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Nov 12, 2019
First things first : Please watch this. Get the season 1 & 2 and take your time to appreciate them, before coming back here and enjoying this third season, which is really starting in a most beautiful and endearing manner. I'm positive fans of this show keep on watching this because it's such a well-rounded piece of entertainment. Even the word entertainment sounds improper to describe Chihayafuru, because you're just gonna fall in love with the game which it's about (Karuta card game) and at least a couple characters.

If you're not gonna read much further, please know that it's a delicious piece of Japanese culture read more
Aug 4, 2019
Maybe is it still too soon to emit a judgement about this show, but well, I'm kind of bothered by how things turned out for me, watching this show. *Rant alert*

The first few episodes were very enjoyable, discovering new characters, a new world...
I immediately liked Carole, she's a strong character, she's got style and she's driven. The supporting cast is decent, and funny at times, at least they try very hard to be funny... Tuesday would be my least favorite aspect of this show, although I understand her background as well as the fact that every character needs room for growth and improvements. Now I read more
Aug 3, 2019
One more review to help a wee bit this anime in getting more attention because it certainly does deserve it, a lot more. I'm actually gonna speak about it kinda overall, including season two, SPOILER FREE.

Okay Chihayafuru hit me in the face with EPICNESS. As for a lot of viewers, I suspect, I would not have thought I'd be so hooked by an anime about cards and poetry. And yet I've binged this in a day and an evening.

First thing that made me stay is the MC. Jesus, finally a strong female character who can live independently from love affairs. You know it very soon read more
Dec 23, 2018
I got really curious about Shoujo Ai, and Bloom into you was only a couple episodes in at that time ; the score was around 7.5-ish? So I told myself what the heck let's try it, and whatever will be will be.

The show surprised me with really nice art, you can see there's some good time and money invested in the cuts and details. Great lines and amazing colors, really. After 12 episodes, the art never falters, even the visual storytelling is good, it's just like watching a Hitchcock or something, only it's an anime xD

On the contrary the main character starts off pretty badly read more
Apr 30, 2018
Alright, I started watching this anime because the first few episodes received some good reviews and the score was and is still high, so why not? I did not get hyped or anything though. But then slowly but surely the disappointment came through.

Over the whole serie, in terms of character arc, Chise feels really incomplete. I know we're supposed to root for her ; the show deals with very serious matters. But her development is stuck in the same pattern for quite some time, maybe well until the very end actually, to the point where she seems like she's never gonna get from place A read more