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Sep 4, 2009
Warning: Inconsequential Spoilers

Detective Conan is a hard series to review because with 500+ episodes, anything one might say about it can be disputed. If you expect a show that reveals itself to you in a timely manner you may as well look somewhere else, this show is composed almost exclusively of episodic and semi-episodic mysteries.

You'll come to the table with a few expectations and if your viewing hinges on them you will be displeased. The tension between Ran and Shinichi will probably never be fully played out. The mysteries of the Black Organization probably will be played out, but they are in no hurry. read more
Feb 9, 2009
First, I want to make a note that the ratings for Art and Sound are somewhat tough to call for this particular series; it is definitely showing its age, the color is washed out, the animations are far from pristine by todays standards, but all of that given, there are inspired flourishes that, at times, challenge the stuff you see coming out of computer-aided studios today.

When considering whether you are interested in watching this series, you should look elsewhere if you cannot answer "yes" to these two questions: "Am I patient?" and "Do I enjoy romance?". If you made it past that, you may read more
Feb 5, 2009
Andy, from AnimeNfo, wrote: "Stranger is a martial arts tale of self sacrificing heroism. This premise is far from original, as are the characters. It is nonetheless solid, and combined with all the dramatic brutality one could ask for from Samurai action, the complete package is a joy to watch."

This is about what you can say in the positive review of SotS, if you go much farther you'd be hard pressed to not mention that the plot is dull or talk about the shallow characters. SotS does its job when it needs to; providing us with pitch-perfect samurai action. Plenty of decapitations you barely read more