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Dec 18, 2014
Zero no Tsunami F is the final and last sequel to "Familiar of Zero" series.
I am very excited to review this show as this was also a pathway for me to enjoy and love anime. Please start with season one.

Zero no Tsunami F and it's prequel may be your classic harem with a Tsusendere and a average boy as your main character with lots of girls surrounding him but this is worth the watch. Giving this show a 8 was a solid score surrounding this series as a whole but could have exceeded my expectations even more.

When looking at the 2 main read more
Nov 22, 2014
The only show where you know you will be suprised for first timers. We follow a young handsome boy named pico whom has great characteristics for a teen with amazing potential. He soon goes into the depths of the unknown. Knowing we might never see him come back. We however progress into the show and follow pico has he matures and learns the everyday life of a young adult through wonderous and simiulating techniques. This is known to be a great anime as it changed my view in certain areas for the better.

This show contains heavy emotions. If you don't have a strong heart read more
Nov 15, 2014
As I have dropped this series when completing chater 65, I don't think it I will be able to write a decent review as of now. The reason for the drop is the deep emotional impact and scars it has left me with.
However let me remind you that this one of the most unique mangas out there. This is a must read for everyone and anyone.

Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun) can be described as a best selling book when comparing it to Harry potter, however it is in a form of a manga and targets a specific audience. This manga describes REALITY by introducing the main read more
Nov 14, 2014
Giving this a 10/10 is not that surprising considering the huge fan base surrounding this show. It has been some time since I watched the sequel to code geass but I think I still have the memory to write a decent review on the show.

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 is a sequel to the previous which delivers the same or a greater form of entertainment to the audience. However there is a quite a difference between the 2 seasons. The use of more dramatic and emotional scenes gives the audience an even greater attachment to the series. Thus giving us a fresh and new read more
Nov 1, 2014
Anywhere we go in the world. There is bullying although it may only seem to apply to children but anyone can be victimised, forgotten which can make them angry, sad, depressed or even TAKE there own lives. We can not stop this completely as its integrated into are society however we can make the world a better place. Ask yourself this question if you are bullying someone. "Why do I do it?, How does it make me feel?". Of course the awnser might be obvious but the action is completly different. "You can change things in this world, however one thing you cannot change is read more
Oct 28, 2014
******* NO SPOILERS *******

Little do we know in romance manga that there is not much further development in romance between couples. However asking myself the question we were to be paired up with our other half. It would be great right? Well this review is will be just looking at that one statement.

Knowing this manga was short I wasn't not going to be surprised by the romantic development however as soon I finished the first arc. I knew this was something different, The need for more was always itching at the back of my neck. Even though I finished with the first partners and was read more
Oct 26, 2014
This was my first time trying out manga so I asked myself why not try a romance for a start. Wow I made the right choice by picking Horimya. When reading the synopsis of this manga I thought from my experience it was going to be pretty unique in its own way thus came this review.

Horimiya is not your normal high school boy meets girl and they somehow get attracted attracted to one another. Its has a very diffrent feel First it is very refresing to see how the characters relationship will develop as the chapters progress. It's slow paced but boy it makes read more