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nymph Jan 9, 2011 10:42 AM
heyy! i just had a look at our last comments and jeez it's been months since i last wrote to you! sorry >.< i always thought i would write to you one day but i was always so busy and that day never came till today hehe and if i weren't trying to find something to get away from studying for the finals tomorrow, i still wouldn't have time to reply so i should be thanking my exams for giving me some free time at last i think lol in ur last comment u asked me which languages i will have in the university; it's only english and german but good news! i'm learning japanese too! hehe school is going fine. at the beginning i was trying to fit in and it was kinda hard to tell the truth. because the people in my university are very different from the ones back in highschool and it is so different from what i expected from the university and the students so it was kinda dissapointing at the beginning but i got used to the people and to the school so it is no problem now. but universities are having a hard time these days you may have heard about it. the student actions are very active these days like in most countries in europe but it draws a lot of reaction from the government and they follow oppressive methods against the students and it really pissed me off. and ur backpacking trip sounds really great lucky you! :D seems you really had a great trip. how much did it cost you? i wanna know because i should know how much i gotta save for a trip like that :) but ofc i gotta have visa and there is no way my flight would cost only 30 euros so i know i gotta save a little more than you spent hehe and is it safe to travel with so few people and only girls? ( i know it is no problem but some of my friends' families make a fuss about it. it is better if we had something to persuade them and it will be like we have witnesses when they hear about a friend of mine who travelled with a friend of hers and everything worked out for them hehe :D so i want to face them with sound proofs lol)

how is everything going with you? schoo, new friendsl and your own house? :D tell me all about it :D hope to hear from you soon ^^ byee

p.s. i tried to add you on facebook but there were other lisa ahmadi's too :D so i couldn't be sure which one is you lol facebook says one of them lives in german, würzburg but i still wasn't sure o i didn't add. is it you that lives in würzburg? :D so i can add you. i really wanna see ur pictures from ur trip :D anyways talk to you soon! byee ^^
sc0pii0gal Dec 21, 2010 3:28 PM

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! from Han Geng (韩庚)/Hankyung Fanclub!

Hello member of Han Geng (韩庚)/Hankyung Fanclub

i'm really sorry for the dead group.. And here we are, up and running again! :D
Many things happened in this amount of time, as you may or may not know. And i was really super busy with school project and by the way thanks to all of your support that i make it through :D

Christmas is approaching and so i maked some Christmas LE.. Also, while at it, look over at Limited Edition Member Cards! if you haven't grab one of your own :D

~ Thank you!

And in the end, once again...Han Geng (韩庚)/Hankyung Fanclub! wishes you Happy & Safe Holidays! May the luck be with you in 2011 as well!

iv4eto_666 Nov 8, 2010 2:14 PM
Heyyy ^.^
Wow this time it took me even longer >< And I got to say I'm really, really sorry, but this was maybe the busiest time of my life ever XD
Here in our university there is this saying that people that study Japanese studies don't have any social life, don't sleep and all that >< XD I thought it was a little far-fetched, but maybe there is some truth in it XD We studied both hiragana and katakana in just the first week and were supposed to know them on the second one x_x We have tests every day on the new words and kanji we study...we already know like 50-60 kanji XD And homework! It totally feels like school again when they tell us: write your homewrok, we are going to check it tomorrow and so on.. XD
Ah I'm so sorry to hear now about those stupid universities, but then again maybe it's afor the best, like you've always wanted to study languages and hey - no maths! XD Although I am kind of good at maths, maybe it's better I don't have it either now XD ^.^

Heyyy that's sooo awesomeeee :))) hah I mean living with your two best friends! Sounds like a dream come true :)) Wow me and my two best friends also used to dream of living like that, but that also included haveing lots of cats and dogs XD (lol my mother and that of one of the girls don't want any pets at home ><)
aa it's like a month now, so how are you 3 doing? :)) Cooking, I don;t think it would be a problem :)) You used to cook for yourslef in you school years so yes :P Paying bills? lol can you work and study at the same time, so you have the money for them? I'm sure you'll do great, and especially when you get along so well with the people you live with :) Me, I don't have to move anywhere, the uni is here in my town, actually 30-40 minutes away from home (by bus and then subway ^.^) I think this is for the best now, lol I don;t thnik I can cope on my own yet and with the so very very little time I have now, if I didn't have my parents living with me, maybe I'd have starved to death and sleep deprivation by now lol XD
I hear by my classmates though that living in this dormitories the uni offers isn't that pleasant...the condituons aren;t very good, sometimes your roomates aren't very kind and lol the most wierd and kind of funny maybe is that you hear everything that goes on in the room next to you are above you...if people speak a little bit louder you even hear every single word XD which is maybe kind of interesting when you have nothing to do, but when you have 10-20 nice kanji to study infront of you, maybe it's not that pleasant XD

Hah prom talk, yeah, but it's nice to remember those times really, it seems to have been so carefree XD lol I saw my former classmates in the end of September and that's all XD We had a gathering in October as well but I couldn't go cause I was on a concert! A j-rock concert :P lol it's so unbelievable for them to have come, we actually thought they wouldn't when they came with an almost hour delay XD They are called GUILD, they have only one album, but still, seeing japanese, sing live and being so awesome ^^ It was a really good experience :)

Hah sometimes Facebook can be of relly good use, yes, not only the best place for gossips and all, but really uesfull :)) yeyy for your Las Vegas trip! XD it so has to come true, when you try so hard and when I keep my fingers crossed for you, it just ought to XD ^,^

Yey drama world! It seems so far these days >< I only managed to complete one jdrama in 2 months! XD lol and 3-4 anime episodes for that time.. I sooo miss them right now.. :P Even if it's a good practice for the language, they mostly wate your time to see a friend or learn another word or kanji XD Wow what is most frustrating now is that we have to learn the words for a lesson before we take it, and even have a test on them, and it feels kind of wierd just to try and remember a word on its own, without a phrase or a sentence to fit it in...I don't know if I explain it very well, but yeah, it's confusing ><
Now Yes- drama! XD I feel like crying right now...I haven't still! finished Pasta XD lol it's getting even better and it's so hard to not be able to watch it (and I only have 3 epidoes left!) XD
Wow no internet! that sounds scary >< XD How are thing now with that company?
Hah and me, I can't say I have the same urge to watch anime as I have to watch drama, but still, no that I can't watch it, I want it even more XD So yeah for me MAL is the same, once a week (and a comment per month XD *sorry* XD)
Yeah, here is the same...most asian literature is translated in english only, and that's why books by japanese authors are a lot more expensive than those in bulgarian, but know with the kind of special library we have just for the people of Japanese studies it's so amazing ^.^ I want to read every single book there, and I can't wait to be able to read the books in japanese! (you know how they are read form right to left and form top to bottom it's soo cool XD)
Yey that's great, talking about anime and drama ^.^ But here there is nio trace of that XD Just maybe one of our Japanese teachers :))) She is a japanese, she's only 25 and i sooo cutee :)) When we studied things like ano, kono and sono (to point to different objects) she put on the board some pictures and one was of Jun! XD And one of Sawajiri Erika :)) It was a great fun ^,^
Hanabi_chan Nov 7, 2010 8:03 AM
I'm will make an account there sometime soon(I did try once but I couldn't) but I'm not really confident with my drama list. I mean..I still l have a lot to watch, but I'm sure that it's going to be entertaining to see my baby list growing up to be a fine, great list like yours.
Aww, I can't wait for the k-drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night, starring Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook, my favorire korean actors. Have you heard about it?

So you've become emancipated? But now you have new responsibilities that most teenagers do not have to worry about. Anyway, how is your independent life right now? Do you live alone? (if I'm allowed to ask).
Hanabi_chan Nov 5, 2010 11:27 AM
Hey, how have you been lately?
You know, I started watching korean dramas. I don't get why I didn't like them before but now I find them better than the japanese ones. Oh, well, the actors are more manly, the story is somehow more realistic and the episodes are longer. Do you have a recommedation for me? I'm not sure what to watch next.
darkhriss Oct 6, 2010 4:30 PM
Another Arashi fan? Hello there! XD
sweetangry Sep 14, 2010 1:27 AM

Newsletter From Special A (HikariXKei)

Limited Edition

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nymph Sep 8, 2010 5:54 PM
well im gonna be a translater. what about u? what are u going to study? i remember u were also in the language class so i guess yours has something to do with languages too. for now, the only bad thing about uni is that they will make me learn german! and the only thing i said during high school years was that "i wont need german anymore so i won't bother to learn it i hate it anyways." guess it was big talk and i had better watch my mouth from now on :D and congrats on moving out! im not leaving my house this year unfortunately. im planning to do it next year with my friends though. it will take 3 hours in total in a day for me to go to school and arrive home. it's a long time but im happy that when i come home there is dinner for me ready to be eaten:D at least it will make it okay for me to wait untill next year to move out :D but im really happy for you. you will have more responsibilities than ever but u will also have more fun than ever:D so good luck with finding a house :) u are an adult now lol

u are free since may? how great is that:D i would get bored that's for sure. im free since the middle of june and im really very bored -_- i mean, it was fine untill some degree but it's too long -_- but since u've been travelling there is no reason for holiday to be boring for you :D and im very jealous of you! :D i wanna travel with interrail and i've got my family's permission so im waiting for my friends' to get permission from their families:D i hope it's gonna be in a couple of years :D but i can wait till that day comes we will be having holidays together in turkey so it's okay:D so how was ur trip? tell me about it in details please im curious:D did you meet nice people there? like hot or cute and funny foreign guys lol

and yeah it's always sunny here and for 2 months or so it's so sticky during that time all u do is to sweat in every step you take lol that's not very nice so cold is better:P when u dont get to swim, hot weather is only a bother anyway. so dont worry about its being cold and rainy there. it's easier to work in cold weather trust me:D i've worked like 2 weeks this summer and it was hard in that hot and sticky weather. dont wanna even think about it :D

about my summer vacation.. i've been to holiday with my friends 2 times this summer. but parents were there so it was calm and quiet -_- but it was still good because when i go to some place with my family for holiday i end up getting bored aaall the time. so at least this time my friends were with me and despite being with families, we had fun and had our time together :D

good luck with the new house btw :D i know it's kinda stressful now all that searching for flat and moving all your stuff there but it will worth the trouble so ganbare! ^^

nymph Sep 7, 2010 12:19 PM
heey it's me again ^^
i kinda started watching anime again (not the way i used to as i used to watch it because i was fond of anime but now im watching just to spend time but anyway im back:D) so thought i should write to you and say hello! you know i've been busy with my national exam for entering university. now it's over and im accepted to my 2nd choice university im gonna start on september 20th. it's really close and i've started to get kinda nervous :D
so how are you doing? how was ur exam? and how is ur holiday of course? im looking forward to ur replay:) dunno when will u see this comment though. anyway, talk to you soon! ^^
iv4eto_666 Sep 3, 2010 8:41 AM
heyyy~ and my reply didn't actually made it even in the next month >< and what's worse is the reason: laziness? forgetfullness? ok maybe both of them XD anyway, I'm really trully sorry about the lateness again *bows repeatedly*

Aaah first to say thanks for the birthday congrats, even if they were belated, is the thught that counts, nee? ^.^
And now the most important thing that happened during this time: I got accepted in university!! :)) and in exactly what I wanted: Japanese studies or Japanese philology, don't know how exactly is called in English, but we're not only going to study the Japanese language but Japanese culture, history and all ^.^ can;t wait actually to start the year already :P we start on the 1st October ^.^ Aah and I even can study another eastern language the second year (it's optional of course, no one is obliging us to, but I feel like obliging myself :P) Ahh and what about youu?? *keeping my fingers crossed*

Hah and I know exactly what you mean about everyone growing up in his own way :) I don't feel all grown up still either for the same reasons you gave actually XD but still I get reaaaly angry with my mom overreacting and overworring, thinking I'm still her little kid >< Ok I may be her little kid (my sister is 22 :p) and we'll know what's like when we ourselves become mothers, but still :P
and that with the 20 year old mom, I encountered a similar case 2 or 3 months ago, the girl was 19 and her baby about 3 months old, she was having her prom in a week, and it's a good thing she managed to graduate somehow..ok, she said she knew her options and she has thought about it all and still wanted to have the baby, but still what was strange was that the father was about 15 or 20 years older than her (even his hair was getting gray!) but yeah I guess, it depends on people, everyone chooses how to live his life best 
yeyy prom ^.^ I’m really sorry to hear you didn’t get the dress you wanted but after all you had a great time and an unforgettable night with your classmates so I guess that’s what counts )
Hah we saw almost the same picture here when we were 11th grade  At about 7-8 in the morning there were people in their suits and dresses (some of the girls were even barefooted, tired of their high heels I guess XD) and they haven’t gone home yet, were walking on the streets shouting, coming back to our school XD So yeah it really is an unforgettable experience… :P Me, I lasted only till 4 or 5 am, I had to go home to get some sleep cause we were going the next day to a faraway town to celebrate a friend’s prom XD
Ah I still can’t believe how I found such a perfect dress XD I guess it really was magical, the place I bought it :P I heard about it from my best friend, :p One day when it was pretty early to think about buying a dress for the prom, she went there and the next thing I was hearing her shouting over the phone that she has already bought one, and that it needed just a little correction  and then there was me finding my perfect dress, and after that another classmate of ours soooo yes I guess it is a magical place XD
Ah pictures, of course I have mine already on FB XD I prefer you too see the dress for yourself, I’m not that good at describing and I don’t want you to get a wrong idea of it XD hehe so here’s the link for my profile: there are only two albums which are actually form our prom :P Soo I’m reaaly glad you had an awesome night as well and I can’t wait to see some photos as well :P
Wooow it sounds great! It really was the best choice for the two of you after the hard last year of school you had, nee? ^.^ *so envious of you right now* (hehe but in a good way :P) And all the people from different countries you met! You really have to do your best in keeping in touch with them :P And OK, you’re the luckiest person I’ve ever met XD :P I mean meeting those two guys and being able to make your dream come true next year!! ) Soo now you make sure you save every bit of penny you can! XD Oh I’m sure it will come reality, so gambare! :P ^.^
Haha, wow it was exactly the same for me, about Facebook XD I still can’t cope with it and I am not that kind of enthusiast about it, but yeah it is necessary if you want to keep in touch with your classmates :P Actually we are meeting on the 15th September and good thing FB has this events thing so that everybody knows and doesn’t forget about it lol XD We’ll see how many will actually come, some have already gone abroad to study ><
haha ok, I can totally feel embarrassed to say that I still haven’t finished Pasta x_x I just gave the Japanese dramas priority and here I am stuck on the 8th episode XD but still I promise to tell my impressions of it when I finish it :P (hope this will be before you have seen it XD) So I think you understand how things are with Personal Taste.. XD (still nowhere close to watching it XD :P)
Hah poor us, nee? but yeah you’re totally right that we maybe never want to see the end :P hah now I’m giving Gokusen a chance XD And it really feels like there’s no end with all the seasons, specials, movies and so on XD Hah same with anime here…I can’t remember the time I actually watched a completed anime! I don’t have the time to catch up with the currently airing ones, and can’t even think about a finished one XD Ah and I sometimes feel the same urge to watch only drama and completely forget about anime, but still I have this need sometimes to see some :P So don’t worry I don’t think this could happen, to lose your affection for anime, it’s the cause it all started, the whole Asian- obsessed thing :P
Wow and books now remind me, that I recently read this awesome book by Banana Yoshimoto (strange name huh? XD) called Goodbye Tsugumi, the story is nothing special actually, about a girl his very weak, doesn’t have an exact illness but can die very easily of a simple cold, but she’s actually very strange she’s not the kind type of girl but exactly the opposite, she behaves really rudely sometimes, but only her cousin understands her and sees why she acts that way most times :) So the book is about the last summer they spent together in Tsugumi’s parents inn wich is located near the ocean. It’s a really beautiful story, all the time I read it I imagined things happening exactly like on a drama XD lol and now I feel like I have to read more and more books by Japanese authors, I mean they can even help my studies in the future hehe :P
Littlesakura Jul 20, 2010 1:57 PM
[fangirl's com / ON]
It suits our Neener very well hahahaha ! <3

Poor Nino, it's his 1st time as "Dame Arashi (but not sure about it xD)
iv4eto_666 Jul 3, 2010 3:20 PM
you were saying? that your reply was late...look at mine...XD it really sucs that our comments are like one per month, but you are absolutly right that they need more time :P now I think I have more of it! I have just one exam left ^^
All the exams from school went pretty well, we officially graduated and now only one exam for university is left, but then it's not that important I guess, because I think I did pretty well on the exam for the Japanese studies in university, now I have to wait and see if I'm accepted, and it's like 25 of July...I may as well go crazy till then XD Anyways, the exam that's left is like a precautionary mesure XD it's in maths and I have to take it for the Economics in the same university (it requires maths and english, while Japanese studies require only english or any other foreign language of course XD) hah, nevermind it's all soooo complicated we hardly even understand it here...their whole system of exams and accepting students...

wow 20 sounds creepy XD hah sorry, I absolutely understand that it's not much different from what it was till now, like ypou say I don't get all adultlike for a night but still it sounds really mature and responsability-carring XD
It's really strange this thing how your thinking changes about age, I mean when you're 12 for example you are like "wooow 20 is like your life is almost over..." and when you actually turn 20 you are like "30 years? I'd feel like a granny" and so on, I hope I got my point XD
hah here 18 is a special age too, sort of XD Yeah you reach maturity but I mean I didn't feel the change at all, cause here they sell you alcohol and cigarettes even if you're 12 XD ok, there is some age control in some places, but not everywhere XD the thing with staying out late and going to bars and discos was rpetty much the same, although now it's getting strangely strict...On our prom night,the sister of a friend couldn't get into the disco (sfter 12 am I mean) cause she was 17 and the security made a big problem of that (and only 3 years ago, when I was 15 at my sister's prom there was no problem for me lol XD) So I guess it's going fopr the better XD Now that I mention the prom, how is it with you? I mean do you have this prom every spring or only when you graduate?
Ours is when we graduate form highschool, you know with all the fancy dresses and suits in the luxurious restaurant and after that you literally fill like a sardine in the crammed disco XD It was great for me this year, the restaurant was awesome, we had really good time with my classmates :)) I really didn't have a hard time buying a dress, what amazed me most :)) It was the third one that I put on and it fitted perfectly, didn't need any corrections :)) Ok, it wasn't that easy with the shoes though, had to go around the shops in three cities here, but still I found ones XD I had this classmate who even went to Greece for her dress, cause she couldn't find one here XD lol here I go again I strated talking too much (writing actually XD)
Now back to ages, here I don't think 16 is a very special one, it doesn't give you more rights than you have before turning them, you don't even have the right to drive a car (only a motorbike I think, but not really a big and fast one XD) ut yeah, maybe at 18 you feel more freedom XD Although there is this thing, that things are more enjoyable when they are forbidden, so when you actually are allowed to go out late in the evening for example, you don't get all the fun when you did that when you weren't XD

haha, those are good plans you have when you reach 21 XD haha got to think more on point 4, but yesss it sounds soo tempting XD But hey, who says you will lose all the money there, you may actually make a big fortune and than buy a house on the Hawaii XD

Hah, same here, I can't say all I did this months was study and worry over these stupid exams XD So it went pretty well for me too :) wow Faust sounds creepy XD I think we had to study it in like 10th grade, but then they decided maybe that we were not ready for it and we kind of dropped it out of aour literature programme XD ah and ahow did it go? almost a month later XD I'm sure you did fine actually even if you studied only the day before, everything is not that scary as it seems XD And how does it feel now that it's all over?? I cant say I can get this feeling now, but sort of I feel ike I'm wasting my time, I even sometimes forget what day of the week it is XD I can't start working now, cause of the exam and then all this accepting in university and not that I really want to XD soo my life seems kind of useless now XD
hah I explained a bit in the beginnig, but yeah the exams from school were 4, and they went very well and then those for the university I think I did well in english, my score is 5.84 from 6 and is very good, but still getting into Japanese Studies is pretty difficult and sometimes I have this fear that I won't make it >< but then we'll see XD time flies by, so I hope the 25th comes fast XD

hah I totally see what you mean, same here XD I didn't even like my school and was really happy to be free form it, but then the feeling of waking up in the morning, going to school and meeting all your classmates and friends, spending most of your time there, I actually sometimes miss that, and it's totally true that you will have lots of difficulty getting them together again...haha I was kind of voted for the responsible for the class meetings when we graduate XD So I'll do my best when we decide to get together again XD and that one about being close with only few of them is true as well unfortunatelly, but what can be done if life decides for you to meet again with those people than so will you XD haha now I have to stop with my wise comments XD

yey back to the drama world XD I was really thinkig of giving Personal Taste a try, but I don't know what actually happened and I decided on Pasta instead XD but it's totally with top priority on my plan to watch korean drama list XD
And it's good to hear that it's not soo dramatic, I kind of got enough of drama these days, I finished Sekai no Chuushin de, Ai wo Sakebu yesterday and it really was so sad, more than I could take, so now I need a more cheerful one XD

hehe good for you, being able to complete all the finished drama!! *so envious right now* XD I don't think that ever would be possible for me, cause it gets bigger every day I search through MDL and those which are currently airing are already completed when I get to them and ahhh it's sooo hard XD And now with the summer anime season started, I have to check out at least some of them and I am not nearly close to cathing up with the rest that I have started sooo yes, it's pretty hard >< XD

wow, even the mere thought to show a Japanese movie was great, but then not everything can be so perfect XD Really it seems strange, that a japanese horror movie should be that bad, or me they are the scariest of all XD But it was really shame that everybody should think like that, if an american movie is a total disaster, would you go and say like that that you'd never see another one? they really annoy me those type of people, judging like that form the small example for the whole group or whatever...but can you even argue, people are so narrow-minded these days it will be like yeah whatever you say about those chinese guys ><
ahh here, I haven't still seen a Japanese movie on the big screen, but they were for a whole month! screening movies by studio Ghibli, it wasna't in a big place, but thre were a lot of people (and not only mothers with their children XD) it was really great the feeling XD Me and my friend went to see Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away (finally I saw it! it was really great, I loved it, Princess Mononoke though seemed really strange...XD but still it was good ^^) I also read recently Howl's moving castle! did you know there was a book? it was actually based on the book, it's from a British author Dayane Wayne Jones (I'm not sure that it's spelled like that XD) but it was really good, and now I want to see the movie as soon as possible ^^

Littlesakura Jun 19, 2010 12:06 PM
YAY !!!!!
Congrats !!! And you had good results ! So proud of you xD
But how come you still don't know which Uni you'll join ? o__O
In France we have to choose it during the middle of the year and have the answer of the Uni before the finals exams start.

OMG your trip sounds so amazing ! Yeah, too bad that you won't come in Paris !
Aaah and you know what, (almost) every year I spend my holidays near Marseille, but this year we won't, because I have my family from California who's coming in Paris. è___é

About Personal Taste : OMG the end of the episode 10 was the best ! Best kissing scene ever *_____________*
Lee Min Oh is def one of my fav korean actor <3

Prosecutor Princess : woa if you haven't told me I wouldn't even recognise that it was her from IRIS o__O
Anyway this drama looks really interesting, I wanted to star My Fair Lady after Oh! My Lady, but instead of that I'll watch Prosecutor Princess xD
(And have you watch My Fair Lady / Take care of the young lady ? )

Ugh that's why I"m so afraid when I have to pre/order with play-asia/yesasia. For each purchase, I'm praying for not having problems with them lol
I hope you'll fix it as soon as possible !

No I didn't know about that SP for Kaibutsu-kun, I'm so glad to read that 'cause I'm really in love with this drama ! *___*
Lol ok for Buzzer Beat, I'm downloading it, I'm curious about this "real" kiss xD

Super Junior : Ok I'll dl these 2 albums, I'll tell you what I think about them ^^'
Maybe I'll start to love them just like you ! hehe
Littlesakura Jun 12, 2010 12:22 AM
Hehe no problem =)
I fully understand that you had to work hard for your last exam ! Seems you did well with your exam, even if you've started to study very late, did you ? xD
About my exams, I think I'll pass, but I don't know I may be wrong....I'm waiting for the results. ^^"

Oh that's better then, have fun and working and earn money, that's the best ! xD
Haha I know what you mean about teaching people ~this feeling of power. \o.
I'm the same, since I'm in my last year, I have to teach to 1st and 2nd years people, and they're always asking me advices and doing whatever I said them to do. Muhahaha ! ^_____^

Haha and don't forget to tell me if you find another epic drama to watch. xD

Yeaaaah Personal Taste is too good !! OMG I laughed so hard when Jin Ho has to buy some feminine hygiene for Gae In and love her reaction when she saw the razor with them xD
And the scene that killed me was the one at the very end of the episode 8, I was crying so much when he said "I'm attending to start a love with this woman" and...what....1 minute later I was like " no wayyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!! I've cried for nothing T____T" lol

YEAH I was so happy when I heard about their new album, and above all there'll be Monster in it. \o/
I can't wait for the news solos, I miss them so much *.*
Did you pre-order it ? I did it yesterday in play-asia ! xD
And Jun's new drama, I miss his acting so much too, plus he'll play another tsundere chara, that's fits him so well (Domyouji ! Shin ! <3 ).
I miss Nino's acting too, he didn't play in a drama for a while, since Ryusei no Kizuna right ? - Only in movies & tanpatsu.
But I didn't watch Buzzer Beat yet, seems that I should xD

Haha so true, Jun's "ma ma ma ma ma" was the best, and I loved it when they talked again about it in the 2nd episode with the "whouhooooooooo" with Sho-kun. xD
And yeah, Johnny is so cruel, this punishment....that's totally insane. >_<
And have you noticed it in Monster's PV, didn't they lost weight ? o___O

Aaaah that's how you've started to love Super Junior !
Which album should I listen to ? The "sorry sorry" song sounds pretty good to me.^^"
And to you, which one was the best between Oh My lady and Personal Taste ? =)

Haha yeah that's all thanks to Boys over Flowers, but to tell the truth SS501 is not that good. I have to say that I only love their last (mini)album - Destination, especially the song "Love Ya" - I tried to listen to their olders albums and I didn't really like them, too bad ! lol

Woa I don't even remember this crazy dance in DnA ! Shame on me. >_<