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Reload 7 hours ago
Then skip to the last paragraph. There's plenty I feel I should've cut from my comments. I just have a hard time cutting up something I've already typed. I'm not going to defend my mistakes, but I believe I start to understand more as I type as opposed to me reading your heavily detailed comments and replying to it in the same manner. I didn't admit to not reading at all. I read enough to know you were repeating some statements in your review. I should've stated I read your review instead if you were going to be technical about it. I may have not read all your posts, but I still read. If you'd shortened your arguments, I wouldn't be lost as to what your trying to get across. As for intelligence, a child can indeed be made out to be evil. I simply didn't correct myself after going on a tangent. I do have a habit of going on tangents. As I put it myself, I use my "imagination." Guess I used it where I shouldn't have. I can edit my comment or retype it if that helps, but you obviously have more info at your disposal. I have no clue where your getting your "facts" from. Anyhow, I'll read your forum post in full if you believe my statements didn't reflect it. Then again, you didn't read all of my statements either. More words does not make one any more right. Especially in my case. I touched different topics with each paragraph. If you thought I was continuing from my initially paragraph, your mistaken.
Reload Today, 4:36 AM
It's true I didn't read your posts in there entirety, by I did read your review. It's your statement of "Rape is in the series to vilify the goblins as if murder and torturing aren't going to do that" that comes off as matter of fact instead of an opinion. Firstly, you shouldn't automatically make them out to be the villain of the story. It's who created them that's the villain here. The goblins are treated more like a nuisance. IMO, only intelligent beings should be treated as villains. A wild animal killing someone who enters its territory or playing with its food wouldn't be treated as villainy. Goblins are considered monsters here and monsters aren't necessarily villains either. They rome a territory and kill however trespasses. It's not for the sake of evil, but a means of protection and self-preservation. Goblins in this story are no different. It's because your only seeing their acts of rape as bad that it leads you to believe it's purpose is only to make them out to be villains. What if the tables were turned, and you were the last of your species? You have the ability to procreate with other species and there's one you find appealing. Do you let your species go extinct or create offspring? There's no villainy in preserving your species. It's just a narrow perception to think rape is always bad. Using it in a story isn't always intended to make someone or something appear to be bad. If viewers used a less degrading word, it wouldn't come off as bad. The term "sex" wouldn't be taken as bad for example. We, as humans, only see rape as bad because we are a species with freedom to choose our mate. Some animals fall victim to their innate body functions and find the closest mate they can. Goblins are hardly any different.

When you say "goblin god", it seems we're getting our information from two separate mediums. I've only seen the anime, and "goblin god" hasn't come up. I'm under the impression there's a "god of order" and a "god of chaos." If murder and torture was all it took to make the villain of the story, there wouldn't be a Goblin Slayer. He wouldn't just be slaying goblins. All monsters would fall under the category of murderers and the intelligent ones would likely do the torturing. You use "meta point of view" a lot, but your going to need to reword it, as I'm not familiar with the phrase. I interpreted it as asking why the goblins rape other species. My conclusion defers from yours in response. I don't see it as making them out to be the villain, but giving them reason to leave their nest and interact with other species. If it were just murder and torture, they really would be villains, but their so called "oversight" changes this line of thinking. If anything, from a narrative prospective, this fulfills a "what if" scenario. Of all the things that have already been done with goblins, what hasn't been done? If it has already been done, what can be done differently? Goblin Slayer fulfills that scenario.

As to how I'm not defending the series: I'm not a reader so there's no way for me to defend areas I haven't reached, I too acknowledge its lack of world-building and backstory, and I'm not a fan of the topics depicted in the series. Since you've likely read the manga and/or web novel, I can't help but think you're comparing it to one of them when it comes to the fan service. I've done the same in the past and that creates some bias. It's the artist/director's responsibility at that point. Any director could choose to remove or include fan service, disregarding the source material completely if they wanted. An artist doesn't have to illustrate mature scenes either if they have the option. As for its application, I agree that it takes the seriousness away of the story. However, there's no rule stating a story has to be one thing or another. However, I see what you mean by "trying to have its cake and eat it too." I see nothing wrong with doing that though. It doesn't ruin the story in the process. If anything, it counters the belief that all it is is edgy. Whether that's good or bad is up to the viewer. I'd like to say "audience", but we all know the audience is split. If a portion of the audience wants to be hung up on the 1st episode/chapter, the author isn't obligated to stand and wait. With just a few supporters, a story will continue for better or worse.

As to whether it is or isn't our job to fill in the gaps is actually the choice of the author. If your asking for a narrator's perspective, then you'd have to ask a fellow writer. I can only see this as your average "what if" scenario for a fantasy and nothing more. I see what you mean by rape makes goblins seem bad, but it's not the act that makes them bad. It's the creation of a species that does what we perceive to be bad. We wouldn't perceive it to be bad if there was every a case of it being conceptual. It's very unlikely to happen because they were intuitionally created to be unattractive. From a narrative point of view, these are other things that should be taken into question. Instead of rape making them seem bad, the act of humiliating your species in the worst way should be perceived as bad. I think I'm starting to get it, but correct me if I still have the wrong idea. Now it just seems like I'm trying to disagree with you, but now I understand it's a question and not a statement. Murder and torture aren't as humiliating as rape, so I guess that's the reasoning behind this narrative. The narrative wasn't going for vilify them. Just uncensored humiliation in making them as ugly and weak as possible. Men getting killed and women getting raped by the weakest monster in the setting. Worst case scenario, they capture the males and have them watch. Don't think the goblins are that smart though.
Reload Yesterday, 10:12 PM
After reading your Goblin Slayer forum comments, I decided to read your review. Judging by your overall rating and complaints, it seems impossible to change your stance on the subject. Not that anyone is obligated to do so. I question why you believe "Goblins is bad, rape is bad, so goblins rape" is the "main logic behind the reasoning" explaining the goblins' actions. If you've seen the goblins in "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime", you'll know goblins aren't bad if they keep to themselves. It isn't rape that makes them bad, but what makes them go out of their way to leave their nest, pillage, and kidnap women. Instead of seeing it as "rape", you have to look at it from the perspective of the goblins. They procreate for more man power and to keep their species alive. They pillage because they don't have the brains to procure food themselves. We're talking about a god of "chaos" here. If they made a species that was self sufficient and could survive without interaction with other species, where's the chaos in that? There's chaos when a species has to resort to "using" others. See what happened when I replaced "rape" with "use" there? A better replacement is "impregnate." Rape is a means of survival for these goblins. Not for the sake of villainy, but for the sake of "chaos" in a world filled with "order." Need I say more? I'm not defending the series by any means, but using my imagination. I suppose not all stories require it, but you shouldn't judge it for being one that does. Most fantasies do. We don't question why elves have long ears and live longer or how a lizard can speak human tongue and walk on two legs. So why question a species that has to procreate with others? I'll add that if they were attractive, they wouldn't have to go through the trouble of kidnapping. Now I'm reminded of "Monster Girl Encyclopedia."

Speaking of fan service, you exaggerate a great deal. It's nowhere near High School DxD. The only times I find it annoying is when it's shoved in your face with unnecessary closeups and camera angles several times within an episode. Though this series has a few, it isn't overly focused on. If you want more average looking characters mixed in, they probably aren't fit for the job they are employed. Though the Guild Girl isn't an adventurer, she probably needed a presentable appearance for the position. I'll stop there since it's just my imagination doing the typing. Japan has been known to throw in fan service wherever it can. This is rather tame to be complaining about it, as it's only the characters' designs. It's not like they went out of their way to make it a full-on ecchi series...or hentai for that matter. Goblin Slayer isn't trying to be ecchi even though it has characters that can easily fulfill the roll. If you find it to be over the top, then it's a matter of tolerance. I've seen over the top, and the anime ain't there yet. As far as mixed themes, it isn't too much of anything. I believe that to be intentional. If you're unable to enjoy it with the extra elements mixed in, then I see you hold what you watch/read to a high standard. Nothing wrong with that. I have set rules as well when it comes to what I watch. However, I don't go out of my way to finish a series I'm not enjoying. I may have in the past, but that was before I had rules. By "rules", I mean "taste" for anime. And by that, I mean "tolerance" levels. I don't expect yours or anyone else's to change from a simple discussion. If you believe you'll get something out of forums, comment as much as you like. Just don't overdo it. Not everyone can type on the same level as you. I type a lot myself, but not to that extent.
Maneki-Mew Yesterday, 5:44 PM
Same. I was out the whole day (was a fun con and I bought both Ghost in the shell seasons and a manga :D) and had to do stuff, so... I'm glad when I'm watching anime tomorrow as soon as my granny will go home. ^^"

No sorry, in ONE of the MANY Goblin Slayer topics. xD But it doesn't matter, I just was curious.
doomrider7 Yesterday, 8:55 AM
Shimanami Tasogare is easily one of the most serious and realistic looks into LGBTQA life in any manga. Found it purely by accident when looking for Tasogare Otome x Amnesia and mistaking this as being by the same author as Ran and the Gray World. But yeah, the manga deals with the sense of shame, guilt, acceptance, worry, and how important a support system is within LGBTQA.
Aslt Yesterday, 5:18 AM
You will post it once more when the show ends, right? If so, then I think you ought to mention it. For me, at least, it's one of the biggest problems this disaster of a series has. How were you able to be a regular on the GS threads? Every time I see one of those, I just sigh and try to ignore it for my own sake. It's not like they are anything but a horrible waste of time, which will make you want to end yourself. That's odd. I expected an angry mob with torches and pitchforks :(
Maneki-Mew Yesterday, 4:34 AM
Ofc you can. ^^

Both motivations (saving people and revenge) are pretty believable, that's not the problem to me. I just know the Batman movies and I never thought that he is a great character. He may doesn't have actual magical powers or super powers, but he still felt bland and like a little bit like a Gary Stue to me in the movies.
I also accept that he doesn't kill people, but his morals are not admirable imo. Him killing the Joker very soon for example would have avoided many deaths and pain. I take it as a fact "Batman won't kill", but his point of view is still kinda awful to me.

I know what an edgelord is. xD But what I meant is that a review should be objective and not speaking about its fans or insulting or something the fiction or its author. While nobody could rate fiction objective, because except physics, everything from feelings to morals are highly subjective, but ... objective in this way. But okay, I understand, if you are viewing it as preliminary.

I wouldn't say people love generic things. If you love something, you don't view it as generic. Otherwise you wouldn't love it.
That's just a subjective thing too. A friend of mine sees some of my favorite as generic shounen, especially D.Gray-man, but it's world and especially the characters are something very special and meaningful to me for example.

I agree that Goblin Slayer feels very generic to me and the biggest disappointment is that I was looking forward a dark fantasy tale, but I got a fanservice-heavy harem with nameless characters instead. xD It's still kind of entertaining, so I will stick with the ~ 5, if it doesn't get worse, I think.
I feel the same disappointment I felt with Elfen Lied tbh. Looking back, I am kinda mad that I got a moe-waifu, an edgequeen, splatter and a male mc with the blandest face and character ever.
As I said in the topic "even" the last Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies were way more dark fantasy and grimdark fantasy than some of these edge-anime.

The fans: Yes, there are some annoying edgelords, but people on the internet are... different. TBH some of them are people you won't meet ir, or they won't talk back or you just meeting them at cons.

I'm glad you like Karakuri Circus! Tho I have to watch the last aired episode. xD

Do you mean Shoujo-Ai instead of Shounen-Ai? ^^ and I have to watch the last one here too. xD and I fully agree!

Naah, you don't have to be asexual to be like that. I can tell. xD
I have a question to you: You said in one of your posts that Japan is obsessed with purity (which is true) and that even women, who are confident with their sexuality are virgins or the other way around(?) and that's kinda bad?
Tho what's wrong with that? It's not that most 16-18 yo would giggle ashamed about sexual thoughts or jokes etc. xD and I don't need to sleep with a guy to do so or anything.
requiredusername Yesterday, 12:03 AM
Thanks! It’s definitely something special, I’m glad you hold such good memories with it.
Maneki-Mew Nov 16, 4:19 PM
So, I've read them now. ^^
After reading your review of Tsuki ga Kirei, I definitely want to watch this. It's in-depth and well-written. You are doing a great job at analyzing the characters and empathize your point of view about the positive sides of the show.
Also, it's well textured and structured. It's easy to read and follow your thoughts too.

Regarding of Goblin Slayer: Personally I don't read reviews from people, who haven't watched the whole show, but I've read it, because I've already said that I would. I personally think it's kind of "meaningless" to write a review, if you haven't seen all of a show.
You are right at many points imo, but it sounds like a rant at some parts and it's a bad idea to insult or look down on people (aka calling them edgelords or something else), who like a certain show, in a review. A review should rate the show alone.
Also, I don't understand where your Bruce Wayne-analogy comes from and why you are comparing them. I also think Batman, to me personally, is the same bland character like Goblin Slayer is. ^^"
But it's also well-structured and easy to follow your point of view and why you are thinking that way.
15biscuits Nov 16, 3:02 PM
It had a lot of potential. It could've gone down the ecchi route and given some quality fanservice. Or it could've developed the characters and draw out a nice story. Instead, it feels like a advertisement for the games. Very disappointing.
valtiel01 Nov 16, 12:35 PM
Many thanks, your review on Goblin Slayer is very comprehensive and on spot.
Curtis-Desu Nov 15, 3:01 PM
Thanks a bunch! :)
Playcool Nov 15, 8:33 AM
Are you looking for some reccomendations though?
A great part of the worth to watch content you missed out gathered at least enough popularity that I would reccomend you to use MAL popularity listening and go from there, but there always those more less know shows that deserve more love.
Just finished a great series yesterday that supposedly is having a S3 coming out maybe next year, if you are into SoL, space mecha fights, EPIC tense action, alien menace, give Knights of Sidonia series a try, it uses ALOT of CG, but after you get used to it, they pull out some out of this world fights and scenes with it, such a underrated show.
Aslt Nov 14, 1:27 PM
Phenomenal Goblin Slayer review, my dude! I agree with every single one of your points, albeit, I'm surprised that you didn't mention the off-putting, over-the-top fanservice and the horde of females basically sucking GS' cock dry. Also, I'm more than sure that the fans of the series will call you names because of your work; "you are a libtard sjw!!" and such, so I expect your comment section to turn into a salt mine.
doomrider7 Nov 14, 6:05 AM
Loved your review. A lot of the whole discussion about rape vs violence reminded me about a video by a gaming pundit named Jim Sterling who made a fantastic video on the topic.

You should also mention the fact that the only character shown to be coping with the after math of rape looks like she got ripped from a fantasy eroge and flesh out how all of the female characters are basically just harem stereotypes. Priestess is the innocent waif, Cow Girl is the childhood best friend with huge boobs, Elf Archer is the athletic flat chested tsundere, and Witch is the more mature one with huge boobs. All of this along with the power fantasy aspect are the things that other series get crucified and pilloried for, but it seemingly gets a free pass here because, dark, gritty, edgy, and mature?