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Jun 23, 2018
This review contains Major spoiler.
We now follow Goro who has already established himself in the major league and now is joined by Toshiya Satou who is playing his first season in the majors for hornets.
Mayumura Ken has also join the major league and is playing alongside Gibson Jr. and Keene for the Texas Raiders

the story starts at the end of game 6 and as always goro gets injured.There are several flashbacks and goro as always comes back in game 7 to try to win the championship.

The art is basically the same as in season 6.

Similar osts are used as in the previous seasons.However,these ova do read more
May 19, 2018
There's is nothing much of a story,just step-siblings and their friends with their everyday lives

Its decent to be honest considering this is an 3min per ep anime

Most of the characters are siblings pairs,one of each of the pair having sister/brother complex,but at a lesser extent.

There arent much of background themes in this anime.The opening is just about 30 seconds long too.
Its an almost all-female cast anime,but that doesn't take anything away from enjoying it.

Although it just took 40 mins to complete this anime,i really enjoyed it and recommend this if you want to lighten up your mood.
May 18, 2018
If you are waiting for some new anime to show up and have some time in your hand,I highly recommend to sneak in Wakaba*girl in your watchlist.

The story is just about the day-to-day life of the characters and usually focuses on Kohashi Wakaba and how the three others help her to blend with a normal school life

The story revolves around 4 girls: Kohashi Wakaba, a sheltered rich girl who goals are to make friends and become a gyaru-like girl. Tokita Moeka,who is a well mannered sweet girl. Mashiba Nao,a girl who was previously a football player but now is trying to be more read more