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Oct 15, 2010
in short

while this manga started out on fire I feel that at some point Oh GREAT gave up on this manga.

there are so many story arc`s an questions that either went unfinished,was dropped mid story,or just went nowhere.,plus there was to much time spent on historical flashbacks than on the characters in the present...,I feel that when the Tenjou Tenge anime didn`t take off Oh GREAT gave up on any ideas he may have had for the manga,and just to finish out the series quickly turned to anime online read comment sections an filled the story with as many things he could that Fanboys/Fangirls wanted read more
Aug 19, 2010
#1..I STRONGLY suggest that if you haven`t seen any of the other Ikkitousen titles,that you put Xtreme Xecutor on hold an watch the first Ikkitousen..many flashback are used through out the series,and you can find yourself lost as to what is going on if you haven`t seen any of the other titles first....but if you are looking for a series where the main characters are beautiful yet dangerously powerful women*!THIS IS THE SERIES YOU`VE BEEN WAITING FOR*!