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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Feb 11, 12:20 PM
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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works
Jan 30, 8:13 PM
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Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 2nd Season
Jan 30, 7:43 PM
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Monogatari Series: Final Season
Monogatari Series: Final Season
Jan 28, 2:57 PM
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Monogatari Series: Second Season
Monogatari Series: Second Season
Jan 28, 2:56 PM
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Jan 28, 1:52 PM
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Kikitsune Feb 12, 1:12 PM
discord isn't working but i wanted to show you this meme so i'm just gonna send it to you here

this is us

DeadlyRaven Feb 2, 11:09 PM
Seems like an elaborate ploy to make me listen to Frank Ocean. :>>>>
okwhynot Jan 29, 2:53 PM
that's really strange actually that the artists you mentioned don't come near you because i was sure that canadians have many opportunities to go to concerts and that us-american artists go there often idk.🤭 i actually don't know anything about it, i just assumed it bc i thought it's like your neighbour country :D

and yes james blake is precious and imo a beat genius. lmk if you stumble upon a song you like ⭐

damn.. i haven't even noticed that the wolf video is that old hahhah oops. in the outro it says coming 201_ so he only has this year left haha
and maybe you should watch mystery box videos lol. personally i really enjoy watching them with friends also because it's not that creepy when someone's around :D i'm kinda creeped out easily, especially by strange sounds in my home. like when i hear something at night and it can't be my pet or family then i start to get anxious a little bit.

and no i dont use discord 🙈 you mentioned there is a frank ocean discord server so that's pretty much the reason why i'm going to register now hahah
ok i actually registered while writing this reply
it's very strange there i already know that i won't use it often 😂😂😂 so if i have okwhynot#9033 does that mean i'm the 9033rd okwhynot on this planet??? you have rens#0001 does that mean you are the only rens? hahah
man i dont know where to go from here i guess i'll just wait for your reply with further instructions hahah

daaaaamn that's good news!! my friend who listens to frank ocean religiously too didn't even listen to endless once (?????!!?) she likes and knows every frank ocean release but just decided to not listen to endless. i was shook!!! so i hope thiis will be a good possibility for her to finally check out the songs
okwhynot Jan 23, 2:38 PM
hahahah don't you get a side eye from your family or some other church visitors when they catch you sleeping? 😂

i llLlLlLLlLlooVvVEvevEeEe james blake, i kinda started listening to him at approx. the same time when i started listening to frank but i never really connected these two in my head. he was in germany in feb '18 together with kendrick lamar and i would've died for a chance to go there but i didn't get a ticket (and also they were expensive af) and also nobody could go with me :( i'm planning to go to an anderson.paak concert in april tho hehe.

are you kiddingg??? is this a real movie that's going to be in cinemas and such? genius strikes again 😍

hey do you know these dark web mystery box unboxing videos on youtube? :D
okwhynot Jan 18, 3:34 PM
i heard at your best way before endless came out, it got kinda remastered on endless but i like the old version better. it has some kind of scratch to it or idk but it's kinda different and sounds more "live". my favs on blonde are ivy, solo, nights, nikes, solo (reprise) and self control.

i got baptized when i was 9 and always visited the evangelic religion class but i also never really felt connected to christian believes and never visited the church outside of school trips. for me it was just like.. learning about it, knowing that it exists and also having a really nice and cool teacher. but it was never about the faith in the end. i remember one time in 3rd grade i visited a church with my class and on that day i had a really bad maths test (for a grade schooler lol) and i remember praying to god because i was afraid that my mom would get mad at me bc of the test. and when i came home and told her she wasn't mad at all and i was kinda impressed i must say hahah. like there was even a time where i was kinda convinced that if i just asked for something god would make it come true haha. actually in uni i tried taking evangelic religion as a subject a couple of years ago (like.. to become a religion teacher) and i just couldn't continue it further after 2 semesters because i couldn't take it anymore. i got more and more uncomfortable and noticed that i can't pretend to believe in something that i don't. so i changed to biology haha and now i'm the happiest person ever

lollllllllllllll i actually have seen the vid and also thought about sending it to you
have u listened to mile high by james blake and travis scott yet? it's on my profile soo it's served hehe

omg the soundcloud link. genius!!! i will show this to my friend
okwhynot Jan 16, 10:34 AM
i have listened to endless immediately when it came out and was angry af that the songs didn't appear on spotify.
yess it's very familiar!! (the song) back then i downloaded all the songs that i liked as singles (e.g. comme des garcons, sideways, slide, u.n.i.t.y etc.) and i think i haven't downloaded this one but thanks for reminding me, i think i should listen to endless once more!

oh man i can relate actually, i live in a high rise building and in november a note was hanging on the front door, saying that due to renovations on the water pipes in the cellar the water will be shut down from 8am to 4pm every. fucking. day. this shit lasted from Nov 19 to about Dec 22. in the morning i had to wash my face with ice cold water from the tub, which was always filled as reserves.

damn i can really understand that you don't want to upset your parents by coming out as non-religious. that's something that i can't relate to at all because if my parents would force me to go to church i would probably make a scene IN church hahaha. but.. idk.. isn't it possible for you to like tell your parents that you're actually not in the club but you still value their belief and respect it and stuff? but.. well i don't know your family so i probably don't have the right to make suggestions. i know that it's never just as easy as i made it seem. if you want to you can share something about how big religion is in your fam.

btw how did you celebrate new year's?
okwhynot Jan 13, 8:24 AM
i just love how the internet shaped my sense of humour, style and thinking patterns in general. i am actually so happy that we have it because without it our lives would be so one-dimensional 😂

daamn nice blog, i followed! i actually don't read books that much but i am still a fan and like to educate myself about books a lot!
recently i found out something interesting and weird: i am currently in a seminary that is dedicated to a german author "Peter Weiss" and his books and plays. one of those is set in the time of the french revolution and the main characters are two french guys called marat and de sade (real historical figures). this guy de sade is actually the originator of the word "sadism" so i went on wikipedia to find out what sadistic stuff he has done that he deserved that naming. and bruh.............i had to clean my eyes after reading about his filthy perverse fantasies. it's just so explicit that it's already entertaining.
that is one of the most famous books that he wrote and he always denied that he did it hahahah man i dont know about you but i have a thing for reading about those inexplicable cruelties. how tf could he come up with this stuff??? it's so detailed and horrible that you might assume that he's a serial killer. well yeah basically that's when sadism was born haha
you probably know that one but i felt the need to send it to you bc you're my frank port. i just love his angelic voice this song is just AHHHhhhhhhh
okwhynot Jan 11, 3:21 PM
i actually like tik tok, it's totally fucked up and there are a lot of extremely weird people on there :D musically was pretty much focused on music, people lip syncing and acting to cringy tv show dialogues. but meanwhile there are a lot of funny unexplainable videos on there, either by people who have good humour and make funny videos on purpose or people who are totally unaware of their comicality and just be their cringy selves.
this is one of my fav websites ever, this is a map of all genres that exist with music and artist samples. every genre even has its own spotify playlist with a bunch of songs.

nice, thanks for sharing! i used to use soundcloud a couple of year ago but spotify just took the spot haha. i followed you just in case :)
hey do you have a movie recommendation? i was at a friend's house today and we wanted to watch a movie but couldn't think of any so we ended up watching yt videos haha
okwhynot Jan 9, 1:15 PM
nice, thanks for teaching me english :DD stan getz is a famous jazz artist and produced a bunch of songs, sampled by the pharcyde, xxxtentaction etc. i saw that you follow a jazz playlist on spotify :D i also like jazz but don't know a lot of songs yet (sample to the pharcyde - runnin prod. by dilla; it's more bossa nova tho :D) (sample to xxxtentacion feat. joey badass - infinity (888); love that song ssssso much)

haha i thought about watching a let's play to danganronpa because i read about the plot and it's pretty cool :D and also the anime is on my ptw
yeah a friend of mine also has nier and dragon age etc he always forgets to send me the games, maybe i'll start playing them too. but i think i will wait till my semester break which will be from febr to apr. it's the first time in 1 year that i don't have to do uni work in the semester break so it's a lottttt of free time haha

lol "Fortnite (Deleted)"good that it's deleted haha. btw do you know tik tok (and use it? :D)

daaaamn thanks a lot for sending me cool stuff all the time! more!!! hahah know that one already?
okwhynot Jan 8, 3:00 PM
wym with "back of the house", is it like.. in the same building that you live in?
btw do you live alone or with your family? i don't remember if we had that topic.

daamn i didn't know the song/video so thanks a lot for showing me!!!🌹 it's very powerful, i already sent it to a friend who is also odd future fan.
btw how old are you? you can also pm me if you don't wanna tell in public

next question (haha): do you know stan getz?

ah (almost forgot).. i play mostly pc games, like sims or point & click adventure but also like other simulations games, also story-based like life is strange etc. but also many more, i also have a ps4 and play FFXV from time to time but very rarely bc my eyes don't feel good while playing, it's a very high resolution on a rather small tv. and u?
okwhynot Jan 7, 3:56 PM
have you played sims? :D

got another one in store for you!

damn that story just forces a pun about the band smashing pumpkins but i can't think of any. but that's really bad behaviour and would annoy me as well. i don't think i would be very happy with working in customer service (btw, do you even? i just assumed that..) like at shops or in cafes/restaurant etc, every job where i have to lick other people's asses. idk, being a teacher/tutor is also not that easy and you always have to put up with annoying parents or pupils but all in all you are pretty free in your methods and as long as you can stand up for your methods and strategies and behaviour you'll get respected (at least that was my experience and i'm sure things can be different with other people). but in service positions it's not like you can stand up for yourself because then you will lose a fucking customer and they're always right, right????????RIGHT??? *hysterical laugh*
okwhynot Jan 6, 10:41 AM
well when i think about it.. it's not like all the people i know/my friends are all the same, it's actually the exact opposite and i often struggle to relate to anybody. the likemindedness mostly comes from other things like music taste, communication skills, people who i can smoke with, humour or pure nostalgia (e.g. people i've known for a long time mostly stay in my life anyway). but it's always just little pieces from me, there is not one person i know that i can relate to a 100% but i think that's normal (doesn't feel normal tho haha).

mac demarco is such a funny dude, the visuals at his concert were crazy. there was some green 3d dude sitting on a toilet projected on a screen and what not

btw do you play console games?
okwhynot Jan 5, 5:05 AM
i mean yeah i also appreciate it if people have something different to offer (like music, clothing, background, hobbies etc), i like to get educated by different people but at the same time it doesn't really make me want to relate to the other do i describe it without sounding like a detached when people show me stuff that i didn't know of i'm really grateful and interested but that won't change my relationship to that person and is more of an advantage to my personality than it is an advantage to our relationship whereas with people i have much or at least something in common it does have a big advantage to the relationship in the first place. so maybe that's why i surround myself with rather like-minded people i think :D
btw i love tame impala too! do you know mac demarco? i've been to his concert in october and it was awesome af

-35???? :--)))))))) the coldest it's been in my hometown yet is -4
okwhynot Jan 4, 5:25 PM
yess first tyler song was yonkers as well and first frank song was thinking about you🌹 and yes haha i get what you mean with the mainstream music, idk for some time i also got off on the fact that i listened to music that only a few people were familiar with but now i'm actually more than happy when i meet someone who has the same music taste as me. i have two friends with whom i share the same music taste to about 70% or so which is already pretty much but there are still so many songs that i have never shared with anybody. it's not like it's some special cryptic music, it's just that we're slaves of our surroundings and my surroundings just don't provide (HEHE) the stimulation and input that i would need.

which rock artists do you listen to? i also like some tunes but only some special picks or songs from back when i was in my emo phase in 2011 (bmth, asking alexandria etc) but only because they hold a nostalgic value to me. mostly i'm rather leaning towards indie music

dude why do you only have 2 sweaters????😂😂 or do you mean 2 knit sweaters + other sweaters? yes you should get some soon! and a new coat as well, we don't want you freezing to death do we. or maybe you could spice things up a little and try out a new look:

ahhh yeah i started watching this vid but never finished, thanks for sending it to me :D some pieces are pure fire and some i don't really understand (e.g. that fisherman outfit ahhaha) but i really love him and his ideas and i'm glad he grew out of his "i'm gonna fuck you and kill you and record that shit" phase haha. btw he's also in that christmas vlog i sent you
okwhynot Jan 4, 3:23 PM
lol wait till i come at you with a full birth chart report blowing your mind about all the things your birthday tells about you☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼
daaamnn you is a dedicated frank/tyler fan man, the pic, the name, the profile vid, spotify tells me you're listening to blonde everyday BLESS YOU OK
and yeah having more tops than bottoms/shoes sounds pretty normal to me 😋🤭 i'm spending a lot of time thinking about clothing actually, i get inspired everyday and see different styles and looks that make me reconsider my outfit choices. but it's still in a fun range to me so i'm not like overly stressed about clothing, i actually buy clothes once in 4/5 months i think because i rather spend my money on greens hehe

have you seen this video?
a lil long but entertaining af, you should really watch it