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May 17, 2012
First, I did not play the visual novel so I cannot say how faithful is this adoption to the visual novel. Instead, I will judge it solely on the anime itself.

Story: 4
Nothing much can I say than the synopsis, but the dialogue is bland. It is just your average conversation rather than big speech where it is life and death. The story moves really slow. I am three episodes in and did not learn much about the characters.

Art: 8
The art is done really well for the main character and the scenary. If you are a fan of Tony Taka's art, then this anime would not read more
Jul 8, 2010
If you ever love watching George Romero's Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead, then you have to love this one.

it is just your basic zombie movie with the characters trying to survive the horror.

given that this if madhouse, they certainly put many effort in this anime. the camera work is the best in term of anime I have come across. the way it moves from one character to another or zooms out gives you a feeling of the area that there is no way to escape. however, I have to give it a 9.5 due to the fact, they tune read more
Apr 23, 2010
Heroman (Anime) add (All reviews)
Heroman is not your typical Japanese. If fact, it is a throwback to one of the 80s and 90s American cartoon. Remember the old days when you sitting in front of the TV on Saturday watching cartoons such as Spider-Man or TMNT. Well, this is one of those boy's cartoon. So far, the plot is pretty generic, and I highly doubt it will get any more in-depth. The art looks amazing as it represents what american culture looks like. However, aside from the human, Heroman and the aliens are laughable. Heroman looks the the Stay Puff Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters and the aliens reminds those read more