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Aug 10, 2013
Mod Note: This review was initially posted for the one-shot, Kuuki-chan to Yankee-kun, and was subsequently merged into Naisho ja Tarinai yo.

To be honest, the only reason I decided to read this one-shot was because it seemed to be a blatant rip off of Yoshikawa Miki's work, and I wanted to be proven wrong. The concept itself is nearly identical to Yamada and the Seven Witches (girl and misunderstood delinquent fall down the stairs and accidentally kiss, only to find they've switched bodies) and the title itself seems to be a direct reference to Yoshikawa's "Yankee-kun to Megane-chan".

That aside though, Kuuki-chan to Yankee-kun was mediocre read more
Jan 4, 2013
Annarasumanara is a stunning manhwa that deals with themes such as growing up and social expectation.

First and foremost, the art is phenomenal. The simple colouring in this manhwa is used perfectly to convey emotion without being over-bearing. Also, the art style itself can only be described as unique. Throughout the manhwa, strange imagery is used, but it portrays the message very well.

Plot-wise, this manhwa is not fast-paced whatsoever. The story unfolds leisurely, but it's not done so in a way that is irritating or boring. However, if you're looking for something full of action, this may not be for you. Instead, Annarasumanara uses intrigue read more
Jun 28, 2012
I am a big fan of just about anything Alice in Wonderland related. I throughly enjoyed reading the Heart no Kuni no Alice magna, and was very excited to watch the movie adaptation. However, I was throughly disappointed.

There is essentially no plot whatsoever throughout the course of this film. The scenes jump quickly and offer little explanation to the events going on. There is also absolutely no character development, so if someone unfamiliar with the series were to watch, they would be utterly lost.

Also, the film wastes a lot of time on pointless scenes. For example, in the opening, they continually showed cards read more