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Pokemon Sun & Moon
Pokemon Sun & Moon
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Seikaisuru Kado
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
8 hours ago
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Seven Days
Seven Days
May 11, 1:41 AM
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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
May 7, 9:37 PM
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operativealyssa 5 hours ago
Lucky you! How I wish I know Chinese too. :< And yes, it's quite lengthy. It took me a few days to read 600+ chapters, what more if I read all 1728 chapters. It'll take me a week and that is a rough estimate if I don't plan on sleeping at all. XD
Soul_Eater22 Yesterday, 11:36 AM
No problem!! :)
operativealyssa May 24, 9:08 AM
I read the novel after I watched 3 episodes of the anime. It's better than the anime in my opinion. :) It's definitely worth reading even if it took me 2 and a half day to read all the translated chapters available. If only I can understand Chinese, I would've read the original novel already since I hate waiting for the translated chapters. :< Oh well. I must be patient. :D

They skipped a lot of scenes in the anime so I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy the novel since it's more detailed compared to the anime.
operativealyssa May 24, 5:49 AM
Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request too. :) Judging from your display picture, you like Shaotian too? Have you read the light novel?
Gokucchi May 2, 4:18 AM
Nah man, don't worry about it. xD
Relax man, no probs, I know how you feel, am the same. Preparing for those exams and they just keep on coming.
I agree there, SnK and Hero Academia are just awesome and besides them Re:Creators and others are well done and full of potential.
So it's great eh? Need to watch it myself after am done with these. Maybe they'll announce the third season soon.
It's short so you can watch it whenever you want. Really? Awesome, need to watch it soon.
_Nakura-san_ Apr 13, 8:14 AM
thanks for accepting :)
Gokucchi Apr 1, 3:32 AM
We have a one week vacation soon so I may be able to relax a little haha. I can relate to that, there is more studying compared to last year.

Yeah, when they translate it the price is cheaper, but if they import the original ones then they can be expensive, but overall manga isn't that expensive to collect. Figures are much more expensive, I had a chance to see some when I went to some book convention. That's true, it's good those scans are fast in translating.

Shounens are usually classic, but they always have something interesting, compared to other genres shounen is one of the most popular and it's always in the spotlight. I also prefer intelligent characters, it's interesting to watch them but when it comes to shounen you need to have that hyperactive character. xD He'll be returning for AoT and new anime Re:Creators from the Black Lagoon mangaka I think.

I was quite surprised to see Yonobayashi like that, she took Urie out without any effort. She's really strong, kagune like Noro. With Kaneki out of CCG they didn't present Q's that much, mostly when fighting occurs. Seeing Donato I can agree with that. And also Uta didn't show us his real power yet. It will get even more intense now due to of course Furata. This may be a good time for other characters to make their comeback like Hide or Rize or someone like that. I think he's Kanou if I can remember. xD Well to be honest I don't know myself, maybe he just picked on random? Rize isn't the strongest but her kagune was pretty strong, atleast they said that. Am sure she's alive somewhere, if that's the case then she'll also appear later.

I can relate to that, story can always diverge and make it more confusing but assuming Code Geass had an awesome two season I guess this new should be following. Nothing is certain, 'tho I just hope for that. I didn't watch Akito yet but I heard the same reviews like what you just told me. New season has resurrection written so that may be the case. Well am sure we'll get more in the future (gotta be optimistic about that) and it went out of hiatus right? If I read correctly.

He's my favorite villain and his motives were great in Psycho-Pass universe. I totally agree, his backstory isn't showed at all, why he's like that, what drove him to his motives, nothing. Although I assume he didn't have a happy past, he showed some signs of that. I understand you, system isn't that interesting and they're pretty arrogant. Makishima wanted freedom so I can understand him. It would be interesting to watch how Akane takes care of that or how she's trying. Kamui's plan wasn't that bad, it seemed feasible, would be better if it was 24 episodes long but it was nice like this too. System will definitely come to conclusion one way or another, kinda makes a hype for third season. Yeah... Bleach would be awesome if they depicted all those characters. Second part of manga was good, many characters showed up and they showed their powers.

Especially when there is continuation in the manga. Second season would be appreciated. I agree, story is mostly about mixing mafia with homunculi, but characters were really amusing and just makes you to watch more and more. No one was boring and something is always happening. Every event in Ikebukuro is somehow connected to Izaya so that's probably the case. Mikado was confused all the time and wanted to understand everything, that's why we have badass Masaomi. He's an info broker, probably that I assume haha.

Haha, just like that. They appear out nowhere and make something. After last year I didn't hear anything about them and now they started making something. I like that studio 'tho. I added it my list, looks interesting. Konosuba is one the most selling light novels now. Taking that into account there may be even a third season but somehow yeah, comedy is overused, I saw comedy like that in Gintama but oh well. Trigger animation is really... colorful. It's one of the most promising from Winter. Am really curious to see more. Both the OP and ED are one of my favorite now. Yeah, I could understand that when I saw some scenes. Will need to watch that, not your typical romance anime, this is rather psychological.

Akatsuki were awesome, they were cool and looked cool, everyone was depicted nicely. Yeah, Naruto finally ended after 15 years but looks like Boruto will continue. This year is full of sequels, some will come in Summer, some Fall, don't know for sure but until them am gonna finish these Spring ones. Haha, same here.
Gokucchi Apr 1, 2:26 AM
Most of those sequels in the new season have action tag with them so no worries about that. Yeah, there will always be atleast one SoL anime per season.
I think it ended, it's 12 episodes on MAL, but the ending was kinda like cliffhanger. Spring is here! It's already pretty warm here like snow didn't even fall.
Am getting closer to finishing it, overall it was nice but this new one will be even better.
Yeah, before season two I'll consider watching the movies, just to remember the story and those moments.
That's even better. They have time so hopefully we'll be presented something nice. Animation and music will be awesome, no doubt about that.
Since it's easy to watch am gonna add Saiki Kusou to my list, short anime with many episodes but really easy to watch.
Gokucchi Mar 24, 4:56 AM
Nah, no worries about it I can understand. School is like that in my case too.
Just think about all those doujinshi Fujoshi like to read, they're constantly making. Overall am glad there is still action if nothing xD
Anime is getting interesting with new character showing but overall it's nice. Will finish it. 'tho it might be over don't know.
I planned so much from this next season, I think over 15 of them. Hoping I'll catch up with all of them.
Usually they put something in the movies but never knew they would show his face. Am also hyped! :o
For now am satisfied with the movie, it's gonna be great. Overall it's light novel so materials for story won't pose a problem.
Yeah, not all light novels are long. SAO is only 2 season long compared how much story is in the novel. But it didn't go that much like I thought it would.
Haha, well that counts too. Am also finishing my list, onto the next one.
TrafalgarLucy Mar 23, 2:38 AM
YuriHimemiya Mar 22, 6:18 PM
Yeah true.
TrafalgarLucy Mar 21, 3:38 AM
Sure, よろしくお願いします(*^^*)
YuriHimemiya Mar 19, 3:06 PM
:) indeed. Umm so far my favorite vampire anime are Hellsing Ultimate, Vampire knight, Diabolik Lovers, Owari no Seraph.
YuriHimemiya Mar 18, 5:06 PM
hmm that a really good question. I don't really like anime with robots or anything like that. I dont really like anime with a girl as a main character or a anime where there is so many girls liking the same guys. Hmm is will have to say Seinen, Shounen-ai,Yaoi, Supernatural, Sports, vampires.

YuriHimemiya Mar 17, 11:41 AM
Indeed :)