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ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
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Honobono Log
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Feb 20, 3:32 AM
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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
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Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail
Feb 18, 4:40 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Feb 18, 2:34 AM
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Gokucchi Yesterday, 4:25 AM
Whenever I see some anime news it's always something related to idols, but oh well. xD Harem was really popular last decade and every season had atleast one or two harem anime, but even now there are still some harem like Masamune-kun if I can call those harems.
Seeing something new is always interested so beside hyping for sequels we can enjoy these new anime. Spring season will be the same.
Yeah, 'tho I also wanted to see the second season, novels goes way more into the story, but let's see a movie for now! :3
Adapting novel can be a problem since you need to choose what to adapt from that vast story, but the more the merrier!
I can see they decided to adapt all Monogatari the way they started, so looking forward to that haha, and when it comes to words and dialogues...yeah Monogatari. xD
Even if I plan something there is always some stuff I bump into. xD
Gokucchi Yesterday, 4:17 AM
Sorry for being this late, had to prepare for some advance exams ;w;

When I bought some manga when I visited some book convention I found some figures and they were so expensive my mangas were double it's price haha. Manga is pretty cheap compared to other collectible stuff, but there are so many manga. I have some manga for now, 'tho they're always putting some new ones so will wait for some months. xD

Rin is your main shounen type, but overall with his power he's pretty badass, 'tho protag is supposed to be like that, especially in shounen so we can't do anything when it comes to that, but for the story it's worth it if you ask me. Agree, his music is just great!

Tell me about it... :o I knew her kagune is big and similar to Noro's but it's hella powerful, she made fists with it, I can see why she excels in RC cell manipulation. She literally didn't use her real power when fighting Urie. She piqued my interest from the beginning. Yeah, am interested to see how can he use those "illusions" if I can call it like that, maybe he can manipulate RC cells to some extent. Don't know if it's like this but for some reason all clowns have those extended kagunes like Donato, maybe they're all the same when it comes to that. Rize is probably safe somewhere, she had time to rejuvenate so am expecting her. :3 Their soldiers are over powered, and those are just some that appeared, there are many more to come. Eto is alive somewhere, with her kakuja form Kaneki probably saved here and she's on his side so I see no point in killing her or letting her die. 'tho we won't see her now, maybe later when something related to Hide comes up. I quite liked Eto. 'tho I know know why Arima has white hair, that was always a mystery to me haha. Amon looks like cursed mark Yugo from Naruto so the fight is gonna be awesome. xD

Yeah, since it's probably an original work they must have a nice story, but assuming it's Code Geass maybe it's gonna be just fine. Am glad there is more but hoping for the best. We saw him disappear, but literally so I don't think he's gonna appear, hmm but there are still people oppressing Britain so maybe one of those guys? Yeah, it explains all those hiatus but I can't blame him, overall am glad there is something as good as Hunter x Hunter.

Haha, that's true, kinda weird to see system like that. And in that country or city those robot-brain-stuff is the leader, can relate to Makishima wanting to set things right. Makishima's smart, his cue doesn't change so having his brain would definitely lead to some improvements. Yeah, if he destroyed system in second season then we could say that Psycho Pass is over, but after finding that Akane wants to judge the system too it can always lead to another sequel. Bleach had only those two as major villains and they were awesome if you ask me.

Yeah, they don't appear in anime but later in manga, probably some time in the future you can see them. Agree there! When characters makes a show interesting it's gonna be exciting to watch it, without Izaya we would probably miss all those gang fights, Mikado's development and Celty's adventures haha. xD Haha, I totally agree there, that apartment is just huge. xD

They don't produce anime like J.C Stuff or Bones or studios like that but when MAPPA makes it it's definitely worth considering. Oh yeah, am gonna watch Ballroom too, I added it to my list. With Konosuba novel we can expect many more seasons, if only they decide to continue with it. Trigger is another studio with unique animation, they're pretty good when it comes to action. 'tho LWA is like Harry Potter only with female protag. Hahaha, I know I know, Tanya is just awesome, her inner monologues and those action scenes were awesome. When you put serious salaryman to war haha. xD I added Kuzu no Honkai to my list, it's pretty unique with it's story, those relationship and stuff and some scenes I saw for sure.

Yeah, Madara was probably the best villain in Naruto along with Akatsuki. There is material for next season, so it's probably that Bleach fanbase isn't like it was before, but if they decide to return the anime am sure everyone will be hyped about it. So many sequels in next season. Haha, yeah, after years it's finally here, now I want to watch more. xD

World Feb 18, 11:46 PM
wow did u just whitewash my profile?????
World Feb 18, 10:41 PM
oh you're right, my mistake
World Feb 18, 10:33 PM
>Jibril in favorite females list

How does it feel to have good taste
Cucky Feb 18, 10:26 PM
Even better than Rukia? Jks jks.
edgy Feb 18, 10:22 AM
A comment
orkuncan Feb 18, 10:14 AM
You shouldn't lie about your age . This is coming from an internet addict and a university student of faculty of social sciences
AsukaLangley Feb 18, 8:43 AM
Status_Effect Feb 17, 8:03 PM
Yeah boi.
uhm Feb 17, 6:02 AM
1994 huh....
Status_Effect Feb 17, 2:06 AM
Thanks man.
xHarmonia Feb 16, 9:33 AM
I'm so proud of you.
xHarmonia Feb 16, 8:42 AM
Flower_Hana7788 Feb 14, 7:58 PM
ur welcome...
thx for accepting too...v^_^
yeah...luv TOUA <3<3