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May 9, 2010
Making an animation promotion video of nanami for windows 7 is just a wonderful idea.

First animation commercial for Microsoft, and it is well made too!

I've already seen her on the wallpapers I've found on the net, and now I just saw her on a video.

So for this most unique animation commercial I would give it overall a 8.


Story has to be "1", because there is no story.

Art is normal, pretty good how they did make that animation of building a computer together. And Nanami was also pretty cute in the animation. ^ω^

Sound is just normal, not good or bad.

Character, well Nanami read more
Mar 31, 2010
I've found this anime accidentally, but I like the plot and the genre where this manga is about, so I did give it a shot and see where it goes.. Well I must say, it has gone beyond my expectations, it's even more great then I actually expected.

The story keeps it exciting and curious all the time, you still want to know more, and what will happen next.

The romance part are also very good and intense, you really get the feeling what's really going on, on that moment.

The characters are also developping in the story, and makes it more exciting then it already is.

So read more
Dec 29, 2009
One word to describe this anime: AWESOMESS!

Both of the main characters are different, but they have also things that are similiar to each other, they are both sick, they've been staying for a while in the hospital.

But the bond they create with each other is very strong and can't be broken, no matter what happens.

Yuuichi is willing to give up everything for Rika, just to stay by here side.

That also proves that there feelings to each other are pure.

First I actually hated the docter (Natsume) because in the beginning he played that awfull trick on Yuuichi so that Rika gets the wrong idea of Yuuichi read more
Oct 21, 2009
This anime based on a view of a harem story.

The boy (can't come up on his name right now) wants a "happy" harem in the end with all the girls in the club of the council club, it seems like a regular anime, just like all other anime with this sort of stuff, but yet, there are some moments that does let you feel good, that's why I keep watching this anime.

So keep it up. :)
Aug 9, 2009
This is the best Anime I've ever seen!

Because this anime does not dependig on the length of a video, how many episode this anime have, the video is depending on the way they let you think, watch, feel.

It doesn't matter what other peoples thinks of this video, the fact is just that this anime really can bring the message to you, that's one of the most important thing of watching an anime.

Either the storyline is good, so far.

So I really look forward to see the other episodes!

Keep up the good work, and may this anime continues in the future with more episodes.