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Sep 12, 2018
I admit I went into this anime completely blind, knowing only that the OP for it is incredible. That said, it was worth every minute.

The premise of the anime is as follows: two teenage boys appear out of nowhere, meet a bullied girl called Lisa, and get attached to her in the middle of setting bombs and broadcasting riddles about it. At first, their motivations are a mystery; it's revealed as the show progresses that their goal is not at all inspiring terror, or killing. By the end of the show the final conflict revealed is one of those bittersweet things, a could-have-been-happier-but-wasn't thing, and read more
Sep 11, 2018
I dropped this anime 8 and a half episodes into the story because its failure at storytelling/character development made it very hard to enjoy.

Pros: it's pretty and kind of cute, especially if you happen to be into demonic furballs.
Cons: it's the anime equivalent of oatmeal. Very bland, but pretty oatmeal.

The strongest points of this anime are the visual and audio aspects; the backgrounds are pretty, the animation is enjoyable to watch, and the character designs make the characters easily recognizable and memorable.

The weakest points are pretty much everything else. The protagonist is incredibly boring; a typical highschool kid who stumbles upon the supernatural and read more