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Dec 30, 2014
It's good. The art is good, the characters are unique and well written, the story is wonderful. But I do have to say the love triangle is annoying, but that is just me because I find love triangle unnecessary, cliche, ruins a medium and I don't like em. I have dropped many mangas and animes because of love triangles and that shows you how actually good this manga is. There are not a lot of shoujo manga that I have stayed through the love triangle but when I do, that just tells you how amazing of a shoujo manga it is. I am not read more
Dec 30, 2014
Koimoku (Manga) add (All reviews)
This piece of dog shit tried so hard to be a deconstruction of the "mangaka" genre that it ended up sending a bad message to aspiring mangakas. Seriously? Manga need boobs to sell? Fucking annoying characters with almost no development whatsoever and a rushed ending.

First off let me tell you the good part of the manga. The art.... That's all the good the part in this manga.

The story: Okay, in the beginning, I was hooked. An artist struggle to make his own art, that shit has never been explored much in this type of way. A very dark and sad way. I am a sucker read more
Dec 29, 2014
Okay.. This manga is not the best. At all. But there is one thing that this manga does absolutely right. That is character relationship development in romance. It does it in the most basic way but that is not a bad thing. What I meant by that A WHOLE FUCKING LOT of romance in media generally don't even have the slightest development between characters. This however does it in the most textbook way possible and could be an example of how to do character developments right.

Let's talk about other stuff first.


Okay, the premise is quiet unique. There aren't really any anime and read more