'm really excited when S2 is announced, and then... it was a total letdown and huge disappointment. Haiz the same must be happen to Sousei too. Imagine if Madhouse or Bones do a reboot of TG, god it'll be awesome.

I guess no one really care about the actual plot of hentai after all... I can agree that bad and old art being quite a problem for me too, haven't really try any show with a really really bad art, nor do I watch a old 1990 artstyle show (excluding Pokemon and Doraemon and stuff). I guess Ping Pong Animation is a good example? Haven't watch it but the rating is high, I would be interested in watching it probably a few years later when I have more experiences in not judging artstyle lol.

Yeah, I like her too. In fact I like most of the characters in Fate series, except maybe Emiya? I guess I'm not really liking the idea of saving everyone and seigi no mikata stuff. But he's really cool when he's fighting. I like Archer more tho >>> Will you spend money just to get Gil? I want to say hell yeah, but nah I have to believe in the fate that connected me to him...it's just an excuse bc I'm too poor to spend money on games, not that I'll be able to play it anyway. It is certainly interesting, the homo yet not so homo bc Enkido's too cute to be homo relationship. Confusing bc of a lot of spinoffs, side stories, alternate universes... I think the new game is related to Fate/Extra too, possibly a sequel.

I don't know but that quote sounds very realistic and true. Nice! So in a weeboo way, hentai/ecchi is just a part of jinsei, minna strives for it. The gender bender version of Gil looks very good too! Just saying! Well that depends on how you worship the shota version of King of Heroes...
LuciferLooi Oct 15, 10:40 AM
I'm assuming the manga is better? The anime is pretty meh. Action scenes are not good either. Pierrot always fuck up adaptation with fillers and original endings and stuff. Hmm even still this season hype isn't as much as last couple seasons. Disappointed.

Me too. Not that I will add them into MAL list either. Then I'll keep the annoying senpai calling~ :3 Hahaha but isn't that judging a book by its cover? Maybe some anime has bad art but decent story?

Huh I'm quite surprised by the fact that you like Rin. She's still a tsundere after all. Ufotable really did a great job there, they can even make a tsun-hater liking a tsun? Haha. I know Fate/GO, a mobile game, really sad that it's only in Japanese, those new heroic spirits, man! The females are cute, the males are hot, the character designs just look really cool in general, if only I had know more about history, I could definitely laugh at those serious male historical figures getting turned into cute anime girls with possibly big titties ( or loli girls, if you like). But Gil is still my favorite Fate character! Nothing can change that! Not even extreme massive titties! Hmm maybe Fate/strange fake that tells Gil backstories with Enkidu? I'm quite interested to know about their seemingly abnormal friendship, possibly more than that, Enkidu is a cute pretty trap after all...

Still perverted as usual, senpai... He looks younger than twelve, that's pedophilia, be careful of getting arrested :)

Gokucchi Oct 15, 2:49 AM
One day when am older and when I get enough from my job I'll eventually visit, first I need to deal with school. xD That's true. xD
I said much about LNs but haven't read anything, mostly manga and that's about it. Kinda can't get into something if it's not illustrated like manga, must be since am used to them haha. xD
If I find Monogatari translated am gonna make it my first LNs, so am still looking. It is indeed not much but you will see all characters there, everyone will have it's own spotlight that's why it's so good. Oh well haha. xD

Same goes for me. xD Wanted to watch only 3 new animes and started more than 10... so much for promising haha. xD I only dropped Seikon no Qwaser since I couldn't get into it, overall I can't remember dropping something. Prism Illya is cool, you should watch all the season. :3

If you want first class ecchi with nice developing story then Prison School is for you and character will really hype you, I know they did me. xD

I think :re is gonna go up to 12 volumes just like first part so we may expect more than third season when it comes to anime. Yeah, but mysteries are getting cleared up, Kaya and Domo are alive, that comrade Amon was talking about may be Hide. Atleast she's alive and Kaneki is there too, she won't die for sure and we have Take too. Arima was full of mysteries, he is involved in everything and for me still the strongest man, 'tho my favorite is Kaneki Arima is just as badass. They have budget and they can, it's up to them to make a good anime or just let it be like before.

Yeah, I mean for him adventures takes first place, then later comes his responsibilities. xD I think Ging hides something that even surpasses Netero, I mean if I was the strongest guy in the world I wouldn't just show my power for no reason right? I mean Gon inherited somehow his power and we saw how Gon fights. In anime they didn't fight, so I don't know if they finished it in manga? :o

Well it's indeed scarier to see someone being optimistic in dangerous situations. Even if she wanted to shot Makishima her psycho-pass reader didn't allow her, he had cleared pass so he would be safe. But she had that gun with her but she couldn't shot even with that. That scene was intense. That's why villains are fun to watch. xD It's cyberpunk but the best cyberpunk and my favorite till now. Story is really great and characters aren't just some typical MCs, they're unique. Well the reason I can speak about some morale stuff is because I saw those cool villains like Aizen and Makishima haha. xD It would say like that in wiki but it's blank, 'tho there are many fanarts about his bankai. That would be a twist of the year haha. xD

Well we only know he looked differently upon this world so he just wanted to have fun if you ask me and what's more interesting then being information broker haha. xD I was quite hyped since the name this unique so I decided to see why so many people like Durarara and I conviced myself haha. xD

It's really hard to make a tsundere or yandere than can surpass the queens, but overall they can try, I mean it's hard but not impossible. Higurashi is pretty great in those fields.

I can understand since he's in poor health, so he's supervising the manga, atleast it's not over yet. Chrollo is really strong and Phantom Troupe is no laughing matter, so I think they will fight in some major battle, either as good guys or bad guys which I doubt since they're all anti-heroes in my eyes. Kurapika is great, his skills are awesome and he didn't show after that, we only know he was seen with all Kurta's eyes in the end...

Ending was left for us to decide for ourselves, to pass our judgement upon them, and even if he archived his vengeance I still want for Avilio to live, after that touching crying I kinda wish for him to live, but it would be hard to just forget that revenge and get al' good with Nero, so I think they died in the end, atleast Avilio did. Overall besides mafia it was a nice psychologial anime so am glad I finished it. :3

Oh, sorry I only saw anime so I don't know. LINK'S ALIVE? YEAHHHHHHH! I liked Link since he's interesting and always there to help. Glad he's alive and going to have some major role outta there. Noah's are kinda good guys here, helping Allen and everything, will need to start manga soon. :3

The first setting was school so yeah, SoL is shown there. But settings change in Bleach from time to time, even 'tho it was rushed in the end I still think it's a really nice shounen. Haha, tell me about it, I have some friends who're like that. xD

Gokucchi Oct 15, 2:02 AM
Really? Oh well I made mine in December last year. xD
That's for sure, and Asuke is just so cute. =w=
Well it's not guaranteed that you will even live after that tutorial with Illumi haha. xD
HxH is widely popular and the story is really cool and it's developing nicely with great characters.
I mean Aizen talked for 3 whole episodes so the last fight was brutal. :o
LuciferLooi Oct 13, 8:34 AM
Wow wow wow! That new pic of yours, another half-naked guy as usual! My guess is Sousei no Onmyouji? Fabulous pic as usual. Haha fujoshi bait season... no wonder I can't find a good show to watch :(

Ecchi/Hentai Master comfirmed. It's time to call you shishou rather than senpai. Congratz you just leveled up. Yeah, some nice drawn eyes are really pretty especially when it's beautifully colored too.

Well, Saber is the mascot of Fate series after all. Through Fate/Extra Red Saber isn't really the same Saber from original Fate. She's another heroic spirit anyway. I personally would interest in seeing another Holy Grail War with different heroic spirits fighting each other, but yeah Saber, or at least a similar character looks like her, will always appear in most Fate Series. That being say, I think Gil gets a lot of spotlight too which is nice as he deserves it. We just need more of Fate stuff animated to get more of him.

Not weird at all, totally not, Illya accidentally grabs his private part by the way, aren't we envy of her?

LuciferLooi Oct 11, 9:54 AM
He is the only exception. OMG looks like we're going too far! Enough with the yaoi talk, it's time for... (trying to think of a conversation other than yaoi) yes! yes! Let's talk about Fall 2016, hahaha, there's no much interesting shows this time other than some sequels. And Keijo. It is ridiculous but I end up watching it because of the obvious PLOT and the Gate of Babylon in the OP. That reference tho...

What the... that's a nice world to live in! Yeah, megane girl just isn't my type. I'm okay with guys wearing them tho, it's may actually looks cooler on them. The bigger the better? I don't know but too massive is weird too.

That's NGNL, Overlord, Mahouka which I haven't watch yet damn. These are the one I know anyway. F/LE most probably won't have him if they adapt the Fate/Extra game. Gil only appear in Fate/Extra CCC which is an alternative game of the pervious, just like how F/HF is to F/SN. Not to mention he is one of the playable servant to choose from from CCC, they will rather choose Red Saber as the MC. I've play the first game before, never complete it, but as far as I know, you can choose 3 servants, Red Saber, Archer(Emiya) and a Caster unknown to me. He doesn't seem to be the antagonist either so no :( It's a shame, he looks pretty hot in the game...

His first appearance is manservice itself. Start out completely naked in front of others. Oh crap, spoiler? XD
LuciferLooi Oct 10, 8:40 AM
Yeah, I have been saving a lot of Kogil pics just for today! Closest probably means just some hints but never actually focus on the relationship I guess? Well quite an answer there, what about yaoi hentai then? Like Boku no Pico?

Well that's interesting, tho I don't know it. Probably those who provide services are teachers? I don't know, no a big fan of MILF and megane because that's always how they looks like.

Yes, tho we have to wait longer for movies to come out, season 2 may get announced at the end of movie so that's still hope. Haha I won't go so far but he did need more leading roles, if possible those badass ones. Well that's Fate/Heaven Feel movie but he only plays a minor role this time since someone else takes the main antagonist role from him. And he won't appear in another Fate adaptation Fate/Extra too. :(

Gil = Heaven. I'm sure you won't be disappointed as you'll definitely like those manservice of him.

LuciferLooi Oct 9, 7:04 AM
Hmm that's a little disappointing, I would like some shows to talk about men homo relationship as a side plot or something. I'm still not ready for the whole show to mainly focus on that yet tho.

Well then, any example to enlighten my curiosity? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Don't worry, I'm going to focus on the actual plot this time.

Madhouse did rarely produce a season 2 for their shows, but hey recently they announced quite a lot of sequence movies so I guess it's good news too? Okamoto's voice is awesome, I can always recognize my favorite VA's voice now thanks to Accel. Well I just finished all 4 seasons of Illya. Gil is still cool but need more screentime!

Nice, good luck fnishing that loli yuri series!
LuciferLooi Oct 8, 9:35 AM
Yo, I'm finally replying back!!! Laziness strikes again. You're right, I watch Free because I expected some homo half-naked guys doing sport (I was curious at that time), but hey it's just some man-service no bromance at all. Come to think of it, I don't really remember seeing any sport anime with actual relationship between men... is there any?

Let's wait patiently for 10 years then. I don't really watch the plot of hentai, but yeah some of them are actually more decently animated than those bad anime.

I finished Alderamin too, it was great, immediately recognize Accel's VA as the lazy MC. Start watching Fate/Illya I see, just saying, the shouta version of Gil will appear around the end of third season. That's what motivated me to watch though the whole series. Not a big fan of moe loli kissing yuri kind of stuff, but the action scenes are actually pretty good.

Well, then. I think I just found a creepy psycho who likes to troll others in Yowamushi Pedal. He's creepy and disgusting and weird and funny af but I like him. It's not common to find a psychotic antagonist in a sport anime so I found it interesting.