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Uramichi Oniisan
Uramichi Oniisan
Sep 13, 11:55 AM
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Fumetsu no Anata e 2nd Season
Fumetsu no Anata e 2nd Season
Sep 12, 5:23 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
Sep 12, 5:22 AM
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Aug 2, 2020 8:43 AM
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Kyou no Kira-kun
Kyou no Kira-kun
May 11, 2020 6:35 AM
Reading 11/36 · Scored -
Who Made Me a Princess
Who Made Me a Princess
May 10, 2020 9:32 AM
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Kannei Sep 22, 10:30 AM
thx for the news :D
Order-sol Sep 22, 9:27 AM
Filipino jails. It was when I was in voice chat party on Playstation. We got all thrown into tiny as cage in game my friend said looks it Filipino jail. Funny because of his tone of voice how he said. Cool bro moment.

Just been deciding which one I want. I always like yours. Fits you.

That it is. They know everything and they lie about life in days of picture and video chat. "6 foot 3 and handsome." or "I know girl make bank instagram and onlyfans" Won't link her profile. Yeah sure you do.

You weren't prying. I have two. 6 years and 1 month old. Daughter she the 6 year old she ain't going to school now. I been married since 2015.
realswagmoney Sep 22, 9:25 AM
tysm for the newsletter!
Order-sol Sep 19, 3:34 PM
I meant add you before, I like your style home girl.

My current Valley girl from old RPG used play as kid she's in fav btw. Old pfp looks like me. That character looks like me.

They lack life experience only want to see and listen logical and idealism they agree with lol. I used to be like them but I got older. Mainly the boys here, yes boys because they ain't men believe stupid shit.
realswagmoney Sep 19, 10:34 AM
tysm for the delivery!
Kannei Sep 19, 8:05 AM
thx as always for the news D
Klefki_of_Awsome Sep 18, 3:28 PM
No Problem~!^v^b
hanatsuguko Sep 16, 4:52 PM
Yeahh, but everything fine
Oh, that meme, pretty weird
Auron_ Sep 15, 6:18 PM
Yeah I acknowledge my opinions differs from that of the general consensus in that manner. I do believe that Studio Deen had a noticeably different vision than either R07 or the Alchemist, in that I think they wanted to focus on the horror elements in a predominantly gory and physical way than the original's (I'd argue) more eerie and psychological kind of tension. And I think the frustration of the VN fans usually spring from that fundamental disconnect. It's the same reason why anime fans often call Rena or Shion yandere, or when they have a fixation on the blood and guts that are depicted instead of trying to solve how the tragedy has come about. For me Higurashi is first and foremost a murder mystery that employs a great variety of techniques from buddy cop story, to political thriller, to critique of social institutions, to a psychological analysis on mob mentality and ostracization, to light-hearted slice of life, to lastly elements of horror. But the anime (at least the S1) is for the most part is reduced to only its horror component. And it's seen very easily by how often is Higurashi called a horror anime, whereas almost no one would call Higurashi the VN a horror game. I saw many people who played Higurashi after seeing the anime and being let down by the difference in tone, so I guess it's not all too surprising the reverse could also happen. I'm hopeful about S2 though (haven't seen it), since it covers 2 cours for 2 arcs, as opposed to S1 which covered 6 arcs with that time. I was quite happy with the manga adaptations as well.

I think if it was an actual remake and had more time to flesh out the story, then absolutely one could've said it got the FMA:B treatment. Don't get me wrong, Deen adaptation is not bad, but it's not very accurate either.
tsubasa_ Sep 15, 5:23 PM
Thank you Val! I'll need all the luck in the world, but I have been performing quite well recently so it should be good. Ikr? Don't have to ask people to drive me somewhere.

I'm really happy to hear that! I started reading the Uramichi manga today as well, love the series so much! The cast is indeed very lovely and you instantly get attached to them. Like I said relatability is big in Uramichi. Always loved Kamiya's voice haha, blame Izaya for that.
I mean we can't complain, can we?

I'll be watching the show soon then. Lately I have been reading quite a while which I haven't done so in quite a while.

Oh awesome! I read the manga, hope the adaptation is just as good! Hope you enjoy it. :D I appreciate shows like that, that make you laugh and cry.
realswagmoney Sep 15, 1:39 PM
tysm for the newsletter!
Kannei Sep 15, 1:18 PM
thx as always for the news :D
AzUgaMi Sep 15, 5:00 AM
Frequent exams would help a lot of ppl to remember things and it did be a gud practice too. Cuz most ppl don't learn and are not interested, they plan on doing it at the end moment, some manages, some don't. But I think its best if there wer lesser exams maybe, cuz we need some time to relax, like to freshen our minds, do some other outdoar activities or even our hobbies cuz ones we finish college, we are basically gonna face the tuff life. Clubs are always interesting to me. I hav participated for many clubs, atleast enough for me. If I get the opportunity in my college, then might as well try it out. Thanks for the support. I m hoping I get a gud college experience and enjoy my classes.

No no, its nothing like that. I just think that, the time I eat my meals, I could do some other stuffs, and also I don't feel hungry most of the time, which I m satisfied with. I think its really useful, cuz it will help me to do my pending work or maybe do things which I have to do at that point of time
deg Sep 14, 1:27 PM
yep im resting my eyes more this days lol
Order-sol Sep 14, 12:35 PM
I like my current Icon. She looks alike like me so I gotta keep her.

The ones about relationships and people yeah. You can tell it's written by people who have zero life experience. I was there once I see why think like that.