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Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu
Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu
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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations
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Switch Girl!!
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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
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Maoujou de Oyasumi
Jan 2, 9:10 PM
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Playcool 3 hours ago
Happy late new year!
Had to make that review, I try to avoid doing them, I m real about it, I know I m far from the best, the reason it was done is because no one else done a review for that short LN, if you notice the other review I did before hand was also for a LN, for DAL LN, because there was no review yet.
That is when I write reviews, if there is already one, I usually avoid doing it, only doing it on that case, if I consider the review to be unfair to the material or just too different from my opinion.
Writting reviews for me, is too much of an hassle it is something I very rarely do, in extreme situations, and I have to really like or hate something that much, to even bother.

"Bunny Girl Senpai’s message is incredibly relevant to the difficulties of teens today. It manages to be a surprisingly poignant metaphor for the effects that issues such as bullying and ostracization can have on youth. It manages to keep a consistent quality of the plot without sacrificing anything to adhere to quotas of fanservice and otaku pandering. The dialogue, the characters, the progression, the music and visuals are operating as powerfully and effectively as possible. The “Sakuta Effect” works because he is a strong character who handles situations maturely, he’s not pessimistic nor arrogant in the sense he tries to do everything himself. He reaches out for help, he knows his limitations and flaws, he’s self-aware, he’s genuine and honest. Great characters make for great writing, and Bunny Girl Senpai is definitely a smash hit from Cloverworks and joins the discussion of Anime of the Year."
That is what you wrote, and this below will be from the dude with 4:

"[Overall Score: 4/10]
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai presents intruiging themes of how people treat and mistreat one another during adolescence. However, it fails to execute its best ideas successfully or in a compelling way due to terrible pacing, narrative structural issues, needlessly convoluted dialogue, and a thoroughly unlikable main character. If the author possessed half of the self-awareness he seems to think he has, this may not have been an overrated, cringy, bore-fest."
Both have alot of votes, the negative has more than yours, while I dont consider Bunny Senpai as great as you did, I m far, FAR from agreeing with anything that 4 said, I mean I think it is one of the better dramas of recent years, with really great writting overall and alot of great moments but also some less well executed points here and there... but it is a 9 for me, not a 4.

And this brings me to the point, no matter how great something is, there will always be people that look to it, and think that what you want most people considered the best ever, to be complete garbage and utter shit.
It sometimes feels pointless to write them IMO, I know it is to express ourselves, and I know that we are supposed to respect others opinions but sometimes they just feel like utter nonsense.
I rather prefer to leave reviews for critics, and even on these, I dont deposit any faith, in the end, while there are cases one cant really understand and has to read others opinions to come to a better understanding about a certain work, these have happened before, but in these late years, with all the popularity the medium as gotten, it has brought us too many shitbags and haters, I usually dont care much about reviews nowadays tbh.

Since I have said this much, I may as well say, I also dont agree with all the hate GS has gotten, neither I want to discuss the series in any detail, to me that is a lost cause, all the more since you have too many lost causes of people here to deal with, that should just have dropped the anime at ep1, instead of keep watching just to complain.
I m not specifically calling out your negative review for GS, I have honestly not read it fully, I rarely read even most articles nowadays fully, there is just too much going on, so I dont feel like really discussing GS review with you, one should only do that if one had read it afterall (the above is me just ranting a bit tbh).
All I know is that people are too god damm sensitive nowadays, and that is honestly annoying, GS is a mature show, that tries to do things differently, I dont think it over uses rape at all, rather if feels like most people complaining about that, want to avoid the reality itself, it is a ugly side of humans, one we should rather face up with maturity and the gravity such topics demands, rather than act has children bashing cuz said anime dares to touch on rape topics.
I would much prefer GS was never this popular, all this popularity many series are getting nowadays just serves to turn the comunity far toxic than it would ever should be, and make people that actually care and like to participate, to go away.
GS much have been one of the more refreshing fantasies I seen lately tbh.
Another controversial opinion of mine is that Akame ga Kill while not perfect, and different from the manga was at least great on its own, it understood the characters and at least ended strong for me, whereas the manga dragged too much was only interesting again near the, yet still a husk of how great earlier arcs where, you can say I might prefer the anime conclusion here.

Then you have cases like Banana Fish, whereas I m enjoy, it having an yaoi couple is killing it for me, since I dig Ash, his personality and the way he shows his weakness, but then look to how Enji is, and just DONT relate at all to him, he is just a Princess Peach IMO most of the time, would have digged the series way more IF they relationship felt more like being bros or just bromance, rather than the direction it takes.
We have been getting alot of controversial anime releases lately, rather than enter on the discussion and tire myself, I just prefer to stay away from all this mostly pointless arguing.
Anyway this was all mostly rambling, which is the only writting I m good at.
(also understand that I usually let all the replies to my profile to pile up, and sometimes wait more than a month before replying, I used to reply immediatly when I was younger, but then I ended up using all my energy and time in a day, solely writting here and doing nothing else, so just also take your time, and reply whenever you feel like it, and let me just warn you, I write alot but am very lazy to re-read and dont even have time for it nowdays, so expect to be some really weird grammar errors and me just breaking the language appart here and there)
Maneki-Mew Yesterday, 10:06 PM
Oh it's 10 days ago since.

Tatami Galaxy was something I must give a second shot.

Oh started drawing more seriously and I saw some of your sketches in the topic. You're are pretty good at it!
But normally I don't make resolutions do you?
H_i_n_a Yesterday, 8:15 AM
I did, and I still haven't watched it but I will soon!
Also, I've downloaded bunny girl senpai, but I'm torn on what to view.
I'll definitely check your review out! Thank you so much!
H_i_n_a Yesterday, 7:53 AM
Merry Christmas &&& A Prosperous New Year!

I was super busy during the holidays that I wasn't able to go online :'( My grandpa died a few days before Christmas so we mostly spent our break with him. How was your break, though?
Yamarajos Yesterday, 3:05 AM
very nice Mob Psycho review!
MAYOISM Jan 13, 8:39 PM
me neither but Im planning on making one recently because some of my friends are forcing encouraging me to do so
the most recent movie I've watched is spiderverse and I haven't seen more than 3 last year LOL
been busy studying and messing around with my friends lately

coolio! every superhero movie is like what you just described I think lol except a few serious ones
hollywood thesedays SMH

I have no problem with the cast tbh, but they need to be in character and the plays must be logical and coherent
thats all I asked for

won't be a sequel hmm :thinking:

well there is transformers LUL

what have you done? OMEGALUL
I guess some people do not tolerate negativity toward their favorite shows at all
don't you think mal is falling off recently? I mean, people are less interactive on the forums and obviously, moderation is becoming stricter
plus mal hasn't been improving lately and the dev team isn't responsive at all to our suggestions

and thanks for the birthday wish!

* it snows again yesterday and its been 2 weeks without snow for me C:
I guess my wish has been granted xd

how's 2019 treating you so far?
TheAguss61 Jan 12, 11:21 AM
-Shigeko Jan 12, 5:12 AM
10 days later and here I am

Great NYE, maybe that's what we all should do bcs as we grow up we tend to reminisce and what are the first things we think about? good warm childhood memories, aint it?

Idk if u watched Tate no Yuusha yet but although it reminds me a lot of SAO (the setting overal), the mc is totally sth else than kirito. I'm not gonna spoil anything but if u did watch, tell me ur thoughts. I think i might continue watching bcs of the MC, seeing him growing would be a ncie adventure.

OMG, so true.. Boruto's reviews are those kinds that give the audience what they want without considering the fact that this show is actually becoming better and better. It's sad tho, people that don't really know what's happening are reading those exactly reviews... and they are not giving ppl the right content u know… I tend myself to read reviews here and there and I'm pretty sure i haven't given some animes a try, mainly for the reason of a review that rated the show around 6 or 7.. when it was a high 8 let's say.

;-; don't make me cry with that scene... Looking at Naruto now as he is, one with Kurama... remembering everything he's been through... the scene where they show his back protecting everyone and Sasuke saying he could easily blow it up but he's not doing it, like damn, Naruto as a concept already makes me tear up.

that fight tho, i remembering when watching the episode, i was like 'how did they manage to make them fight at such a speed and syncronization', they know each other so well... that's what i call an authentic friendship. That's why i never imagines Kishimoto would actually introduce the marriage parts in this anime that let's be honest, wasn't about lovey dovery relationships.. but I guess, Boruto wouldn't have been born without this line.

Talk-no-jutsu never dies :p hahaha Jiraiya, i was weeping like a baby when he, neiji and itachi died.
If u ever decide to review Boruto, I'll be the first to read it!!!

Still didn't get to watch tatami, I bingewatched yowapeda.... a great show to bingewatch, really!! first season is done, i was so absorbed by it, probably like when i experienced watching naruto (aprox same feeling). Highly recommended, but u probably've seen it haha

and here for u one of my fav OST parts from Boruto (0:55 min) *feeling blessed*
Krysaia Jan 12, 3:19 AM
Ooo Yamada-kun. I enjoyed that one actually! I kind of miss it tbh. I wonder if we will ever get more of it.

Well hopefully you'll find something good. If HF part 2 was subbed, I'd say that would make a good 1k completion.

It looks like you've completed a lot within the past couple of weeks, so I think you're making good progress. It's a reasonable number to complete within a year too. I watched Nagi no Asukara while it aired as well. I can't believe its already been so long. AH, that was the season White Album 2 aired. That season had a lot of pretty bad series for me lol. There are two from there that made it to my favorites. The things people do to get their reviews featured lol. I'm glad you have some solid reasons for reviewing and take the time to review series other than seasonal ones. I feel like it's a little bit easier to review completed ones since you're able to watch all the episodes much closer together. I'd have to write my thoughts up for every episode on a seasonal series if I wrote reviews heh.

Damn that sounds really costly.. do you still drink casually or have you just stopped completely? It just goes to show that you can have a good time at home as well with good buddies :P
Haha yeah exactly, or just be like me and listen to all the loud noses of the fireworks lol

Looks like you watched Tate no Yuusha by now. First impression? And really? That's weird that you couldn't find it. I believe the preair ep that aired was the one with not so decent quality subs and the more decent one got uploaded later on, so there's a lot of sites that probably didn't upload the one that aired earlier.
I'm really liking this season's anime so far though. I'm super excited for Kaguya-sama. That's the one I've been looking forward to the most haha.
MAYOISM Jan 9, 4:26 AM
ahh thats why
i admit that as a dialogue driven anime, tatami got a really oof start for viewers and you have to be completely absorbed into the show in order to feel for the characters
surrealism in a nutshell I guess and tatami is more of an art than an actual story I would say

oh I didn't know that lol
the same goes for any shounen for me
every single one of them has its pros and cons and I wouldn't mind rationally discussing with others
LOL I can relate
back in the old days I was quite a normie too and I would not hesitate to defensively explain things about my favorite anime to those who are unaware

thats a legit coping mechanism right there and I do it too on one piece and hajime no ippo since I have grown attached to them and couldn't resist myself from watching them
when curiosity hits the core, I'd stop thinking rationally, and I'll put aside all the standards I've set on an anime, watching the anime for the sake of knowing what's going to happen next
don't you agree? sometimes you just want to know what's going on and you wouldn't care much about the critical aspects of the anime(character development, historical backgrounds, pacing etc)

I can relate to you lol thats totally applicable to one piece

superhero movies surely are popular thesedays I see
not a fan of the movies but I do enjoy the comics to a certain extent
* btw do you use letterboxd?

*and I realized you are using Anilist too
just had a convo with one of my friend on mal and he told me anilist is getting bigger now
well, I'm not familiar with it but it seems like more and more mal users are using it, some even migrating to it lol
Stark700 Jan 7, 10:48 AM
Yo, Mob Psycho Season 2 is up now!
MAYOISM Jan 7, 2:19 AM

I can tell xd your view is really mature and your thoughts are beyond rational and well organized.
the monogatari series is more stylish imo and the characters are the gems
if you think bunny girl senpai is decent, you definitely should check out monogatari!
it wouldn't dissapoint you i am sure of it
the atmosphere and the lores alone would make it twice as interesting as senpai if you can understand the meanings behind them(which I am sure you would since you are critical and observant)

oh noice!!
tough? can you ellaborate? :O
so I guess the pacing was discouraging you to continue? or perhaps its the style of art?
yep, it's techniqually a slowburn that later evolves into an ongoing firework
the first few episodes appear to be boring because nothing specifically meaningful are happening
but later on, the show begins to ramify

ah the movie that everyone is talking about in my class LOL
understandable since superhero movies are a big thing today

boruto xd
are you a naruto fan by any chance? or are you watching it for its popularity? XD
rusty_mst Jan 4, 5:47 PM
tbh yeah its...., but it's got some good moments and has enough potential to be entertaining especially at the beginning, except that once you witness its downfall it's rly hard not to take it as one 24eps long meme
the tatami galaxy is great!! it was one of the first anime i watched, i should rewatch it someday! and thank u for linking me your review, i'll read it when i have time!!
yeah i saw ... i feel like it's gonna be just as much of a disappointment as most overhyped isekai, which is probably the (sub?)genre i have the hardest time with, unfortunately. still hope it's gonna be good but eh, i'll watch it tomorrow
i hope you have fun with it!! i'll probably start boogiepop tomorrow as well. kakegurui airs in 4/5 days so you might manage it before the 7th when most anime start airing, and piano no mori airs rly late so you might be able to watch that one little by little?
Krysaia Jan 3, 7:42 PM
Wow, maybe we work in the same workplace! jkjk.
You're going to be hitting 1k completed animu soon btw :o how exciting!
After you've seen so many bad anime, they all start to become a blur lol.
Oh, so you make new year's resolutions huh? I stopped making those a long time ago cause I don't really ever stick to em.

Sometimes I use ratings/score as a way to decide what to watch, but it's not really reliable, so I just keep low expectations. Yeah that's true, or at least some way to organize it. I suppose if reviews with differing opinions were at the top voted, then that would work out too, but usually it isn't the case. Ugh that's the saddest thing ever... idk what kind of accomplishment one hopes to get out of that, like who cares if your review is top rated. But apparently it's that big of a deal to some people.

Good on you for not being like the rest of the pack! I'm not even a fan of yuri that much in the first place, so that already takes half my enjoyment away from series like that (unfortunately) and I have yet to see one that has appealed to me. You don't seem to like melodrama that much based off that sentence. Ahh okay, gotcha. I think it's gonna be a while before anything can top Nag no Asukara's visuals for me when it comes to P.A. Works. I was blown away by the visuals in that series. Same here. P.A. Works never ceases to amaze me with visuals. The part especially with the fish and all the colors GAH.

Good bye teen years (。•́︿•̀。) What did you waste money on? Well hopefully, you had a good new years regardless! That does sound pretty awful to go through.. tough choice lol. I'd probably just stay home and watch fireworks on TV if anything lmao. I don't even do that. Fireworks are cool and all, but I've kind of outgrown them.. It's just a bunch of noise and colors. Lots of that going around the area I live in and it was pretty loud. Ayyy, same here! :D

Okay well nice to meet you TJ. Short and sweet! My name is Chantel.
I promise I won't just say "hey" lol. I usually use people's real names quite often if they tell them to me and are comfortable with me using them.
AgentofSSUSteel Jan 3, 6:22 PM
Much obliged.