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May 25, 2008
Otaku No Video glorifies and celebrates (even as it lovingly skewers) the lives of people into anime, manga, model kits, replica guns, and science fiction. Supposedly an over-the-top, exaggerated biography of Gainax (the ultimate otaku's studio) themselves, this OVA is loaded with references to Macross, Gundam, Lupin, Yamato, Gainax's own works, and more.

To compare to other movies and shows, it's a little bit Project A-Ko, a little bit NHK No Youkoso (though not so dark at all), and dare I say its modern counterpart might be Lucky Star? It caters shamelessly to fans and asks nothing from outsiders, and it's a ton of fun read more
May 13, 2008
I only gave a couple 9's for variety's sake there, this is one of the best. If Anno and the Evangelion crew hadn't scrambled for an ending, and if they had even a trace of sympathy for their fellow man, and if they'd used BONES to animate, they might have come out with RahXephon.

It's about supernatural robots, it's about one young man shouldering the responsibility to save the world, but more importantly it's about things that Eva isn't — love, family, faith in each other, and it carries a message of hope rather than contempt for humanity.

It does all that in an action-packed, surreal, package read more
Apr 18, 2008
You have to kind of be ready to watch this show. It's very unkind to ... well, probably to anyone who would be frequenting this site. It's sort of like a morality tale or a scare tactic, an anime meant to stop you from watching anime, weird as that may sound.

There are no really redeeming qualities to any of the characters, their lives are all in a mess, and none of them seem to do anything right. Satou especially seems to go from one extreme horror to another (from pyramid schemes to MMOs to suicide clubs) in his attempts to escape living a normal read more