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Aug 2, 2007
Inuyasha started off very well, it is fairly entertaining at the beginning of the series, with the story progressing rapidly at the start, coupled with lots of humour by Kagome. However, the series quicly deteriorated when the fillers start kicking in, and even in the later stages, many of the scenes and jokes were repetitive, not to mention the lack of plot development.Probably the only exceptions were episodes relating to Kagome\'s life in the present world - these episodes were definately worth re-watching.

After the intoduction of the fourth protagonist ( Sango), apart from a few side-stories, the plot essentially deteriorates into a viscous cycle. In read more
Jul 22, 2007
When I finished the first episode, I couldn\'t help myself to continue on. This anime probably has one of the best beginnings I\'ve ever seen. The plot rapidly unfolds about the relationship between Narumi and the Blade Children, as well as Hiyomi ( the main female protagonist).The audience was entertained with how Narumi used logical deductions to solve crimes, which even the police are having a hard time with, and life-threatening situations designed by the Blade Children to \'test\' him. Some romance were evident in the early part of the series, which blends in nicely with Narumi\'s somewhat inability to socialise.

Having said that, the series read more
Jul 20, 2007
A continuation from the old Naruto. While only the first 2 episodes are fillers, the remaining ones progress very slowly, probably an attempt to avoid the filler season like the first generation Naruto. Honestly, the slow plot development is worse than having fillers, because it makes each episode much less enjoyable. Conversation between characters( that do not really contribute to the plot) take up easily a third of the air time of each episode. The fighting scenes can best be described as \'same old\', apart from the intro of very limited new skills/techniques. On a more positive note, the opening theme showed great improvement over read more
Jul 20, 2007
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
First off: The fillers are definately not worth watching ( probably the only exception is ep101 or 105, can't remember which, where Naruto and crew tried to get Kakashi to reveal what's under his mask). They are just random episodes made out of the blue, and contain no storyline whatsoever ( unlike the Bount Arc).

Story up to the end of ...: This part of Naruto got me glued to my monitor. The plot rapidly unfolds in this arc, and new characters rapidly intoduced. Lots of wonderful fighting scenes, with little or no character. Very good.

After the aforementioned arc to beginning of filler season: here characters read more
Jul 20, 2007
One of my all time favourites, I\'ve re-watched this anime 3 times and I\'m not tired of it yet. The series include a balance of humour, plot, action and character, not to mention there were no filler episodes, unlike some other action-based shounen anime.Also, unlike some other action-bases series where the storyline is pretty much predictable, Hunter x Hunter isn\'t - in fact, it contained many twists that I wouldn\'t had expected (example: re-examination of the 2nd round exam in the Hunter Exam). The anime illustrated some important lessons in life, such as friendship, determination and teamwork, through scenarios that might actually happen in real read more