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Feb 25, 2017
You know the old adage "you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain?" Well... that's me right now. I could've just stayed a casual fan of anime, but instead I find myself becoming a bitter and jaded cynic who's slowly beginning to think that anime really was a mistake and that it's nothing but trash. This is a medium that seriously impacted the person I've become (for better or worse) and to see season after season of garbage coming out, it's pretty infuriating. At the same time though, I have to remind myself that there's shit out there that made read more
Jul 19, 2016
I just wanna state that for the record, I have no problem with shojo smut in and of itself. Most of the time, it's analogous to shonen ecchi shit and isn't really offensive enough to be worth hating. With that said, there are aspects of shojo smut that REALLY piss me the fuck off (i.e. molestation being played for romance). Let's not forget that every so often, there comes a particular manga that just evokes all manner of visceral disgust out of me. Haou Airen is one such manga and to this day, I still maintain that it's the single most vile, reprehensible thing I've read more
Jul 6, 2016
I don't understand why it's so fucking hard to get an action show that's consistently entertaining. Of all the programmes I watched, Tokyo Ghoul is probably one of the few shows that actually made me feel like I was wasting my time watching it. "Oh, why didn't you drop it?" you might ask? Well for starters, I was actually following the programme as it was airing at the time (fun fact: I actually had the most upvoted preview at the time, but it got taken down because the show finished airing). But that isn't enough to truly explain why I so viscerally despise Tokyo Ghoul. read more
Mar 1, 2016
This isn't Star Wars. George Lucas's franchise should NOT be renamed into anything else.

If any work of entertainment in our history deserves the title of 'Star Wars,' then it is the entirety of George Lucas's franchise and NOT this anime. Star Wars is more star wars than LOGH ever was, is, or will be. Constant spiels of exposition about various topics, a constant show of myopia in regards to its setting and subject matter, all the while consistently failing to act on the countless possibilities presented to us, this is 110 episodes of pure, unadulterated wasted potential in the most inexcusable ways possible.

In case you read more
Feb 21, 2016
[contains heavy spoilers; read at your own risk]

Ah, Clannad: After Story. Bar none, one of the most illustrious anime series to date with a reputation for being something that will undoubtedly touch your heart and make you cry if you've grown attached to the characters. In many ways, I can definitely see where the praise is coming from. It isn't often that we receive a slice-of-life series that goes beyond the realm of high school and for what it does, it does the whole "life beyond high school" thing exceptionally well. Hell, there were a few moments where I was genuinely shocked at what just read more
Nov 15, 2015
All ye infidels who doth worship the pretender god Madoka beware! Haruhi is the one true God of anime, and those who dare say otherwise shall incur Her divine wrath! Oh man, the Haruhi Suzumiya series is one of those programmes that I loved the shit out of in my late middle school/early high school years and still adore to this very day. Equal parts awesome concept, gut-bustingly hilarious English dub, and equally hilarious comedy, Haruhi is one of the few programmes where I'll gladly jump aboard the bandwagon and praise it.

Alack, it's also one of those franchises that's becoming increasingly ignored over the read more
Nov 12, 2015
Pokemon (Anime) add (All reviews)
Pokémon was a cornerstone of my childhood and even my early adolescence. I've watched almost all of the movies (prior to Gen V, that is) and I've completed every TV series up to and including Diamond & Pearl. On top of that, I've played all of the games and have been playing "competitively" since 2006. I think it's safe to say that I have a rather biased perception of Pokémon as a whole. Whilst most people I know either lampoon this series at every chance they get or overrate it to high heaven because of either old shame or nostalgia respectively, I have an opinion read more
Nov 12, 2015
Kyoto Animation has this strange habit of making programmes I can relate to and yet have major problems with in spite of that empathy factor. As an example of this phenomenon of theirs, let's take a look at Love, Chunibyo, & Other Delusions: a programme that's about your Narutard phase from middle school, or more specifically, one person who recently got out of that phase and his relationship with another person who's still wearing a forehead protector and making hand signs.

I'm just gonna rip this bandage right off from the start so that yall know what I think of the show: I actually do happen read more
Nov 1, 2015
Oh, I'm not gonna make myself any new friends with this review. PA Works is one of those studios that you either praise the shit out of or you just don't give a rat's ass about. Even for the number of "successes" that they've had in the past, I don't really find myself feeling anything but indifference toward the bulk of stuff that they've produced. Hell, I'm surprised I found myself giving this show a negative review. Granted, I've never truly liked a single show that they've ever released. PA Works' programmes aren't as visually enticing as A-1 Pictures', they're nowhere near as emotionally involving read more
Oct 23, 2015
I've been asking this for years on end, and I'll keep saying it until Toei Animation et al actually answers the question: Did the world really need another Dragon Ball sequel? Haven't we learned from the sheer clusterfuck that was GT that nothing good could EVER come of a TV sequel to a horrendously overextended franchise that for all intents and purposes, should've stayed in the 1990s? "But this time, it's canon!" So what if it's canon? It still sucks, and nothing you say can ever convince me or any rational person otherwise.

Dragon Ball GT was definitely terrible, but at least it was trying to read more