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euls Mar 28, 3:41 AM
AAAaaaAAA you ship megumi and souma too ;w;
Finally, I found someone like me.

I saw your comment at the "Anti Yaoi Fanclub" and I completely agree with your statement that's why I decided to check
your profile out~

You've been away for quite a long time tho @_@
Kunii Sep 12, 2017 3:37 AM
Happy Birthday!
Username Sep 11, 2017 11:45 PM
Lol happy birthday again!
Username Sep 12, 2016 9:57 PM
Happy bday yo!
Star Apr 22, 2016 12:48 AM
Sim, estou assistindo pelos feels, vi os 4(?) que já saíram, você também?

Não se preocupe com a demora ... eu mesma demorei mais de um mês para te responder! Tenho pouco tempo pra entrar.
Que diferente ... morar no mesmo prédio, mas em apartamentos diferentes!
Nossa, mas meio que entendo. Você pelo menos viaja para visitá-los? Porque no meu caso tanto os meus parentes que estão espalhados pelo Brasil, quanto os que moram no exterior eu não vejo.
Não, quem dera, já morei sozinha por uns anos e adorava. Agora moro com meus pais, mas eles só chegam em casa depois das 21hs. E eu vou em casa para almoçar, aí dô uma ajeitada na casa, volto pro trabalho e depois para a faculdade. Não está dando muito certo, mas meus pais não reclamam porque sabem que ngm tem tempo de ficar faxinando durante a semana.

Rin x Haru (Free!)
Kagura x Okita (Gintama)
Yuki x Zero (Vampire Knight)
Sasuke x Naruto (Naruto)
Alec x Magnus (Shadow Hunters)
Erza x Jellal (Fairy Tail)
Ciel x Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji)
Rony x Hermione (li antes de ser canon e leio até hj)
Prussia x Belarus (Hetalia)
Tifa x Cloud (FF)
Noctis x Lightning (FF)


Assim, leio vários, de animes e livros na maior parte. De seriados até shippo, mas não leio fics. Tem algum que eu citei que você goste de ler tbm?

Eu não sou muito de series. Até gosto, mas como tenho pouco tempo acabo focando em mangás > animes > series e filmes. Os seriados que estou assistindo no momento são Better Caul Saul e Suits. Dos que você comentou gosto muito também de GoT e How to Get Away w/ Murder. Mas acho que meus favoritos seriam O.C > House > Breaking Bad > GoT > How to Get Away (...) Pretendo assistir House of Cards daqui algum tempo. Me conta então sobre Bates Motel, sempre tive uma curiosidade.

Sim segue a mesma história. Então, HxH é um shounen de arcos. O anime finalizou no fim do arco das Eleições. Eu recomendo assistir porque não acredito que viveremos para assistir uma adaptação novamente. O autor provavelmente vai morrer antes de finalizar o mangá. Então é melhor assistir enquanto a qualidade é considerada boa.

Orange Mar 18, 2016 9:55 AM
Don’t worry, just reply when you have time :D

You seems like a big fan of Naruto! Yeah I can see how Naruto’s like Dragon Ball for some people. That one anime for me would probably be One Piece. I only started watching it in 2010 so it’s not much of a childhood thing but I love it a lot :) Fillers could be funny and interesting indeed. But I’m too frustrated with OP pacing to appreciate good fillers lol I hate bad animation but I will still watch it if I like the series. That’s happening to me now, with Digimon Adventure tri T.T

I think I will read Naruto someday for sure. I don’t mind its length and I feel like it’s one of the series that every anime fan should watch/read XD

Every accent is hard for me actually especially Scottish because I’m 100% Asian from Thailand. My language and European languages are sooo different it gives me a headache sometimes lol I like living here because the weather is much colder (it’s always 25-40c in Bangkok) and the city is beautiful :) What isn’t cool is my speaking skill and how hilly this city is. It’s very tiring to walk around!

I like a long series if I like that series lol And yeah it’s really sad whenever I finish a long series I like :(
Sure! if you want to <3
tsudecimo Mar 15, 2016 5:44 PM
Oh hit c:
I've been doing fine. How about you?

Been wasting a lot of time in Deviant art tutorials :x
Izanagi777 Mar 14, 2016 12:32 AM
Yo Pixie.. Hmm, seems that our time differences is around 12 hours since by the time you sent this comment it's around 9pm in my place :P

Ah, i see.. Well, that's somewhat plenty but i did hear a lot of good things about Kenshin.. Anyway i'll check this out later, and by the meaning of OVA is it this OVA? Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan - Tsuiokuhen.. Do you think i can understand the story if i watch this OVA before the series? (given that you said it's chronologically place before the main series)

Haha.. Yeah, after all he's (light spoiler)
although i guess it's pretty obvious.. but yeah, he's one of the main focus in 3rd season so you will like it for sure.. and yeah, just tell me once you start the 2nd season.. It's my favorite season from KnB since it's focus on my boy Aomine XD XD

As for GoM, ofc i like all of them (Tetsu and Momoi include).. Well, if i have to ranked GoM it would be something like this.. Aomine>Akashi>Midorima>Kuroko>Kise>Momoi>Murasakibara.. I like Aomine the most since i really like his motive to antagonize Kuroko, he will also have a major development in the later of series and aside of that i too a fan of his type of character (hell i even have several characters who share the similar traits with Aomine and they made it to my top favorite characters list).. Akashi, well.. kinda similar with Aomine, always a fan of an arrogant character that pretty overpowered, the rest i can't tell you yet since it would be a spoiler :P For Midorima, once again.. can't really explain it since it would happen in the later of the story, but he will also get a significant development that made me like him a lot, one of his quote is my favorite quote in KnB XD XD Kuroko, well.. I like the fact that he isn't some guy who is actually decent and have a secret ace.. While he does has his secret ace (misdirection), still he can't do anything alone since without the help from teammate he's practically useless.. I found that to be somewhat original since if you see the sport anime main protagonist it's either overpowered (Echizen from PoT and Tsubasa from Captain Tsubasa) or decent player who has a secret ace (Hinata from Haikyuu and Sakuragi from Slam Dunk) i found the protagonist like Tetsu is somewhat refreshing :D

Next for Kise.. Well, as you can saw in the end of first season, he already started to change since Seirin beat them in the practice match.. pretty sure he's one of the more likable character in KnB with his cherry personality not to mention that he's a protagonist type antagonist (do you understand what i mean, lol).. Momoi, well while i like her for his stupidity (in a good way), hilarious and being a teasing girl especially to Riko, what i like the most from her is her relationship with Aomine (no, not the shipping but the character relationship between them) i mean, we know that she really like Tetsu and all but in the end she still choose to stick with Aomine (with entering Too Academy) since she really care for him and afraid that he would do something stupid if she isn't around.. I found that that kind of action is respectable and made me like her character :P And last but not least, Murasakibara.. Well, while i still like him in one way, but for sure he's the most disappointing GoM member for me since he is the GoM with the least screen time and the least developed.. but you can just wait and see since his attitude can be pretty cute for girl (he's somewhat childish :P).. So i guess that's my opinion about GoM :D :D

Haha.. Yeah, you can start to collect it starting from now.. Does your country publish Naruto manga with Portuguese language? Since i guess it would be the best for us to get a copies with our original language (i do it myself).. As for your second question, so sorry.. i don't know it myself so i can't really answer your question :/ Well, as for me.. I actually buy it with my original language.. To be truth the translator usually can change some humor for example to be suitable with their respective country, but aside from that it's good and stick to the original series IMO.. as for me, Japanese and Chinese is pretty similar in term of humor and culture so they don't really change that much from the original Japanese..

I see.. Well, just read it then.. Magi is a slow starter, but by the time you reach the first major story arc, i guaranteed that you'll like it.. Haven't started Vinland Saga yet but i hear a lot of good things from the series, is it about the vikings or something isn't it? As for One Piece, truthfully i suggest you to start with the manga first, since One Piece anime is pretty slow (it would get interesting around 40'ish episodes) so i guess manga would be suitable for you to start since you can go with your own pace.. but if you want to start the anime then just do that.. maybe watch like 3-4 episodes to decide whether it's too slow for you or not..

Haha.. thanks for your opinion Pixie.. and no, ofc it won't let me down.. Well, even if you dislike one my favorite (for example) i'm cool with that since you know.. each person got their own taste and preference isn't it? XD XD Well.. Death Note is pretty slow in the start though, not to mention the time that you need to spent to read 1 volume of that is longer than our regular manga since apparently it's full with wall of texts XD XD Haha, i see.. Well, yeah.. just tell me if someday you start to re read Bleach again then.. just want to know if you like it since it's pretty similar with Naruto (with all supernatural things and villainous group etc :P)

True.. Black Butler have a lot of fujoshi fans but actually it's kinda like KnB since inside the manga itself there's next to no yaoi scene or action, it's a shonen after all.. Hell even one of the main character Ciel Phantomive has a fiancee :P Well, yeah.. if you only see the description it isn't interesting at all.. but it's actually kinda like mystery/action package anime.. well, basically it's a detective manga where ciel has to solve a lot of problem (most of them are mystery) but with the help of his Demon Butler Sebastian.. Just imagine Detective Conan (if you ever read it) with supernatural theme and a bit battle shonen-ish action package since sometimes Sebastian does need to fight (usually with either assassins or other supernatural being like zombies or death god).. As for side characters, i can't really say that all of them are interesting.. there's this dude called Undertaker for example.. he's frickin interesting since his action is questionable.. The story show him as a good guy (help the main characters by giving the info etc) but his other actions made he become pretty suspicious made us think whether this guy is in the good guy side or not everytime he does his action.. but this Grell guy (that you mentioned before) is pretty awful character (at least for me) since he's kinda a homoerotic adult.. I mean he's a guy but he say that he want to get pregnant :/ I guess that's some point that i can say for Black Butler :D

I see.. Pretty nice opinion for the Kages.. Well, i guess Tobirama is also my least favorite kages, especially since what he used to do with Uchiha, but that's what i like from Naruto.. Not all Konoha are a good guy (see Tobirama, Madara, and Danzo for example) while most of other battle shonen portrayed the good guy in the white side while all the bad guy in the black side.. Truthfully i'm kinda tired with that kind of cliche since it's made the antagonist unlikable for most of the times :/ and how about other country kages? What's your opinion about them? (kinda like Raikage, Tsuchikage, Mizukage, and Gaara)

Haha.. Yeah, Yona isn't really give the Harem vibes although i only met 2 dragons (Gi-Ja and Ao) but pretty sure both of them doesn't have the feeling to Yona but more like respect her as their leader.. Yeah, Hak and Gi-Ja banter is great (with a white snake or something XD) True, her bratty side is sometimes cute i admit.. Haha, is the dragon you meant is Ao? Well, i've to continue Yona soon then to know this opinion about him similar with someones :D

Well.. unlike most people, i actually download and collected the anime so i can rewatch it in the future.. usually i only stick with torrent and this sites called animethehylia.. but both of them are for download the anime instead of stream it.. And ofc sub, since it's stick close to the originall.. Not gonna be a weaboo, but i prefer to hear "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" instead of "Shadow Clone Technique" I do watch the dub for Pokemon anime.. but it's more like because they actually have the original Japanese name for each pokemon, and since i grew up with watching Pokemon in dubbed, i continue to do that until now :P How about you? Which one do you prefer Pixie? XD

Haha.. Yeah, truthfully I won't recommend Prison School to a women since you know, the ecchi scene and action is pretty lewd that i can say it's almost borderline hentai.. but later on, it does have a very interesting and thrilling plot so that's why i like it since you know, i'm not a fan of ecchi anime either.. I won't enjoy an anime that the ecchi scene completely overwhelm the plot for example.. but it's not the case for Prison School so that's why i like it :D Is the one which bother you a lot is their ecchi scenes Pixie? XD XD
Izanagi777 Mar 10, 2016 9:38 PM
Haha.. Well, that's pretty late alright.. but i also do it sometimes especially in holiday :P

Lol, yeah.. Agree with you since Gai is still as crazy as before even in their old day XD XD Well, i don't really understand it myself, but after a quick google search it's someting like this.. "ONA (Original Net Animation) designates any anime that airs across Internet and mobile phones, whereas OVA (Original Video Animation) designates any anime that is released directly on video." Guess kinda something like this :P

I see.. Is that any good? Since i heard a lot of good things about Kenshin..

Haha.. That's just the same with me, in fact GoM is the ones that made me like Kuroko more than any other sport anime and nice to see that you like Aomine the most ^^ Where're you now in Kuroko? Have you started the 2nd season yet? The tall ones called Murasakibara (yeah i know it's hard to pronounce :/ ) and ofc Akashi is a badass, but even in 2nd season he only appear for a short period of time so you have to wait until 3rd season to see his full appearance.. Akashi is in fact my 2nd favorite GoM so i want to know what's your opinion about him after you watched him :P Lol... I guess he's similar with Sasori appearance wise although their personality is kinda different.. just wait and see XD

I see.. Yeah, but still even in Naruto (or any other series with more than 1 male character) it's still hard to avoid it.. I mean FT have a bunch of canon pairing but they still have their own yaoi doujin anyway :/ KnB is on another level though, given how much the fujoshi fans of it.. and actually adding new female character won't really help either, since it's actually pretty hard to make a useful female characters in shonen/sport anime except to become manager/love interest.. and i see that most sport anime that doesn't have a romance tag won't have a lot of girls in their series :D

Yeah, after all Naruto is one of my very first manga (along with DBZ, Doraemon, and Detective Conan).. I even already read Naruto since I haven't become an anime fan yet.. so i guess it's only natural to have the physical copies of it :P Nice collection, so you also collected Bleach huh? What's your opinion about this series (it's actually my personal favorite series :P) and i want to know your opinion about Death Note and One Piece :D As for my manga collection, some series that i'm collected are Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball, KnB, Magi, Black Cat, and Black Butler (which i have until their respective final volume in my country to date) while there're also some other series like Detective Conan (only until it's 50's volume) and One Piece (the latest ones that i bought is the 33th volume)..

Well, yeah.. It's also true for me.. Since i watch all these anime for free, i guess the only thing i can do to help the mangaka/original creator is by buy them the physical copies of the manga and i also collect some anime action figure :P

Haha, yeah.. I think so, well.. in fact i'm never a fan of the villain who is evil for the sake of being evil without any reasons or whatsoever, i guess that's one of Naruto stronger points, giving the villain the reason to do it be it justified for their sake (itachi, pain, etc) or not (danzo, madara, etc) Lol, dunno why i think Oro as a kid is pretty good looking, kinda like cute boy IMO *nohomo* XD XD

That's just the same with me although i'm started to dislike him after he fused with Oro and do some crazy things as that massive edo tensei for Ninja's world war.. but after we learnt his past, i can't help but pitied him :/ Btw from all 5 kages, which one is your favorite?

I see.. That's cool, well while i'm not really a fan of drink, i do go out to bar with friends sometimes and i do order some alcoholic drink like cocktail or red wine :P and yeah, i don't want to get hangover either.. i just don't like to lost control of myself or outright passed out, lol XD

Well, i'm only half way through the end (still in episode 11 right now) but i must say that i enjoyed the series a lot, will start to watch it again next week.. I like how Yona grow up from a useless bratty princess to train so hard that she want to help the person who always protect him someday, which is beautiful and awesome at the same time.. Really like her interaction with Hak since she's like buddy-buddy with him although their differences in position.. How about you? What's the thing that you like from Akatsuki no Yona? and do you have any favorite character? :D
Izanagi777 Mar 8, 2016 2:09 AM
Hi Pixie, sorry for my late reply.. Since the last time i spoke to you i've been pretty busy so just recently i can browse MAL and talk to other members again.. Well, i see.. Nice to know that you enjoyed KnB a lot since it's one of my favorite anime.. just like you, i also like the fact that they have GoM which is my favorites "villain" in term of sport anime.. I mean, usually we only get to know the enemy just before the match, while GoM have already introduced since the beginning of the series which made their hype become even better than regular sport anime villain.. as for Kise vs Aomine, yeah.. definitely one of the best game in the series, not to mention we don't know who will win at the end given the circumstance..

Haha.. well, can't argue with you.. The yaoi fanbase of KnB is definitely huge given that the series full of bishonen guy playing sport which ofc appeal a fujoshi mass.. and yeah, just like you.. i actually a bit annoyed of them since it completely give a different vibes of the series while within the series itself, there's no single evidence yaoi or any gay relationship.. the nearest that i could say is just the nickname that some certain character give to another one (like takao called Midorima Shin-chan and Kise always add cchi at the end of the name of person that close to him) but aside of that, i agree that there's not supposed to be a yaoi.. But nowadays, i'm starting to understand since the growth of yaoi fanbase is growing so i guess for now there's no single anime can escape the yaoi fanbase except harem or all girl character genre of anime :/ IIRC even Naruto got a bunch of them isn't it? :/

Yep, that's one.. I guess it's already happened for a long time ago, but since i have the copies of all naruto volumes, i still can re read it now and then so i guess that's why i still remember about them :P Yeah, he's my favorite as well and his relation with Jugo is nice i guess..

Lol, i think so.. although maybe i guess it's better if we lose him since he become very heroic in the last fight (with night moth technique remember) and i still remember that it's mention that if we opened all 8 gates we'll die and i think it would made an even greater impact.. still having him alive isn't bad either although it's sad to know that he have to live the rest of his life in the wheelchair :/

Haha, i see.. Yeah, sasori is one of the more entertaining Akatsuki right there.. perhaps even more than either hidan or kakuzu since we got a backstory and such although just like you said, power wise he isn't that strong.. Hmm, i see.. Well for me, i can't really forgive or accept Danzo's action since his backstory is just full of envy.. i understand him and it's realistic for him to do so, but still can't really accept to what happen next since what his done is too much.. On the other hand, while Madara is an evil bastard i think i understand why he did that given the situation that he's rejected by both of his clan and senju clan and have to fight by himself, Still can't really justified his action though..

Well.. can't disagree with you.. Lol at you said that sound 4/hebi looks like angry teenagers compare to akatsuki because of how accurate is it XD XD XD Btw just want to know about your opinion about Kabuto? What do you think of him? Do you like or dislike him?

And no, don't mention it XD XD Do you like to drink btw? :D
Orange Feb 28, 2016 7:29 AM
No problem! ^-^

I heard Naruto anime has many fillers and I don't like to read manga so I couldn't get myself to start either lol Yeahh, normally anime are usually faster than manga (2 or more chapters per episode). I think OP anime used to be like that too but the studio wants to keep animating, without a break or a new season, until it ends so they need to slow it down and insert some filler arcs before it catches up to the manga. Currently, it's at episode 731 in the anime (chapter 789) and chapter 817 in the manga T.T

Me too~ I like to watch the anime first to get the vibe and also, the voice of each character! Yep, you can start reading the manga for later arcs or watch some from that link =) And I'm not from Scotland actually, just living here at the moment. I like Scottish accent too even if it's hard to understand sometimes XD Where are you from btw?

For Magi, part of the story was changed at the end of season 1 and the animation was quite bad in season 2. Overall, the manga is better (again~) but the anime isn't that bad either! And if you like to watch long anime series, I think HxH 2011 is also a great choice. I love the stories and the world building in both Magi and HxH >.<
Orange Feb 26, 2016 4:50 PM
Hello there, I saw your One Piece thread and wanna say something here~!

Normally I prefer anime over manga but I'd say OP manga is much better. OP anime did closely follow the manga. There weren't many fillers either but the pacing was very slow. The more you watch, the slower it gets. If you're ok with that, watching it all without reading anything should be enough.

If you don't mind downloading, you can watch a condensed version of some arcs here. I found it much more enjoyable to watch this way :3
Izanagi777 Feb 25, 2016 9:12 AM
Yo Pixie.. Long time no see.. and that's okay, I too been pretty busy lately to the level that i haven't watched any anime for almost 3 weeks until now.. Well, i'm sorry for you.. Do you still have a flu until now? Hope you get well pretty soon :/

I see.. Really? That's nice to know that you also like all of my favorites from Naruto.. and yeah, i guess it's one of the things that people complain the most since the revival made the Konoha side almost without victim.. but just like you said, learning the past of Nagato and see how he get "lectured" by Naruto made his act unquestionable..

Haha.. yeah, i just like the friendship between Shika-Naruto more but ofc Naruto-Sasuke friendship is great as well.. I just like them because it seems more realistic for me.. Well, completely agree with you.. Sasuke retrieval arc is also one of my favorite arc from the original Naruto since that's the first time we get to see Naruto work together with another team members.. not to mention that sound 4 also one of more interesting villains in Naruto aside from Akatsuki and Oro for obvious reason..

I see.. Yeah, the last arc is awesome indeed.. just a bit disappointed that Madara didn't become the final villain and got one hit killed by black zetsu after all buildup around him.. not to mention i enjoyed him as a villain and a character a lot while the actual final villain, Kaguya is really bland character-wise although she's pretty overpowered indeed.. but aside from that we also got a lot of great things like team 7 reunion, 4 Hokage join the battle, and Gai become one of the strongest character in Naruto with pure hard work which is great to see IMO..

As for Kazekage arc, ofc i remember that arc especially since it's the first time Akatsuki play a role in Naruto's story (aside from Itachi ofc).. and Sakura whose called to be useless (by the fans ofc) got a lot time to shine in the battle against Sasori which is great IMO.. Anyway, what's your opinion about Akatsuki as a villain? How do you compare between them and Orochimaru's team?

Haha, i see.. Well, actually for some reason i still can't make myself to like Karin even until now but that doesn't mean that i dislike her though.. as for Suigetsu, i always found him to be funny and entertaining even from the beginning.. just too bad that we can't got to see him battling against Kisame since both of them are seven swordmaster of Mist.. And ofc i understand about your feeling about Danzo, since as much as loath-able he is.. but actually he's a pretty well written character and villain IMO.. guess we share the same feeling about Danzo :P

Lol, it's okay.. and yeah ofc i've watched and finished Kuroko.. It's actually one of my favorite anime, lol.. Are you watching Kuroko pixie? Do you like it? :D
Marila Feb 20, 2016 8:24 PM
I'm so sorry for the late reply. Dx I hardly log onto MAL these days.

I guess Naruto was important to me in that I also meet some of my friends through it? Even though all of us moved on to different interests in the end :X lol

I did wind up finding other shows to fill the void, but most of them were live action shows/american cartoons. I guess I wanted to expand my interests out of anime/manga... although I kind of miss it now if I'm being honest. I might go back and watch some of the anime classics one of these days.
Star Feb 18, 2016 1:26 PM
Kuraderu se digivolve para Witch.

Ah, acho que não sabia que morava no exterior ... tu moras onde? e vives sozinha?
Que chato, imagino que um pedaço seu volte com ela e que deve dar uma sensação de estar incompleta, pelo menos até se acostumar com a ausência da sua mãe né? Partidas são sempre tristes :(
Nem me fala de afazeres domésticos, eu trabalho, estudo e ainda estou tendo que me virar para arrumar a casa já que a moça que trabalha aqui em casa evaporou.

Também AMO fanfics, e S&S é o que mais gosto de ler. Que legal!! Eu nunca conheci ninguém pessoalmente que goste dessas coisas ...

Continue assistindo Kuroko, a segunda temporada é demais! No quesito shounen, HxH é um dos melhores que já vi, e já vi várias vezes. Não leio o mangá de HxH porque ele vive em hiatus e sei lá, deve ser muito frustrante. Dos que eu comentei só li o mangá de FMP e a novel de Spice and Wolf.

Gosto de seriados também, mas assisto mais animes do que séries. E você? Está acompanhando alguma série no momento?