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Gokucchi Yesterday, 6:05 AM
It was really cool and would gladly go there again, we visited so many things! ^^ I will reply always! *^*
My friend just finished Monogatari series and first question I asked him is how many pauses did you use haha. xD There is manga but it's not that dwelled into story like anime was, more details are in light novel, that's the whole story. That's true but I still prefer manga over LN. Anime by Sunrise is always good, Code Geass was just the beginning. Yeah and animation is top notch, as you can see how LL is popular now. Haha. xD

Yeah, I was sooooooooooooooo excited to hear that. ^^ And it's gonna adapt the climax, overall I still need to finish third season. It has many episodes and there are hardly any fillers but after first episode you will see why it's so good. :3

Yeah, it's almost like a hentai, even more ecchi than DxD without explicit sex tag. I saw about second season haha, people must really like it haha, overall Taboo Tattoo is getting a new one too, that's what am happy about. Yeah, it's really detailed, would love to see it again and Prison School is also hardcore ecchi if you ask me.

Ishida Sui is really master twister when it comes to story, really... :re is just awesome. Kaneki's inner development is what part of :re is about and all mysteries in TG are cleared now in :re.
Yeah and so sad about Arima, that guy what he said in the end... so touching and that Keneki's quote... just ahh... Well they can if they want, I mean they have money right?

If he stayed with Gon then Gon wouldn't be this strong and eventually he wouldn't meet Killua and Gings disappearence makes HxH even more interesting. Box was Gon's checkpoint to find his father and Ging believes in his son which is touching.

What I like about villains is the way they talk, I mean if some villains starts talking about stuff you know are true or you just found out, it gets more interesting and you know their motives are great like Makishima was. If you can win mentally against your opponent then you're a real mastermind and we see that Makishima was doing that like breathing. Well that's true, overall there must be some plot twist that occured before. That's true indeed, he is evil, he is good, he is in the middle, CHOOSE Aizen. =w=" Well we know that Aizen wanted to be Soul King and overall he actually did it, he's immortal and can use every hadou and kidou. Ywhach wanted to destroy Soul Society and make a new world which mean everyone will die, that's what Aizen didn't like, that's why they had no choice but to let Aizen go.

You're right! Haha! Story is cool and characters were developing nicely, if only Shuka decides to make another season. Izaya will always be a kid inside haha, no matter the age, that's what's awesome about him haha. xD

Isn't Big Order similar to Mirai Nikki? It's made by the same studio and there is also hardcore yandere, looks like studio is really fascinated by yanderes. xD Well there aren't any yanderes that can beat Yuno so they can always try right? :3

Mangaka is sick, and assuming that hiatues are consecutive it's also possible that we will need to wait a little more for it. Well those are mostly haters of Gon's, I mean Gon was a nice MC and he had his moments, overall Killua promised to heal him, I know it would be a intense twist if Gon dies and Killua lementing about broken promise but still, it's great it ended otherwise.
Oh he can't? Overall he will need to heal, that's usual. I know right. xD Yeah, I know Pitou was gonna die, but to die that brutally is kinda sad. T^T

Did you watched the latest episode? Avilio was suuuuuuuuuuch a badass, his motives were even greater I ever imagined. We get to see last episode and Avilio vs. Nero, if it ends nice am gonna add that anime to my top 10 list. Really deserves it. I knew that Gonzo is kinda suspicious, but for him to send that letter and Avilio's twist of making him sign too is really intense. Woah... that would be kinda sad. Last scene was pretty ah... Yeah, I mean epilogue told us that there is second season and scenes from it right?

Well they adapted one arc as they wanted, looks like if things go well studio will announce new season, everything is based on sales. Yeah, that last scene was pretty touching and my dear Lenalee cried... T^T We will see some truth being revealed and maybe some fight or who knows, sign of third season coming. Well we know Earl's goal so we just need to wait for the others or can just read the manga. xD

He eventually will, just killing Yhwach in mare seconds is enough proof for me. That's probably true and Ichika isn't weak either, her parents are really strong, especially Sode no Shirayuki. Hahahaha, hoooooooooooooooooooooow did it turn like some BL stuff??? xDDDD Well I would love for Aizen to teach Kazui atleast something. :3
Gokucchi Yesterday, 5:33 AM
Sorry about being late. T^T
I can understand you completely. xD
I can feel you bro, this month isn't much but October is gonna be helluva hard. xD
Izayoi trolled too (their names are even similar xD) but Izaya is king of trolls like you said. xD
That's for sure, Illumi is doing everything for family so can't say he doesn't love them, but Killua is not hardcore assassin like Illumi. xD
It deserves to be one of the best shounens.
All cool villains or anti-heroes were intelligent, some more, some less, overall it's all the same. Yeah, I like that thing too. :3
Gokucchi Sep 22, 5:36 AM
Haha tell me about it, my panda life is over again. xD
You will, just start it, you're going to like it. :3
Haha, really need to look for similar characters like Izaya haha. xD There is Izayoi but Izaya is Izaya. Haha! xD
He loves everyone, 'tho Illumi maybe less but he's really caring behind his assassin self. :3
HxH is full of cool characters, that's why it's so cool and can't wait to see more of them.
Sly are always intelligent, and Hisoka is pure example of that. :3
Gokucchi Sep 22, 5:31 AM
Finally returned from my excursion, sorry to keep you waiting bro. :3
Well Bake is really cool and one of my favorite season of Monogatari. You should check with prepared finger one pause button haha. xD If I really like the francise I can start light novel, but overall I prefer manga way more. Yeah, tell me about it, reading isn't my strong forte. It's Shaft alright, I just mentioned Sunrise as really cool studio. Tons of great animes. :3

If you want a pure comedy then it starts from episode 1 and continues till the very end. It's getting a new season, can't wait for that. ^^ Take your time, it's gonna pique your interest someday. :3

Well Gakuen HxH censored is like watching Naruto without him. xD Overall when it comes to fanservice they made it so well, but the story not much. Same goes for DxD, only that story in DxD was quite interesting. That's for sure, can't wait for Prison School S2, atleast we know that it's not over yet so they can take their time to make it. It's pretty lewd so they need it, overall animation is just perfect. xD

That's so true, being in top 10 every month is a pure example of that. Most people are reading the original but I gotta say that Kaneki's development in :re is really high and it's just getting better and better and there are more fights in :re. Everyone has their psychological development, but Kaneki's is the greatest. Yeah, hopefully everything will go as planned, atleast I hope so, if Pierrot tries they can make pretty solid Tokyo Ghoul. =w=

Yeah, there must be a reason behind his leaving otherwise he would be a bad parent, it's just that they didn't show it in anime. Box is a sign of his believing in Gon, he knew that his son is capable of surviving to that point. :3

Yeah and we saw many who are like that, that's why cool villains make anime more interesting right? Makishima is pure example of that. It's psychological fighting with the inner system, it must be intense. We only know what he thought about Sibyl and his point of freedom but besides that nothing else about him is revealed. Haha, I think even Tite is confused about his greatest villain in first part haha. xD Atleast he was one who helped in taking down Yhwach. Well he became a really cool guy in the end, that's good. :3

Poor fake Shizuo, his fate was sealed the moment we saw Izaya in OVA haha. Then Shizuo came... from worse to worse haha. xD Izaya always draws the shortest stick in the end, but it's so worth seeing him troll haha. I will too... We have a spinoff or was it a game where the setting is 10 years later, but I want an anime.... :o

The more popular the show the more feedbacks there is and negative reviews are inevitable, overall I liked it, was quite cool psychological anime, nice to meet you Yandere queen and that's about it. xD

It will get 2nd season eventually, but that hiatus is really something, story need to progress fast. Well it's an old manga so it's to be expected. Not because they have plot armor, it's just we can see that they're gonna be OP later. Killua had training when he was a little, so it's to be expected and his assassin's skills are thanks to that too. They're more like Naruto and Sasuke if I can compare them. I think that Pitou is she, wiki says it's unknown. :o She's very cool and I really like her. It gave me shivers and her loyalty is something to behold. That's true, would love to see more of her.

Yeah, that anime really surprised me, hoping for the best in the end. I saw I saw, really exciting, Avilio is in for a ride and gotta say that Fango went pretty brutally. Lawless Heaven is pretty strong weapon haha. xD Italians are known for their big pride and vengeance. Avilio's plan is really complex now. He's a cool mastermind. Indeed, she had it tough... :o Yeah I think it will end like that, I mean it's hard for Nero to forgive Avilio after killing Veno or anyone else. You're right 'tho, but I don't want them ending like last scene of Psycho Pass. Maybe there will be... who knows... I mean Taboo Tattoo will get another one so I see no reason for 91 Days to end as cliffhanger as a proof for another season. Haha that's a cool name haha. xD

Am soooo confused right now haha. So that's why Earl wants to stay by 14th side as he said? That makes sense now. Yeah, it quite piqued my interest finding about that. Lavi is still badass as always haha. Noah wants to bring that plan of theirs but there must be some motive behind it or something like that. Well they did some stuff that's for sure. Yeah, I can't wait for that too, it's getting more interesting, but last episode...

Later Kazui will surpass Ichigo, his base of power is just badass. Imagine Aizen teaching him haha. xD Yeah, face of Orihime and powers of Ichigo, really sweet. Haha yeah, it would be so good if they make that. Bleach Shippuden for example haha. They can do something about it after the movie, let's just hope buddy. =w=

LuciferLooi Sep 17, 11:01 AM
LOL going for half-naked muscular homo guys huh... totally not weird at all... I'm not one to talk either for staring at our profile picture for over 5 minutes... Anime > Gaming? I prefer both.

Watching bad ones and being masochistic sometimes would be some nice refreshing experience once in a while. DGM getting a sequel after around 10 years is truly a good news for its fans, let's hope Index get the same treatment too.

Yandere > Tsundere
This I also agree. Though not hating tsunderes as much as you do, baka-senpai.
LuciferLooi Sep 15, 9:58 AM
Well I do hope you find one female characters that you can put as your profile picture one day. That will be interesting to see. I didn't have any console either, only gaming on PC. That's still anime...

There will be those very underrated good one llike what you say, but also a lot of bad one. Example for this season would be Scared Rider Xechs. That's fight is definitely awesome, Accelerator will yet awaken again, also like to see Misaka Worst's interaction with him. You can always watch the bad ones for cringe.

Yay! Wow so you have an ulterior motive for wanting a yandere. Tsunderes are everywhere now, you got to be careful! Let your yanderes army advance! Destroy all the tsunderes! Yanderes ftw! BAKA~

LuciferLooi Sep 14, 11:14 AM
I kind of understand. My favorite males is definitely more than females. But that's also why when I'm loving a female character I'm very happy because I realize that I'm still attracted to female! in anime anyway... T^T I see, haven't really check it out, have only play Persona 3 before, although I didn't able to finish the game it was pretty good. Would love to play it if it ever released in PC.

Each season there are always lots of unpopular anime with pretty low rating out there. Still want a sequel of Toaru series. Bad ones make good ones stand out more huh. At this point, I don't know anymore,each episode gets weirder and weirder.

Wow senpai is so diligent, studying any foreign language just seems too hard for me. Haha, but don't forget in certain cases yanderes try to murder their loved one because they want to be together with them FOREVER... even a part of body is fine... EVER. I see your hate on tsunderes is still there, just wondering how you are able to watch all those anime with tsundere main heroine since tsunderes are already a typical cliche type in anime. Even harem will definitely have one. Even Monogatari may have one. how are you going to handle them? :P
LuciferLooi Sep 13, 2:55 AM
That's perfectly fine, just show a half-naked dude. Btw, wonder where's it from? It's not like I really want to know it, baka! (I still remember the fact that you "love" tsunderes very much)

Definitely agree. Too many anime to be released in a season and there are a lot of anime that don't deserve to be animated. Nowadays I think about 50++ shows every season. While many other decent shows never get another sequel. What if every season there are only 20-30 decent anime to be aired. That way they have more time to focus on their quality instead of quantity. Are you saying Fate/sn should be longer? I personally think 2 cour for it is pretty good, never play the VN though. Yes it is made for its fans. Pretty sure most 1 cour anime are used to promote their source material too. DR always kill off characters so it's not surprising.

I heard a lot of good things from Monogatari, but still afraid that it may be 2deep4me. Heard it uses a lot of deep Japanese words and kanji and a lot of wordplay? Why didn't senpai creep out by me? WHY? This is so wrong on so many levels yet senpai still love me eventhough I'm a yandere. Maybe it's time to change myself into senpai's favorite tsundere-chan hehe baka...

You are exaggerating here, I'm just a lowly human being who don't deserve love and care by senpai...

LuciferLooi Sep 12, 9:33 AM
"A little homo isn't always bad.... everyone is a little homo." - rainasu-senpai, best homo quote of 2016.

Yeah, I know what you mean, god HxH put all their budget into their proudly animated tities. 1 cour is not enough to make a faithful game adaptation it seems. No you probably won't understand unfortunately, they make a lot of references to please the fans, even feature characters from DR Despair Girls, a side story game set between DR1 and DR2 which even I have no knowledge of. Yes, not to mention kill off characters randomly without making me actually care for them. The initial premise of the killing game is interesting, but it gets weirder when they fight and kill each other for weird motives and reasons.

Probably also because it has too many episodes? 700-800++ You sure love your fan service ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Love them too~ Of course! The praying to senpai moment also involve smelling, licking, touching and doing various other ecchi stuff to the mentioned items... A kouhai shrine will not do, when did you even heard of the almighty God praying to lowly human beings?
LuciferLooi Sep 11, 11:34 PM
LOL~ We are getting too homo here~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I feel you, my internet is pretty slow, sometime it's too forever to load a video.

Definitely not exaggerating here, what's other reason to watch a borderline hentai aside from its PLOT? The plot is definitely not the answer since it is definitely worse than the PLOT here in this case. DR3 just because Mirai becomes an action survival killing game instead of the usual crime-solving mystery stuff. Zetsubou didn't focus much on the main cast of DR2 instead feature more Mirai characters' backstory. While this is by no mean a bad thing for relate both shows brilliantly, they both lack character development as there are simply just too many characters. Mirai is also more preditable than the original series.

Wow, 10/10 huh gonna check it out. That's nice. I'm sure watching anime in a cinema is a different and refreshing experience. Accurate description there for Monogatari. I don't know, haven't decide yet, maybe a used toothbrush of senpai, underwear and nuke photo and stuff... Hope you still didn't get creep out.
LuciferLooi Sep 11, 8:51 AM
Oh rai-senpai! You are being too good for a failure kouhai like me!
So true, we are all lazy. Every morning I think of what anime I need to watch and finish today, and every night I regret because I only manage to watch 2 episodes of them... T-T

Haha even your laziness could not surpass your lust for the PLOT of HxH, I think DxD is way better tho. Still better than Isuca. Souma S2 is a bit rushed but still exciting, Orange is ok with a score of 7 from me, while DR3 huh... I prefer Zetsubou over Mirai, but honestly both of them didn't live up to my expectation, still enjoy them so 8 score guaranteed for them.

Heard good thing about Alderamin and Saiki Kusuo but didn't watch them yet. LAZY! AHHHHH! Didn't watch much but you still maintain that 159++ days of anime knowledge? Damn! Didn't watch the main TV series but watch a movie of it? Damn! Planning on watching that seemingly very complicated wordplay series? Damn! Truly an amazing achievement, I pray to my rai-senpai every morning in a small shrine I build myself right next to my bed in my room.
LuciferLooi Sep 11, 12:29 AM
It's been four month since your last comment. I'm truly sorry for not replying back since then. But don't worry, I'm not dead yet, I'm just a lazy bastard who didn't reply his senpai because he's in fear that senpai may get annoyed by him.

Seriously though, really really sorry because of my laziness. Man my laziness is definitely something else from Isekai, sometime I even feel too lazy to watch anime... Don't know how many reply can I write this time, but I try my best to hold on this conversation, it's fun for me too!

So, what should we talk about? Right, anime. Didn't watch all those ongoing anime, but the new one I enjoy is Relife, 91 Days and Mob Psycho 100, the rest are fine. Masou Gakuen HxH is definitely the ridiculous one up there that I didn't like at all. I also enjoy those sequels like Shokugeki no Souma and Danganronpa 3 though I'm also a little disappointed at how DR3 turns out to be not the same as what I thought it is. Want to hear your thought too, any recomendations? :3

Also able to finish To Love Ru, Haikyuu, Gurren Lagann, Madoka Magica, Kokoro Connect, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Code Geass Akito and others, they all pretty good too, but I'm sure you have at least watched half of them... or all of them... 159 days damn!
Gokucchi Sep 5, 3:27 AM
Am still getting the hang of it, it just started but last year of high school is finishing earlier so they can prepare for college. :3
Yeah, 'tho I think it will be quick just like with the first movie.
Well yeah, when you troll you need to be prepared to be beaten in the end and it looks Izaya is pretty good at that. xD
Killua loves his family, he just doesn't want to be an assassin.
Badass dudes always show up in the end. ;3
I think too, I mean Netero was even close to beat Meruem, doubt Hisoka can hold that much, he's just sly.
Gokucchi Sep 4, 5:14 AM
Yeah, I mean I had to pause sometimes, but overall it's pretty smooth, I got into the story and episodes just passed by. Well, Monogatari Second Season was the most interesing and it's the biggest one. Overall I like Hanamonogatari since story is quite developed, just start from the beginning and that's about it. You've seen Bakemonogatari and some other right? In light novel, characters are more developed but anime did a great job. Yeah, Kiss is Shinobu, that's her vampire name and it's kinda cute. Especially in Kizumonogatari. Can't wait for second movie. *^* Yeah, Sunrise is really amazing, one of my favorites as of last month. ^^

Gintama may be overhyped and stuff, but it's an anime that you wouldn't want to miss, that's what I think now. You should give it a try. Steins;Gate is pretty unique and it's one of the best mystery anime I've seen and Gosick too. :3

Yeah, HxH will be so censored, just like DxD was, overall DxD is more explicit than HxH, and if you ask me it was better. Prison School is so well done, can't wait for OVA and second season if it's in works. Story is really nice. Overall when it comes to fanservice, perfect animation isn't that needed. I mean, as long as you have those girls, animation doesn't matter. xD

Tokyo Ghoul is popular for many reasons, I mean it has one of the best developments I've seen and it's really good, started reading :re couple of days ago. Overall Ayato stays as my favorite character and he improved more, that's really nice. Arima had a pretty cool secret, 'tho am still sad. Kaneki is OP now, literally no one can beat him, but he had to go through so much for that, and that's what makes Tokyo Ghoul really nice. I hope anime will be good, 'tho we need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Well for what it looks like Ging loves his job and by leaving Gon alone, trying to make him strong. Yeah, it's gonna be something like that, or she's just kind and Ging promised to protect her or something like that.

Villian without motive is like hamburger without burger. xD Makishima is having fun that's true and he has a pretty cool motive and that's freedom. It's simple but rather great compared to Psycho Pass and Sibyl system. That scene when Makishima killed that girl, that was pretty intense, feel sorry for that girl but oh well... I still didn't understand Aizen motive, that's why I like him, he wants to destroy them and in the end helps in killing Yhwach, really strange. Well he is still under punishment, overall am just glad he's alive and was really badass when he showed up to help and his Hadou 99. *^*

Yeah haha, poor fake Shizuo, he was trolled again by our professional information broker from Ikebukuro. Yeah haha, in the end Izaya gets trolled himself, that's what happens in the end of every season haha. xD

It's one of the popular animes and I have nothing against it, it's nice psychological anime with cool female MC and I really like it, it has some flaws but if that's the case then no anime is perfect.

Yeah and he displayed a pretty strong attitude when fighting in prelims. Speed and power, no doubt he has them. Gon is still developing but he will definitely be strong, he's not as powerful as Killua atm, but later he's sure to pass by. So it's she after all? I think Pitou is girl too, but am still indecisive. She's loyal and I really like her, I mean last moment of hers we so touching...

Am telling you it's really good. Avilio is really badass MC, his plans are pretty developed and am kinda glad Ronaldo is out of the way. Poor Fio, I really like her... 'tho I like Nero too, don't want him to die, he didn't wish for any of that to happen. But Avilio forgives not, revenge is everything to him, maybe he will end up like Sasuke. xD It's gonna be only 13 episodes 'tho eh...
Maybe we can expect 2nd season if nothing, like another 91 Days haha. xD

Well, don't know for sure, I mean he was on pair with Earl, can't possible be that he's dead. Yeah, it's really touching, but it looks like the whole season is gonna be about them and Allen turning into 14th like we saw in last episode and Howard interfering. Overall Noahs are villains and they just want to bring three days of darkness to the world, 'tho maybe 14th just want to kill Earl, maybe he's an anti-hero, overall he's badass. Yeah, can't comprehand the story very well. xD

Well he has quincy, shinigami and human power in him, no wonder he's over-powered. Literally stronger than Ichigo and he has part of hollow inside him if he has Ichigo's genes. And since Orihime is attacked by hollow many times, Kazui is also fullbringer, he's really OP. I just wanted to see more of Kisuke and the others in the end but oh well... Nemuri looks so cute in the epilogue. ^^ That's true, overall we got ourselves a new live-action movie, oh well... atleast Bleach franchise is not over yet...

It's unique, shinigamis and their powers, really interesting. Last arc is really good and it would bring Bleach it's former glory if it was made. Live-action can only bring positive feedbacks if it's good, but it's hard to find movie that it's really nice. Yeah I mean, maybe Pierrot just need to cool off so they can make Bleach after 2018. ^^

Gokucchi Sep 2, 3:05 AM
No worries, my school started today and I will need some time to reply to the big one. =w=
Second movie aired, but we need english version ASAP!
Izaya always gets beaten in the end, but it's always hilarious around him. Yeah, he's doing it for the Zoldycks.
Well I like them both, Chrollo is Spider and I like that group, 'tho Hisoka is rather interesting. :3 You think Hisoka is stronger than Netero?