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Feb 13, 2019
Dororo (Anime) add (All reviews)
The first time i get the wind of this one, i honestly thought it would be some silly anime about motorcycle's riding dullahan...... Well i do apologize i was wrong, for the tittle bare a vocal resemblance. And also do forgive me as previously i daringly compare this glorious legacy of osamu tezuka to some mediocore substance....

here we go...

Dororo is story about adventure.... exploring the age old theme of narative medium which is "identity". Some of you might noticed that the outline story resembles of that "katanagatari" or "water margin" i mean, in some sense... well the point is, if we goes by authenticity read more
Mar 25, 2016
Few years ago i find myself excited after stumbled on a news. It anounced that three novel work by project itoh would be ADAPTED into a movie. What caught my attention was project itoh happened to be an award winning author, knowing a novel was a medium of public entertainment that freed from ridiculous demographic like shounen, seinen, and shit; therefore i assume it could quench my thirst for a GOOD anime. oh God, i hate that i'm wrong!!

Story: 3 (Just Like Modern Art)
John Watson (Yes, that john watson) adventure to revive his beloved friday as a human being. JUST THAT!! if you happened to read more
Dec 8, 2015
i'm about to tell you how to enjoy an NTR based genre.
1) Convince yourself it isn't real
2) No matter what the story, the narative, the monologue tells ya EVERY woman on NTR genre is a bitch, slut, whore, you name it! of course there is exception like in "i am just a maid", but overall learn the pattern.
3) You're not the MC, so disociate yourself emotionally!
4) Think evil! percieve as the bad guy does!

and then we're ready....
one day i browse the internet for a newest work of my favorite h-manga artist, Takeda Hiromitsu. Unfortunately i stumbled upon this CG work of his that happened to read more
Aug 25, 2015
have you ever met a woman so dumb he wore a ribbon in her hair?
well, introducing! Himemiya Akane, the heroine of triangle blue...

the beauty of netorare perhaps lies in every male alpha who stole the girl. they act as the very avatar manifestation of our primal impuls. in which being conflicted with the concept of MC, that usually a stereotype of average society man, was rather hard to accept. it is very understandable if the very moral value that we held so high trampled over by our own lust, you'll be sure to messed up your own psychee.

there's a spoiler! read it on your own read more