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Mar 16, 2019
Heaven's Door is a collection of bizarre and trippy short stories from Keiichi Koike (Ultra Heaven), who I consider to be a very underrated Sci-Fi author.

The last few stories aren't as good as the earlier ones, nevertheless reading this one was a really good experience. Some of the stories also have references to the other stories written by the author.

The artwork and the panel structure was something I liked a lot, with plenty of detailing and cool scene angles.

If you are looking for a short Seinen, Sci-Fi, Psychological series with great art, then I highly recommend this one.
May 5, 2018
You lock up a man for 10 years, then release him all of a sudden, then play a psychological game with him to screw up his head as he tries to understand why this happened to him sums up Old Boy in a nutshell.

Boy, this manga was enjoyable. I had seen the critically acclaimed Korean live adaptation a year before reading this. What the manga excels at is character development, the dark and detailed artwork, the gradual build-up of suspense (which kinda felt similar to Naoki Urasawa's style).

What the manga lacked was a better ending. The main reasons for the antagonist's motivations seemed too read more
May 5, 2018
Lady Snowblood is a classic revenge - story, written by Kazuo Koike (Lone Wolf and Cub, Golgo 13).

In this story, the protagonist seeks vengeance from people who did wrong to her family and makes revenge the purpose of her life.

Its vibe is similar to Lone Wolf and Cub (a samurai - manga that I highly recommend) with respect to its story progression, though not as epic or as memorable as the laters.

The artwork is well drawn. Characters were pretty forgettable and lacked development. Even then I was invested in the story and did enjoy it. I have yet to see the live read more
Mar 27, 2017
This review is served without spoilers but with loads of criticism.

Shokugeki is one of the more popular Shonen Jump Mangas at the moment. That gives us an idea where the Japanese Manga industry is going towards, which does worry me.

Shokugeki is a simple battle Shonen template follower with good artwork and fan-service to keep its young readers wanting more. It makes the main/important characters look like bad_asses during these so-called food battles and thus periodically try injecting some undeserved hype into the Fandom. I feel it has put its fans in a sort of an illusion that it is the best thing ever read more
Mar 27, 2017
No Spoilers!

Fire punch is quite a unique series as compared to the majority of mainstream Shonen manga's out there. It is very unconventional and I feel is probably misunderstood here in mal's community as being edgy and without substance, which is just not true.

The Manga is set in a post-apocalyptic / ice age setting with few people left alive. Few of the important characters of this series are very interesting. Life has become a struggle for survival and a number of important characters are on the brink of insanity. The futures for these characters seems grim, and the events that occur seem crazy. Amongst read more
Oct 8, 2016
I am a Hero in Osaka is a side story of I am a Hero, which is one of my favourite Sci-Fi Horror Mangas of all time. I was reluctant to read this because I didn't want my experience or enjoyment of I am a Hero to degrade in any way. Eventually, I started it and realized that this manga wasn't bad at all.

It represents its own story and events, not related to any of the characters of the main Manga. It depicts the story of some other ordinary guy, this time in Osaka and his girlfriend who is stranded in a plane read more