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May 28, 2015
Hideki Nishina works for Kurokawa Delivery Service and while delivering a package he recognised the customer as a guy he had a one night stand with! Hoping that he wouldn't remember, he tries to finish his work and escape only to have the handsome heir blackmail him, saying that while he was drunk he was badmouthing his delivery company.

Yep, this is a blackmail-to-love-me type of story. I really liked the art but found it too smutty too quickly. I mean, 8 pages in and there's a sex scene. Sure, they already done it the other night while HIdeki was super drunk but it kind of read more
Sep 16, 2014
What starts out as a rom-com steers to some serious drama and emotions. We have an aloof beautiful dentist who is being stalked by a white-collar worker, Minami. Minami tries everything to date Kitagami, the dentist, and fails each and every time.

At one point I was frustrated with why Minami wanted Kitagami in the first place. Sure, he is beautiful but his attitude and mannerisms drove me crazy and I heard myself saying "just give up, he NOT worth it!". Although, after a while Kitagami's wall of defense starts to crumble and Minami gets a taste of the deep emotional damage that Kitagami is read more
Jul 23, 2014
The Lost Letters series is centered around a love letter that a student finds and wants to return to it's author. The story is about the characters who are some how connected to the author. That's the basics of the plot.

The manga starts out with Kiyotaka Hiros, the student, waiting in a tunnel to meet up with his friend, Arihara Mineo, to return his letter. There, he meets The Match Seller Hanashiro Seiji and they start talking about why this letter is so important and why Hirose is waiting out in the cold for his friend that never comes. The story then quickly becomes about read more
Jul 9, 2014
I have not played the visual novel and knew nothing about the plot. Sure, I've seen fan art floating around on various sites but that was as far as my knowledge went. I was skeptical on purchasing the manga for two reasons. One: because of the horror tag, and two: because it's not complete, yet. I eventually bit the bullet and decided to buy this on a whim...and I'm glad I did.

Sweet Pool is about a high school student, Youji, returning to school after being absent for about a year. He slowly slips back into his normal routine with his friends and class mates. It's read more
Jun 3, 2014
This is basically the continuation of "Silent Voice", and you must read the prequel before this.

With Silent Voice, we established that Imai likes Hikita and had confessed. The boys had shared a few kisses and conversations as Hikita realised that his admiration towards Imai might be love, and it wasn't until the end of Silent Voice that their relationship started to take off (with Hikita offering his body to Imai in a very awkward way haha).

Invisible Stars starts off right where Silent Voice left us: going into the depths of their relationship, slowly, beautifully, with many heart-felt moments. Also, their physically relationship takes off as read more
May 8, 2014
Vassalord is about vampires-if you hadn't already guessed- and is based around a series of crimes involving vampires. A new drug is sweeping the market and causing many supernatural problems. This is where our two vampires come in. Charley, and his food source Johnny, have been requested to help get to the bottom of these issues and put a stop to them, before the public gets involved.

Charley, a christian cyborg vampire hunter, helps the Vatican with their dirty work; taking care of the supernatural problems. He is a machine, literally, as he has blades, exploding hands, gadgets and other technology tucked within himself. He seems read more
May 7, 2014
Inariya Fusanosuke has the ability to give you a history lesson with some breathtaking art, defined characters and above all: amazing forbidden romance.

Hari no Hana (Quartz Flower) is based in the Japanese Chowa Era (1015 A.D.) where a junior priest, Ashiya Douman, and his companions have been employed to abolish a curse afflicting the Emperor's eyes. That's basically the make-up of the plot, however, the story is centered around two people: Douman (a priest with red hair, golden eyes and a seal of the beast tattooed on his forearm) and Suikei Ajari (a priest who saved Douman as a child and is bound by his read more
Mar 31, 2014
Oh, how nostalgic! My grandma had this on VHS and when my sister's and I would visit for the holidays we would always watch it. I remember the story well and, of course, that fox. That fox is definitely in my top 10 of-all-time scariest villains. Holy cow, those eyes will forever be burned into my soul!

The story is an adventure about a pet chipmunk escaping his cage in the city and wanting to go to The Great Forest, a chipmunk homeland. Glicko--the chipmunk--learn about the great forest by a carrier pigeon named Pippo, and Pippo helps Glicko along the way appearing at critical times read more
Mar 18, 2014
This is my first manga from Shiro and her first available yaoi (not including all her Doujinshi's) that she wrote and illustrated.

Shiro explains how she wanted to do a BL with her favourite type of uke (grumpy and tsundere) and seme (laid-back). Pretty much that's how I would describe this: a quiet loner student peaks the interests of a new easy-going teacher.

I like the pacing. It's slow and doesn't rush into the relationship and as the story progresses the drama starts to unfold. Shiro explains how she wanted to create "a gap in mentality between the two" and I found that my first read more
Mar 16, 2014
This is the sequel of G-Senjou no Neko, or more a side story about the cousin, Saki, and his past relationship with the english conductor, Irving.

It takes place during the summer time where the boys, Saki and Riya, travel to America for a small concert in a church hosted by Saki's senpai. Upon arriving to the summer estate the boys find that noone else is staying in the large hostel except the handsome but stern-faced man, Irving, who was Saki's previous "sex-friend".

Straight away you sense the tension between Saki and Irving, and the relationship is proven still alive after Irving visited Sakis bedroom in the read more