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Apr 8, 2013
This anime has to be one of the most random anime I ever watch.

Story 6/10
It was so random. Each 3 min episode it had own little storyline, but the anime as a whole didnt. I give it a 6 because even though it was random it got me interested and glued to the screen making me wonder what's gonna happened next. It also had different anime references like dragon ball z, hell girl, Shiba Inuko-san, Bakugan, at some point in the anime they went from japan to new jersey. which was pretty hilarious.

Art 8/10
the art has different drawing styles to it. they would go from read more
Jun 4, 2012
By far this has been the most dumbest yaoi anime i ever seen. So the anime revolves around 15 year old being rape by his uncle/adopted father ever since he was born till his current age, and no I dont mean rape as in "get off of me, no means no" rape, i mean "thats a little kid your taking advantage of" rape, Not even 5 minutes into episode and they had sex, but its yaoi so i wasn't really surprise, but what got me turn off by this anime is that the main character is such a big crybaby, its utterly annoying,you'r a guy read more
Apr 1, 2012
This short 4 minute special was simply amazing, its been a long while since i watch the series and watching this special brings back memories of the series. So nostalgic, I miss this anime so much, I wish sunrise would make and spin off to it. Anyways the special was great, u would enjoy it especially if u love the series.
Mar 31, 2012
I love an anime that gives me a good laugh and this anime delivered that. Even though each episode is very short, less than seven minutes, i couldnt stop laughing hard in each epsiode.A anime that this anime remind me of is Joshi Kousei.This anime is a must watch if u love comedy, ecchi, yuri subtext and school life all together.
Jan 7, 2012
Its a 3 mins per episode anime and there are 13 episodes so in all your spending 39 mins on this whole anime, plus somehow the creator(s) are able to put in a opening song within the three mins which last 30 secs so you can say each episode is 2 mins and 30 secs, so why not watch it. The main character doesnt say anything throught out the anime, well except in her mind, while her friends and her mother, the side characters,wont shut up. This anime is definitely a slice of life anime with a slight shoujo ai context to it but read more
Jan 6, 2012
Very interesting manga that's if you love yuri and horror, and the draftsmanship and the story line is is very captivating The ONLY problem i have with this manga is that, its been 5 years since volume one came out and they STILL havent either published or created volume two, I gave up on waiting on volume two, four years ago and i dont think there is gonna be one. Dont read if you like having closer in mangas because volume one isnt gonna give you it at all. Maybe one day somebody going pick up where they left off....
Jan 6, 2012
After watching this anime I had to do a review on it. This anime gave me a good laugh over all. All the main and side characters are funny in there own way. This anime reminds of the anime Strawberry Marshallows more than any other anime, if you havent watch it or read it, do so and you see what I mean. I personally enjoy shoujo ai/ school life/ Moe anime so i automatically fell in love with this anime, Plus the comedy, wrap it all up in one. The first two episodes may start off slow but i guarantee you gonna enjoy it read more